Name: Lionstar
Rank: leader
Clan: Thunderclan
Age: 38 moons
Gender: tom
Mother: Goldentail
Father: Birchleaf
Siblings: Jaywhisker, Icestripe
Crush: none
Mate: open
Kits: two open
Appearance: Lionstar has long golden fur which is thick around his neck like a
lion's mane, thus earning his name. He has sparkling green eyes and a warm scent.
Bio: As a young tom Lionfur fell in love with a she cat in Shadowclan. They met up secretly in spots only they knew about. When the shecat never showed up one night, Lionfur learned at a gathering she had died in battle against some rats on her territory. Ever since then he learned to be patient and kind, caring about others more than himself, thus becoming leader.

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Hello welcome to the world of warriors! Please post as much as possible and be nice. StarClan be with you!

Thank you for joining and please read the rules.

I finally figured out how to make a community lol
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Name: Snowpatch
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Shecat
Clan: Riverclan
Mother: Patchfur
Mate: None, but would like to have one
Kits: None, but would like some.
Crush: None
Father: Runningclaw
Sister: Stormpaw
Brother: none
Age: 25 moons
Aperence: A white she-cat with thick fluffy, snow white fur. And dark ginger patches., Thus getting her name, And a sarred left leg.
Bio: As a kit she was injured in the head causing her to become usual and unlike anyone else. She grew up with only 2 friends, Dustfur and Softpelt. She is trying her hardest to become deputy and possibly leader.
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