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Thinking about supporting a new plugin (besides the reporting). What would you like to see better supported?

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#NewBook  Exploring Data with RapidMiner by Andrew Chisholm

Packed with practical examples to help practitioners get to grips with their own data. The chapters within this book are arranged within an overall framework and can additionally be consulted on an ad-hoc basis. It provides simple to intermediate examples showing modeling, visualization, and more using RapidMiner. 

You can read more about the book at

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A book for Knime enthusiasts that teaches you all you need to know to start processing your first data sets using KNIME.

What would you like to see next? What are the parts you are not satisfied?
The update to RapidMiner 5.3.13 is coming soon, so implementing other things is more easy.
I have the following things on my TODO list (some of them will be addressed during/after the KNIME OS days):
 - roles as KNIME properties
 - logs as a view
 - generating images when the reporting extension is installed in RapidMiner
 - make RapidMiner an OSGi bundle
Do you have other suggestions? What are your priorities?
Thanks and Kind Regards

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We have limited resources, so we would like to focus on the important parts. If you have found a bug, have an idea, or a part of the product where you are not satisfied, please use the following link to report it. Even if you just vote on the existing ideas that would be useful for you would help us focusing our efforts.
Thanks in advance.

I am working on a book in this topic (using RapidMiner within KNIME). Do you have any specific areas that should be covered?
Thanks, gabor
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