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Join me in Baltimore July 8th along a awesome list of authors! July 7th, Friday Fajita and Margarita night, Saturday signing, and Saturday evening after party, it's sure to be as EPIC as all ‪#‎SaSS‬ events! Not to mention Eric David Battershell will be snapping pics for us again!

*****Friday night and VIP tickets for the signing are VERY limited so make sure to grab your tickets now!!! Here is all the info you need :)

********Author list is subject to change and to have some kick ass ones added soon!!!


Attendees Group: #SaSS Page:

Event Page:

Eric's Page:

Author interest form:

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Master and the Submissive

In the eyes of my soul, 
You are a Master and I a submissive. 
we are not equal. 
we are opposites of the whole
complimenting one another
fulfilling each others needs 
completing the circle. 
In the eyes of my soul,
You are a Master and I a submissive, 
You have the instinctive need to control, possess, 
defend and provide for me. 
I have the instinctive need to please, trust, honor, 
and obey You. 
In the eyes of my soul,
You are a Master and I a submissive.
You stand in front of me to protect me. 
You stand next to me to share with me. 
You stand behind me to support me. 
I kneel before You out of my deepest respect.
 for You have proven Your worthiness to me. 
In the eyes of my soul, 
You are a Master and I a submissive, 
you teach me, You guide me, You give me strength.
You are my light in the darkest of night.
 my submission is all that I have to offer. 
You're acceptance of this sacred gift has bound
my soul for all time. 
For in the eyes of my soul,
You are my Master and I Your submissive.
© 2011 Brianna Hughes

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Tuesday Happenings

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know it has be a bit since I have written on my blog and I apologize for that. I wanted to give you an update on a few things.


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His Touch

Feather-light touches send shivers down my spine.
Strong hands to send me reeling into that sweet abyss.
A lazy finger leaving a heated trail between my breasts.
Trembles of delight are his reward.
The lost look of pure desire radiating from blue eyes.
The arch of my body begging for more.
The rumble of his laughter reaches my ears.
Even as his fingers weave their magic upon my skin.
Teasing circles around flesh that crave completion.
A flick here.
A pinch there.
Just enough rub to send me reaching for more.
Delirium is my torturous companion.
As his fingers strum my passions to life.
Circling the parts that crave him the most.
The warmth of his palm on my belly.
Shudders of delight spasm beneath my skin.
Uncontrollable response to the power of his touch.
Lower his fingers stretch.
To that place that beckons him deeper.
Moist flesh that opens wide in welcome surrender.
But instead his palm presses flat.
Steady pressure that sends me spiraling over the edge.
Surrendered instead to the steady rhythm of his control.
His smile is radiant and pure to see my response.
To the overwhelming power he can have over me.
With just the simple touch of his hand.
© 2013 Brianna Hughes

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Hey there, yeah you the inspiring writer or Author. We all have the moments where we are sitting in front of the blank page, when you can't help but wonder what will happen. I've heard so many horror stories from writers and follow authors, who claim this is the worst moment of the process for them because the blank page is intimidating. They can't come up with the perfect opening line that slides them into the story-telling mindset.
I approach writing slightly differently. I still fret and curse that is a given, but for me sitting in front of a blank page is a total thrill ride, roller coaster in high gear. It screams "Snatch and Grab Opportunity" at me so loudly it's like a drill sergeant and is all I can hear. My characters all push and pull at one another for the right to be the first voice heard, my fictional world begins to form in a rapid, rough-draft vision in my head and all I can think is that there's so much to say. Almost like a movie reel turning over and over.
This isn't to say there aren't difficulties when getting started. Yes, I still struggle to find the right opening sentence, but I've learned that I rarely get it right that first go round. Typically what happens is that I'll write the entire manuscript and go back to discover I started the story at the wrong spot. Which sucks majorly.  
I'll figure out how much of what I open with backstory, and then I cut it out and paste it into a new note in my Writeway Program. Returning to the manuscript, I will sometimes copy and paste into my notes in my scratchpad, and re-reading the notes, somewhere in all of this, the first line comes to me. It most of the time is a totally random thought that fits a character I now have gotten to know better, helping me convey to the reader who s/he is in that opening scene. Either way, the true beginning emerges and the first line comes with it.
With the first line down I then will find myself asking the question, What then intimidates me if it isn't the first line? Well, it would have to do justice to the manuscript, the darker parts that are more detailed, did I give the reader the meaning that I wanted? Did I give the reader scenes that are engaging, scenes that are pivotal that the characters have grown to love, care about. But most importantly, did I ensure the actions of the characters, reactions, and dialogue. In order to create that moment as believable and are critical as the story has dictates it to be.
What is my point? No matter what tends to intimidate you as a writer, there is one thing we all seem to have in common.
There’s nothing we would rather be doing but writing! 

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You have a power over me.The power to make my blood boil, my heart pound, my breath quicken.Just the thought of your naked body close to me, hard and rigid with need,makes my body ache, with wanton expectation of your kiss, your touch, the smell of your skin. My need for you grows stronger by the day.Oh how much I want to run my hands across your body, and feel how much you need me. I want to feel you deep inside me,feel your body pulsing with need, as I cry out your name. I want to feel that pure bliss that only you can give me,But above all,I want to know that I can give you pleasure.That I can excite you.That it’s because of me that you reach the highest possible peaks of pleasure.
© 2013 by Brianna Hughes
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