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Except that you can earn by refer any two. You get 10% BV (business volume).
From daily income 10% TDS deducted ( refundable as per income tax rule) and 5.75% admin charges deducted (not refundable). From referral income 5% TDS deducted ( refundable as per income tax rule) and 5.75% admin charges deducted (not refundable).
For eligible you must have Voter ID, PAN card, bank account. Your age must between 18 to 65 years. And also have phone or computer with internet connection.
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Important aspects to select #hotelsindigha as your vacations destination.

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If the over-hectic pressure in your #office is just killing you and you are so desperate to have a change in your life, take a short trip to #Digha and trust me it’s simply amazing!! For #hotel booking visit -

+Hotel Santiniketan Digha 

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Why visit Digha? Digha‬ is one of the most popular beach and famous tourist spot in West Bengal. If you want to stay from your daily routine and need a short break then digha is the idle place and +Hotel Santiniketan Digha   is the ideal hotel for book click here: 

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We are organizing this all-girls weekend share it and let us know if anyone is interested. Thanks :-)

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