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"Don't worry, we can do this!"

>Name: Fox McCloud

>Callsign/Nickname: Fox

>Gender: Male

>Appearance: Fox is an anthropomorphic fox with orange- brown fur and his golden -brown white -highlighted hair is cut into a crew cut. He has green eyes which sometimes appear to be blue. The rest of his skin is a cream -colored tone. He also has a bushy white -tipped foxtail which appears stubby.

Sometimes Fox wears an orange jumpsuit with a flight jacket and grey tanker boots, along with a communication device on his head. In certain instances, he wears a green jumpsuit and his flight jacket sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. In addition, sometimes, Fox wears a pair of sunglasses.

As a variety, somedays, he has a white vest instead of a flight jacket, his headgear is replaced with a device on his wrist, and wears a knee pad on his left leg, along with green hiking boots. Fox also wears a large backpack for carrying items, such as Krystal's Staff and the CloudRunner Flute. Periodically, his appearance changes drastically. His green jumpsuit has red highlights on it, and he also wears a white vest, silver knee pads and shoulder pads, and his tanker boots are red -and -black instead of grey. Certain times, his communication device is on his wrist.

>Personality: despite not enjoying his pay rate for his work, Fox does it regardless and saves the day. He can be cocky and too assure of himself in drastic circumstance. In overall, Fox is by far a great companion amongst his friend and other's alike. Showing great aerial combat skills and evasive tactical maneuvers.

>Race: Anthropomorphic Red Tail Fox Animal

>Starship Model: Arwing

>Starship Name: Blue

>Starship Weapon's:
plasma Blasters
Twin Lazer's

>Starship Defense:
Health Regeneration Restoration

>Co-operation Abilities: with the right team, he can shield teammates from offensive projectiles that otherwise would destroy thier ship's.

>Bio: Fox's father, James McCloud, was sent into the blackhole after an experimental bomb testing "went wrong". The bomb was designed by Andross, then a scientist of the planet Corneria, and it was secretly supposed to detonate when James reached critical velocity. Andross was exiled into space for his mad crimes, where he eventually built a sizable army on the planet Venom, bent on revenge and the conquest of the galaxy. Fox was a member of the Cornerian flight academy, like his dad, and he protested against the poor decision of Andross's exile; however, the Cornerian government didn't want to be bothered further, and quickly silenced Fox and anyone else who dissented. This led Fox to leave Corneria to lead a life as a mercenary, together with his friends and teammates Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare. Years later, General Pepper of Corneria summoned Fox and his Team back to combat Andross's forces. To do so, he gave Team Star Fox the Arwing Fighters. They lead over 3 routes, through differing locations and difficulty, all leading to Fox's confrontation with Andross on the planet Venom. 
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We are Paratoxin, you have been summoned to our dimension as a food source to our needs. The only remaining organism will be us. We Paratoxin, devour you we shale. No escape, no surrender, in no time at all we will continue to exist beyond time itself as there will be no time to tell and distinguish time. It will be lost. It will be forgotten, time will no longer have purpose. These are our desires these are our arrangement's. As time to us, is always useless. It has come to your fate, to seize your lives.
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