I have been podcasting for a couple months. Started with Soundtrap, then moved to Audacity, then I got the $2 version of Hindenburg Journalist, which I like very very much but I need a noise reduction plug-in and can't pay for the $325 Pro version. The noise reducer that comes with Audacity was fine. What can I try as a plug-in for Hindenburg?

Can someone recommend an audio noise reduction plug-in that isn't TOO expensive?

Hi guys! I do a podcast where I interview local LA (hopefully soon I'll branch out to non local as well) musicians, actors, etc. Do any of you have any tips to keep networking to find guests? I've already exhausted my Facebook friends with it.

Hello all,
I recorded my first podcast today. I'm interested in doing short (15 min or less) solocasts; however, It seems most podcasts have two or more hosts/host + guest(s). Are solocasts popular?

Hello all. Sean Burton from the Swole Podcast here. I was wondering if you folks had any recommendations for good books or any literature regarding " story telling" to help increase the quality of my interview.

I appreciate any recommendations!! 

Guys...I have been podcasting for a little time... Please suggest me an app or something to create it

Hey Folks,

I want to start a podcast and I had a discussion with a friens who is an audio engineer and we where talking about how skilled you have to be, to release a podcast with professional audio quality.

I told him I can do it all by my self, I just have to watch some Youtube tutorials, you can learn everything on YouTube these days right? He laughed at me and said, that it takes more than just watching a tutorial to create a professional sound.

So in the end, one question remained: How many private podcasters buy professional post production service for their podcast and how many do everything on their own? Could it also be a matter of time, that people outsource the post production?

What do you guys think about these questions? I think its an interesting topic and I hope we can start a little discussion about that topic.

Mardi Gras Podcasts

Post only episodes of podcasts that are Mardi Gras specific content. I am looking for a cool Tuesday playlist that educates me on the event.

This is not a chance to promote your podcast. It's a chance to find some good content about this upcoming holiday. 


Line up looks incredible - I've read a few things about an industry track. Does anyone know any details on that - can anyone point me in the right direction? Site doesn't have much. 

Hi, I've been messing around with podcasting for a while, and I think I've finally found a format that I really like, but now I need some technology suggestions. I have one condenser mic (blue snowball) and two cheaper dynamic mics. I also have a Tascam DR-40, and a Macbook. I've used the Tascam with the two dynamic mics for a simple, portable setup, which works great for just two people, and it's super portable, but I'd like to have more of a complete studio setup that I can run through my macbook, but I don't know what I should buy and how best to set it up. I was using Audacity for a while on a PC, so I've found Garage Band a little hard to adjust to, but I'm getting used to it. Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed. I'd like to have a setup where I can have at least 3-4 people on.
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