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A Quick look at Study 4 change 2013 
A dynamic and experiential- based youth mentoring program, engaging with and motivating students to become their own agents of change.
Study 4 Change is a no-for-profit educational program. A free educational initiative that empowers teenage students with the skills and knowledge to combat social justice issues in Australia and internationally.

This program has and continues to inspire students to realise their unique potential and abilities, equipping them with the practical skills required to actively implement change. #education   #homelessness   #trafficking   #streetchildren   #childtrafficking  

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Arranging Christmas for 17 children is no easy task... but the joy of spending Christmas with the children from the TBU house was like nothing I’d ever dreamed.... a massive thank from the bottom of my heart to all of our sponsors all over the world for helping us make this such a success. It’s because of you that we now have 17 children living off the street, living a in a real home and going back to school :-) special mention to our dedicated team here, and our partner NGO in Nepal CHILD Street to School / Kopila Ghar, we couldn’t have done this with out you.
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