"I will be watching over you."

» Name: Angela "Mercy" Ziegler
» Age: (16+) 37
» Species: (Human, Cyborg, Omnic, Animal) Human
» Ultimate: Valkyrie
» Personality Type: A guardian angel to those who come under her care, Dr. Angela Ziegler is a peerless healer, a brilliant scientist, and a staunch advocate for peace.
» Biography: Ziegler rose to become the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital before pioneering a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology that radically improved the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. It was this expertise that attracted the attention of Overwatch.

Because her parents had been taken by war, Ziegler was opposed to the organization's militaristic approach to keeping global peace. Ultimately, she recognized that Overwatch offered her the opportunity to save lives on a much larger scale. As Overwatch's head of medical research, Angela sought to leverage her work for healing in frontline crises. The result was the Valkyrie swift-response suit, which Ziegler herself piloted on many Overwatch missions.

Despite her contributions to Overwatch, she was often at odds with her superiors and the organization's overarching aims. When Overwatch dissolved, Ziegler dedicated herself to helping those affected by war.

Though she spends most of her time caring for the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas around the world, Dr. Ziegler can be counted on to don her Valkyrie suit whenever innocents are imperiled.
» Overwatch/Talon: Overwatch
» Weapon Type: Though Dr. Ziegler prefers to spend her time assisting in a battle, she has a small blaster that she uses in emergencies.
» Weaknesses: Angela is prone to helping those in need, no matter their position or class. She is very empathetic, which can be both a blessing and a curse. In addition, when she is alone in a battle, she is weak against offenders, which is why she is sure to constantly be at someone's side.
» Likes: Dr. Ziegler enjoys helping those in need, in addition to fresh air, birds, flowers, warmth, giving gifts, and doodling. She is sometimes found drawing out designs on the ground with the nanobiotic beam of her Caduceus Staff.
» Dislikes: Angela cannot stand to see someone in pain or sadness. She also is slightly scared of the dark, though she can brave it with another. In addition, when someone is needlessly rude or unkind, she will fight for what she believes in. Any racism, sexism, or the like, she will prosecute with great gusto.
» Former Position in Old Overwatch/Blackwatch: Angela was the head of the medical facilities at Overwatch, monitoring Tracer's progress with her chronal accelerator, treating injuries, helping out on the front lines of battlefields, and the like.
» Nationality: Swiss
» Secret Word: Zenyatta

» Name: Lena (Tracer) Oxton
» Age: (26)
» Species: (Human)
» Ultimate:Pulse Bomb
» Personality Type: Cheerful, Optimistic
» Biography: Lena was a Test Pilot for Project Slipstream, The first Tachion manipulating Aircraft to be used for Battle. After a freak accident, Lena, with the help of her Chrono- Accelerator, Became Tracer!!
» Overwatch/Talon: Overwatch
» Weapon Type: Rapid fire twin pistols
» Weaknesses: Tanks
» Likes: Jokes , Puns
» Dislikes: Bullies
» Former Position in Old Overwatch/Blackwatch: Attack
» Nationality: British
» Secret Word: Zenyatta

((I may as well open another roleplay, for the summer update!))
[Open RP- Drama, chilling, and perhaps a bit of romance.]

Angela lay down on the beach outside their hotel in Sydney. After completing their two latest missions, Soldier 76. granted the strike team permission to relax a bit.

Laughs came from the beach as waves lapped the sand in an endless ebb and flow. Vacation was an odd concept for the doctor. She never thought that she would be one day lounging in a bikini, listening to the wind whistle through the trees and hearing simple sounds of happiness.

The heat became uncomfortable for Mercy, so she stood and began weaving through beach chairs and umbrellas towards the beach. She looked around at all the joyous people and Omnics, reveling in their pleasure. A familiar face caught her eye, and she broke off her path to go speak to a friend.

[Open Roleplay- Battle, drama, and possibly romance!]

Ilios. Mercy catches a glimpse of the lighthouse seated on a cliff by the lake and goes to a bathroom to change into her Valkyrie suit. She grabs her staff, feeling the smooth stone beneath her hands, and activates the nanobiology. Instantly, the end of her Caduceus and her wings flare golden.

She sits down on the couches in the main deck of the ship, pulling out a deck of cards and beginning to shuffle them for a game of solitaire while the rest of her crew prepares.

After a couple of minutes, Angela becomes bored, probably due to the fact that she did not know how to play solitaire. The doctor looks around for something to do, tying back her blonde hair in a ponytail.

Would anyone care to roleplay? Perhaps a battle RP with the Shimada Brothers + Master Zenyatta and I?

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Here are the gifs I meant to put into my profile!
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Hallo! Danke for accepting me, Master Zenyatta. I am honored to be here. I shall post my profile as soon as possible!

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/// Open Roleplay ///

Oasis was such a beautiful place, Satya was surprised to hear that Vishkar had very little to do with the city despite it being a magnificent place of science and intellect. She was in the city on business matters with her fellow Vishkar manager who usually did all the talking while she went and took care of any unwanted attention. She never really did do conversation after all as people just did not appeal to her the same way as everyone else saw them.

