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Do any of us have instagrams??? i

Students of MB Academy (If there is a star by your name that means I need you to email your email)
Kaila B.*

aisha love*

Kaitlyn E*

Jordyn L*

Ayanna S

Ashayla P



Asmeret K


Tra’Ana H

kayla d*

Camryn A*


Leylah J

Nonii R

Yamilet A

LaNece M.

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Mindless Academy

Mindless School Online (Tumblr)

Learn to make Gifs
Learn about Mindless Behavior
Team Mindless Only
Learn to make Imagines/stories
Learn to Photo edit
Meet other TM members
More Info

Classes will be held in a Tumblr tag (Students will only be able to access tag)
Schedules will be made for you (Will be made to meet convenience) 
There is also Math and Science support!

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for all yhuu hoe love mb!

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on this page MB fans will be allowed she share photos and tell us wats going on with Mindless Behavior!

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