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If you love creating mobile apps, but are tired of your current development tool, you've come to the right place.
Read on to find the best mobile app development tools around.

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A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate layout helps app become a success. Let's take a look at which way the modern #mobileapplication UI is moving.

ETS mobile app developers are making new inroads into the app #uidesign to offer better functionality and navigational superiority to its users. Contact us at:

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There are five main outsourcing centers in Ukraine: Kyiv – the capital, Kharkiv – a scientific, industrial, and educational center, Lviv – the city that is closest to Europe, Dnipro - traditionally a military-industrial and space technologies center, Odessa – a sea port city with a long history of international trading. In other words there is no single major center of IT technologies like Silicon Valley, but instead what we have could be named Silicon Country.

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Dear sir / madam

Based on your interested we have attached project details with sample references along with this mail.

Attachment are:

Data entry(pdf to Text/word) :data Entry-r-conversion.rar.
Also available
1. Data Entry,
2. Pagenation
3. Copyeditiing
4. TEX / LaTEX
5. epub/xml
6. scopus

Procedure to get the signup:
1. The vendor company profile approved from the client(MNC).
2. To Fix the meeting/appointment date with the client.
3. On Appointment date NDA will be signed.
4. Also after the signed the vendor will get the samples and mail from client.
5. After samples approved... live job will start. after live you will receive the agreement copies.

* The vendor should have Meeting and signup only in Client premises, Agreement(signed) copy vendor will get via courier.

payment structure : 15
days from data of invoice
payment mode : Always cheque(company Name only)
Percentage(%) of accuracy required Percentage 99+ and reworks available.
scope of work: its long time based work and client having epub, xml, data entry, pagination,
TEX/LaTEX, Copyediting
, Scopes etc.., based on the vendor.

You may eligible to get the all the projects based on vendor Quality and TAT.

with regards
- - - - - - - - -
e publishing consultancy
mobile : +91 - 7893696299

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#Outsourcing an #IT function can decrease personnel costs and make funds available for other projects. But if outsourcing a key process or service reduces a company`s efficiency and effectiveness, it is a costly endeavor. Because a company`s financial performance depends on internal and external customer satisfaction, the selection of a second-rate outsourcing #provider can significantly damage a company`s reputation if the outsourcer`s personnel perform poorly. The risk of that happening is lower if you consider these 5 tips when managing an #outsourced IT function.
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