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Hey ! I interview #creativewomen on my blog and the latest one's a killer. Hope you find it encouraging as I did. Rachel Ang is an Aussie artist who writes from Denmark & opens up about being a creative in REAL life. See her work here

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I'm going to join this event at 2:30 pm today Melbourne time to find out more about homelessness in our city. 
Searching Twitter for #homeless will reveal a load of tweets about beards and hair styles. Or if you watch Hollywood films such as Trading Places, with Eddie Murphy starring as a homeless scheming beggar and all-round dodgy dude, you’ll see some common stereotypes.
This Homeless Person’s Week (5-11 August) we are inviting people to join Sacred Heart Mission CEO Cathy Humphrey online for a one-hour live Q&A to talk frankly about the myths and misconceptions surrounding homelessness. We're planning on having a lively, frank discussion about this issue which affects 1 in 200 Australians.
People are invited to submit their own questions via Twitter #HPWQ or join in the Hangout.
Some commonly encountered ideas and attitudes we’ll be talking about are:
- homeless people are mainly old men with drinking problems
- homelessness is self-inflicted
- it’s a lifestyle choice
- they don’t make an effort to get out of their situation because they are lazy
- homeless people are dangerous and something to fear

Is homelessness really a lifestyle choice for lazy old men? Join in our Q&A and let’s talk about it.

Please register to join in the Hangout by the end of Monday, 5 August.

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Want to take your business international, here Sally Forrest co-founder of SoulCentre three tips that helped her take her business global to 5 countries this year alone!

Hello creative women, I'm honoured and
happy to be here with you. 
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