What is best way to promote my podcast? I have tried posting on social media, I haven't done much with Instagram, but no matter what I do I seem to be stagnating in the 80s for listeners. Does anyone have a guide to promoting a podcast? I know very little about marketing. How do you get the word out to people to listen to your podcast?

Fethead vs Cloudlifter?
Any suggestions/recommendations?

Current setup is two (2) AT2005 mics plugged into a Behringer audio interface (would eventually like to transition to Zoom H6).

Can I plug two Samson Q2Us directly into mac and record separate channels? I haven't bought equipment yet and would like to decide if I should get another mic setup if I need an additional piece of equipment.

Hey podcasters,

We recently started up a Christian podcast called "Simple Theology," and would someday like to get our hands on some nicer mics (we each currently use an AT2005). I've been pretty impressed with the Rode Procaster, and was wondering if that mic required a cloudlifter?

Does anyone use this mic? Do you also use a cloudlifter with it or does it sound fine without one?


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Hi everyone,

A friend and I are looking for good co-hosting podcast software. We tried Zencastr, and while it works great, only one of us has full control over the dashboard. Is there software out there where we can both have "full control"?

We did find plenty of software, but it is not clear to us which support such a feature.

Thank you!!
Miha Vindis

Is there an easy way to update a feed with Powerpress? I need to switch the feed to a secure one and would rather not have to update everyplatform.

Any suggestions on Podcasting websites?

Is wordpress good enough?

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I'm glad I found this Community! I've been doing a podcast for 114 episodes now and I'd like to share it with more people. After reading the Community Rules, I'll abide by them, and not gun and run! Anyway, I think I've gotten better at the show as time went on. I have set up my walk in closet as my little studio, have a pretty good mic, and workflow for recording. The topic of my show (which you can find in all your favorite podcasting spots) is comic books. I've been reading and collecting them for over 30 years!
If you're interested, check out my G+ profile, as I recently posted a recent episode, or search iTunes/Google Play/etc for the vmcampos podcast.
Glad to meet everyone!

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Tomorrow is moving day for Blubrry. We have completely outgrown our current space. Signed a 5-year lease for this new office space and now have nearly 3500 square feet of space.

We move the workstations we have already and we ordered about 50k worth of furniture to fill about 2/3's of it. When we get all the new furniture in we will show some after pictures.

We are also building a professional podcast studio that we will make available to podcasters in Columbus. Big Thank you to all of our customers for the continued support.
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