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these are my favourites....but one of the Harry one's is really sad.... #feels  
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Imagine : you are sitting at your house. Tonight there is suppose to be a school dance, but your not going because no one asked you to go with them. You upset because you have always wanted to go to a high school dance. Your in comfy clothes watching tv. Then you hear your door bell ring . You go to your door an answer it and you open the door and it's the guys from one direction in tuxes . You say " why are you guys here" they say "we are here to ask you to the dance" you say" but I don't have a dress to wear " ."don't worry about that , your parents and we bought you a dress" . So you try on the dress and it fits you perfectly and you look beautiful in it. You walk down the stairs and Liam leans over to Niall and says " wow she looks beautiful " Niall says " yeah, she does " now you are at the dance . You walk the ought the door and everyone looks at you and says how beautiful you look. They also notice your dates . Some of the girls there are jealous . The guys get on the stage an start singing little things while you are dancing with Liam then they switch around throughout the song . Niall sings his part when your dancing with him. After a bit your crush comes and ask you to dance. Then you enjoy the dance with them. Then you go to a photo booth and take pictures with them and your crush while change my mind is playing . You have the time of your life . Then afterwards you go back to your house with the guys and they post on their google+ saying how much they had with you.


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It's you and Harry's anniversary. You're sitting on the couch and waiting Anxiously for your love. When he got home you get up and hug him but you realize he's not hugging back. "Babe, you okay?" You asked nervously. "I'm alright. Lets go to sleep love." You both go in bed and sleep. 
The next day you woke up and put on a moose sweater, skinny jeans, flats, and a mesy bun. You see Harry's not on bed anymore. You go down and find him with luggage and all packed up. "Harry, where are we going?" you asked. "Somewhere you'll love." he said.
He drives you to (Your favourite Resterant) and you both enter the place. When you go inside, you saw your ex siting there in anger. Your phone rings. You go outside and while talking, someone grabs your wrist and you drop your phone. He takes you inside. It was your ex. 
"You love that piece of shit over there??" He questions. "He's no shit! You're a piece of shit!!" You yell. He drops you to the ground and takes out a gun and points it to your true love. 
When he shoot it, before it hit Harry..It hit you. You're on the ground in pain. You can barely see, hear, touch but before you were gone, Harry whispered to you, "Don't leave me, I love y-you." as you felt fading, you were dead.
What Harry had in his hands was a wedding ring. He was going to take you to Hawii for Honeymoon. 

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