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Islington Furmeet 18 - One Week Reminder

Only one week away now. It's looking like we'll have over a hundred attendees again. I'll try to order more pizza this time. I got some more candy this time and lots of potato chips. If anyone wants something else, I might be able to get it.

On Friday, Halloween Night, Bailey Bat is hosting a Church Street Halloween Block Party. They're meeting at Union Station at 7pm for 30 - 45 minutes and head to Wellesley Station by 8pm.

Islington Furmeet 18
Saturday, November 1, 2014, 12pm to 1am
Sunday, November 2, 2014, 11am to 11pm
Party Room at 25 Mabelle Avenue, Toronto; Buzzer 0038
Phone or text: 647-836-5736
Email: danskunk at

Saturday Admission $2
Saturday Snack Bar $3 (Pop, Chips, Candy, etc.)
Saturday Pizza $5
Sunday Admission $2

Underground parking is free. Contact us when you arrive to be let in.

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hey everyone, i'm a doberman, Bi, I live in canada. I'm good to get along with unless it's about videogames and I know the answer and someone argues with me about it. I love music especially screamo and dubstep, I love all animes. My fave artist in the furry world is Rov, second is redrusker. I love to eat, especially if it's pizza, or tacos. I love evrything furry. my favourite movie series is the Fast and Furious.

so where are you from?
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