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How gender shapes critical thinking and creative thinking, and vice versa
Starting Tuesday 2nd: A Collaborative Exploration (CE) in which participants in which participants investigate the ways that gender shapes critical thinking and creative thinking -- and vice versa.  
Hangout for 1 hour each week during the month of December - Tuesdays 4pm (US EST), December 2, 9, 16, 23.
To join, register at

More details:  

CEs are an extension of Problem- or Project-Based Learning and related approaches to education in which participants address a scenario or case in which the problems are not well defined, shaping their own directions of inquiry and developing their skills as investigators and prospective teachers (see structure/sequence link below).

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Damn Completion Rates.
C('est un) MOOC.
I fear that I will never complete the  Massive Open On&Offline Course that I have been working on for the past 26 years. For those interested in the ins and outs of acronyms, let's just say that it is a....(or peut-être je devrais dire 'c'est un) "C-MOOC", ...

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Design for Living Complexities
MOOC--Collaborative Exploration--Graduate Course
July 2014

Explore critical thinking about design in a range of areas of life and its complexities
Starting July 14 for 3-4 weeks
Choose your level of participation: Three options
* Graduate Course Register & pay, for credit. 4-7pm M-Th, July 14-31, face2face or from a distance by hangout
* Collaborative Exploration (CE). Open & free. Register via
* MOOC Open & free. Simply join the public google+ community
...more details =

1. Waste
2. Play
3. Gathering into community
4. Enabling
5. Design-thinking education
6. Craft, improvisation, innovation and uptake
7. Standards, Conventions, Modularity and Infrastructure
8. Local particularity
9. Spanning distance
10. Integration of diverse social and material worlds
11. Keeping track
12. Improving by taking stock

...more details =

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Is it Rhizo or is it DS106?
Who cares?

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Rhizo status reports. Belonging, ownership, power.

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My first moving gif ever !
Animated Photo

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I tried to document some of my Rhizo14 shared experience and sense of communicating using Internet Lingo - to negotiate rhizomatic rabbit holes - yes, I am mixing metaphors with happy abandonment! - it is a real challenge to learn a new language!

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Inspired by +TERRY ELLIOTT and +Kevin Hodgson, I chose to Zeega for my reflection on Community as Curriculum.  However, I may end up with a blog too, because no one has spoken about Datagogy and I think it is very applicable to Rhizomatic Learning.  

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Whether it be compromising on what is included or compromising on how it is implemented, curriculum is always in a constant state of choice and reflection - and that is ok.
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