Just upgraded to the  Galaxy Note 2 and  love it. Best phone I ever had. battery lasts ALL day even with heavy use, that is a nice surprise, no more looking for places to charge everywhere I go!. It is big with 5.5 in screen, I have even had people ask me if it is a new mini tablet! Camera is decent, takes great pics. I am really happy that I picked this over the S4.

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FBI Alert - 5/8/2013 Phishing Attacks On Telecommunication Customers Resulting In Account Takeovers... http://www.cossban.net/fbialerts

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FBI internet alert...
There have been reports of a Spam E-mail being circulated to lure potential victims to malware and exploits. The subject of the spam e-mail in one version is “Boston Marathon Explosion”. The e-mail contains links that could infect your computer...

PLEASE read the complete article here: http://www.cossban.net/fbialerts

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We're pretty excited about the video testimonial which Dr. Cara Davis of Healthy for Life Chiropractic left for us recently.

Check it out!  Feel free to +1 and/or share



An email claiming to be from Experian with subject: "IMPORTANT - A Key Change Has Been Posted" and has attachment "Credit_Report_nnnnnnn.zip" where the "nnnnnnn" is a random number. The body will begin with words: "A Key Change Has Been Posted to One of Your Credit Reports"


I think the email addresses used in LogMeIn accounts may be targeted because I have several different LogMeIn accounts and I received this virus on all of them this morning.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

SCAM ALERT: This is an alert from the Upstate BBB...

March 7, 2013 -- Phishing scammers are targeting Better Business Bureau Accredited Businesses with emails claiming that the recipient's accreditation has been "discontinued."  This is a scam.

Below is an example of a recent phishing email:
A number of latest complains on you / your company motivated us to provisionally abort your accreditation with Better Business Beaureau. The information about our decision are available for review at a link below. Please give attention to this subject and let us know about your opinion as soon as possible.
We graciously ask you to open the ABUSE REPORT to reply on this situation. We await to your prompt response.
If you think you got this email by mistake - please forward this message to your principal or accountant.   
Yours respectfully
Brayden Wright
Dispute Consultant
Better Business Bureau

These emails lure you to websites which reportedly provide a "Suspension Report" form or other similar lures. Your Better Business Bureau of the Upstate is currently receiving a number of calls from Upstate Accredited Businesses about this scam. Please forward any suspicious emails to phishing@council.bbb.org


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Paying for a home phone? Hate that bill, do ya??? Well here's a COMPLETE step by step guide for setting up your computer so it can make FREE (U.S.) phone calls to any other computer or real phone, yep that's right, to another person's actual phone, completely free, using Google Voice & GMail...


    Ok, so I am really hard on smart phones, my current phone is a Droid Razor  and  I have to tell you that they are a hardy phone! I'm sure you will either get a laugh about this or be completely grossed out by what I'm about to share.

     The other day I made mistake of putting my droid in my back pocket, used the bathroom and my droid fell in the toilet ugghhh! -  so instinctively I reached in (to the pee water), grabbed my phone  and ran it under the faucet in the sink, as I was yelling all kinds of obscenities  Nick walked in  to catch me rinsing it underneath the sink and was like "what are you doing!?" Needless to say after drying off the phone with a towel, shaking it  like crazy and then blow drying it, my Droid still works!!! I have also dropped it multiple times! 

.     Needless to say, the Droid Razor does not have a battery that you can remove (probably why it's so skinny). I have found out that you can reset the phone by pressing in the power button while simultaneously pressing with your fingernail in between the up and down volume buttons located on the side. Who would know that! So If you have a Droid Razor, reset it once a week for better phone performance and I would recommend avoiding use of back pocket especially when you use the bathroom!

I decided to start this community as a forum for members to share computer frustrations, questions and workarounds for everyday problems dealing with technology. Also plan to post actual useful free stuff  you can use for your family and business!
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