She sat on a bench outside the office building, fiddling with her cybernetic arm, a few people noticed her getting carried away with her tinkering but nobody seemed like they wanted to talk to her.
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"The true enemy of humanity is disorder."

_» Name: Satya "Symmetra" Vaswani

» Age: 28

» Species: Human

» Ultimate: Satya is capable of using her hard-light technology to create a shield generator or teleporter depending upon the situation she is in, the teleporter has a charge of 6 journeys while deployed while her shield generator can produce 75 shields to allies.

» Personality Type: A righteous architech for the Vishkar Corporation, Satya struggles to socialize with other people due to her working alone most of the time and her attention placed on more productive activities instead. The ideals of Vishkar are her ideals, wishing to restore order to the world and believes that allowing issues to go unsorted is the enemy of humanity.

» Biography: Born in India after the Omnic Crisis, Satya Vaswani lived in a life of poverty and recalled it as being an unpleasant time in her early years of life. However when the Vishkar Company discovered that hard-light technology could provide efficient material for building, they searched for those who were capable of manipulating this hard-light. Satya was taken from her home and placed in the Architech Academy in which she would never be able to return home.

Over the years, Satya worked hard to get where she is today and was the top student in the academy, she now works as a fully fledged architech with her proton projector at her side and the ability to make constructs from her own hands. Recently having done some business in Rio De Janerio in which the outcome was not to positive and had her beginning to question the organization that she is working for.

» Weapon Type: Proton Projector

» Weaknesses: Although her abilities utilize the team, Satya does not heal her team mates and her ranged abilities are limited due to the energy balls being slow and has to be in close proximity to unleash her proton beam.

» Likes: Order, Vishkar, dancing, solitude, classical music and art.

» Dislikes: Loud environments, armor, Lucio, disorganization and thieves.

» Nationality: India

» Secret Word: Zenyatta
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❝ єνєи ιf ι ѕα¢яιfι¢є му вσ∂у, ι ωιℓℓ иєνєя ѕα¢яιfι¢є му нσиσя. ❞

» иαмє:
Genji Shimada

» αgє:

» ѕρє¢ιєѕ:

» υℓтαмιтє:

» ρєяѕσиαℓιту туρє: Genji used to be much like Hanzo - full of some rage to be part of something. But after bumping into Zenyatta, he became one with himself. His mood changes with the "flow."

» *вισgяαρну:
The cyborg Genji Shimada has made peace with the augmented body he once rejected, and in doing so, he has discovered a higher humanity.
As the youngest son of the master of the Shimada ninja clan, Genji lived a life of luxury and privilege. He had little interest in the family's illegal businesses, and although he excelled at and enjoyed his ninja training, he spent most of his time pursuing a playboy lifestyle. Many within the clan considered the carefree Genji to be a dangerous liability, and they resented his father for coddling and protecting him. Following the clan leader's untimely death, Genji's older brother, Hanzo, demanded that Genji take a more active role in their late father's empire. Genji refused, enraging Hanzo. The tension between the brothers built to a violent confrontation that left Genji on the verge of dying.
Hanzo believed that he had killed his brother, but Genji was rescued by Overwatch and the intervention of Dr. Angela Ziegler. The global security force saw Genji as a potential asset in its ongoing operations to combat the Shimada clan. As Genji's injuries left him clinging to life, Overwatch offered to rebuild his body in exchange for his help. He was put through an extensive process of cyberization, which enhanced his natural speed and agility and augmented his superlative ninja skills. Transformed into a living weapon, Genji single-mindedly set about the task of dismantling his family's criminal empire.
But as time passed, Genji felt increasingly at war with himself. He was repulsed by the mechanical parts of his body and could not come to grips with what he had become. When his mission was complete, he abandoned Overwatch and wandered the world in search of meaning. He drifted for many years before crossing paths with the omnic monk Zenyatta. Though Genji initially rejected Zenyatta's wisdom, the benevolent omnic would not be deterred. In time, Zenyatta became his mentor, and under the monk's tutelage, Genji reconciled his dual existence as both man and machine. He learned to accept that although he had a cyborg body, his human soul was intact, and he came to see his new form as a gift and a unique strength.
Now, for the first time in his life, Genji is free. Even he cannot say where his path will ultimately lead.

» σνєяωαт¢н/тαℓσи:
Adventurer (Overwatch if you want. He's part of nothing.)

» ωєαρσи туρє:
•Shuriken and sword

» ωєαкиєѕѕєѕ:
Long-range combat, snipers, aRROWS (nah)

» ℓιкєѕ:
Hanzo, Zenyatta, basically anyone whom shows non malevolence

» ∂ιѕℓιкєѕ:
Anything to do with violence. Thanks to his mentor, he prefers the path to peace, but will take violence if necessary.

» fσямєя ρσѕιтισи ιи σℓ∂ σνєяωαт¢н/вℓα¢к ωαт¢н ¢ℓαи(ѕ):
Shimada Clan (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Blackwatch (formerly)

» иαтισиαℓιту:


Ay. Zenyatta.
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