Is anyone interested in a Lasers and Feelings game on June 4, 8:00 p.m. CDT? We'll be making the ship and crew and having an adventure! I've got 2 players so far, I could take up to 2 more.

I'm looking for a game in GMT +9 @ 9:30pm.

I'm looking for a Savage Species friendly 3.5-PF game.

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We are recruiting GM and teams of players for the Annual Murderhobo World Cup. It's a competitive dungeon crawling extravaganza which will pit teams of players against dungeons and where the richest characters in the end win the honor of being the most awesomest murderhobos! You can join the community here:

Is there any notes for newbies? I like the idea of giving this all a try, but feel like a 0-level tourist. 

I like this idea.   There are times when I have some free time, and would love to just sit down and game for a night.

Any way I can help?

Do the games offered here need to be flailsnails and/or OSR compatible or can be anything? Im lacking context to offer something.
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