My rp is doscontinued. Sorry.

Day five: The crazy day
(Sorry haven't been on!)
After Link took me home, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I had never been that close to him before. "AAHH!" I heard my mom and dad scream. I rushed down the stairs and saw them covered in blood and with knife wounds. "MOM! DAD! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. They didn't say anything, so I summoned Toadette and she brought them to the doctor. "Doctor will they be okay?!" "AnimeDaisy i'm sorry..." Then I bawled like a little kid and wept into his shoulders. "There there it'll be alright..." Then he covered my mouth and knocked me out. When I awoke I was in a strange mansion. I've heard of this place in Internet tales, but I didn't think it existed! "Finally awake are ya?" "W-who's there?" "It's your friendly neighborhood Jeff The Killer." "Jeff The Killer?! I thought you didn't exist!" He looked furious, but kept his cool. "Well you know i'm real now right?" "Yeah..." "Do you know why you're here?" "No..." "Well you're here because you're the target, you pathetic excuse for a princess!" "Well that's rude! Why am I the target?" "Because we are taking out all the royalties of every world, fanbase, and alternate universe." "Guess my time is up huh?" "Hey that's my line!" Clockwork but in. "Ugh Clocky go hang out with your bf Toby or something!" "WHAT?! HE IS NOT MY BF!" This was my opportunity. While they were bickering, I fled the scene... TBC!

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I'm back! Sorry for the long wait guys! Anyway!
Day four Thursday, December 15 :Link arrives
After I returned to my kingdom, and my parents were worried sick about me, I headed to my room. Man I need to head over to Sarasa right now... But I'm too lazy. Sigh Oh well. I headed over to Sarasa, which was only a few miles from Sarasaland. "Hello Isabelle!" "Hello Princess! The townsfolk were wondering about you!" "Yeah I bet. I haven't been here in two weeks! I'm really sorry! I'll make it up to you!" "No need AnimeDaisy! As long as you don't forget about us, we're fine! Oh and I tried my hardest, but there is still a ton of weeds lying about. Could you fix that? And your Illuminated Heart Public Works Project is finally finished! Shall we have the ceremony?" "Absolutely!" "K!" Isabelle gathered all the villagers and we had a ceremony for the Illuminated Heart. After that, I was free for the afternoon, so I pulled up the weeds that Isabelle told me to pick up. I was wondering to myself, It's Winter! How are there still weeds in Winter? Probably Mother Nature is mad at me. Anyway, I felt a slight presence. And no this is not going to become a typical horror movie cliche. I turned around and noticed Link standing by the Train Station, watching me with a smile on his face. "Oh um hello Link!" I called to him in a cheery voice from the Town Hall. "Hey AnimeDaisy Gaming! What are you doing here?" "This is my town." "But I thought you ran a kingdom?" "I run Sarasaland, and Sarasa, this town." "Jeez talk about multitasking." "I know right? Anyway why are you here Link?" "I was just on a walk with Epona." "Nice! Glad to see you! I'm already to go! Let's go together okay?" "Sure." We both said goodbye to Isabelle and the other villagers, and headed to Sarasaland together. "Epona could give you a ride you know. You don't have to walk in the snow." "Um no I'm fine thanks. I never rode a horse before, so I'm very nervous." "I see." After that we barely talked, mostly due to the fact that my heart was soaring like an airplane. Oh god he's actually here! What do I say? What shouldn't I say?! I'm so confused.... To be continued! (Pics belong to their owners!)
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Day three: December 2nd, Friday.
It was so cold today in Final Destination. If you thought Planet Mushroom was bad, then you haven't felt space weather honey. Just kidding. Anyway it wasn't Link who was waiting for me it was... Bowser. "Why hello AnimeDaisy". What the heck?! You are the secret admirer? Ewww!!! I don't even like you! "Hmph how rude! You should be grateful to me for bringing you out here to Smash Bros. You are still not in it you know." Bowser said with an evil smirk. Ugh! I know just shut up scaly scum! "EXCUSE ME?!" He roared like a dragon. "That's it! No more small talk! Just action!" He said as he revealed the background. It is Smash Bros.! I said excitedly. "Oh this makes you happy does it? Fine let's go! And if you lose, you will be my prisoner!" Don't you usually kidnap Peach? "Yes but she was getting too boring... and besides I kinda like you more." Eww! Shut up and fight! "Alright then! Let's begin!" We fought like gladiators out on the battlefield. Okay not really, I didn't have enough practice, so I looked like a doof fighting. I ended up losing anyway. "Haha I knew you would lose! Now you're mine!" Why did you even bring me out here?! "To capture you, like duh isn't that the obvious answer?" But why? My kingdom is not as great as Peach's, and I am a terrible ruler! I barely have time for my citizens, since I am a mayor of a separate town as well as a princess, and I barely have time for myself to play video games! "I think you're special." Bleh yeah right. About as a special as a toothpick. "AnimeDaisy I'm being serious!" He grabbed my arms with care. W-What are you doing?! "AnimeDaisy I have to confess, I-I love you!" What?! How is this possible?! I don't even like you! "Well I like you!" Why is this happening to me?! "I don't know." Well excuse me, but I think it's time for me to head home now. "Wait don't go I'll (he thinks: yes that's the perfect idea! Hehehe!) bring you to Japan! Say that again? I asked with joy in my voice. "Yeah I can bring you down there. I'm rich, and i'm very fluent in Japanese." Ooh that's a tempting offer, but I'm going to pass. I've got a kingdom and a village to run. See you later Bowser! "Yeah bye." He said with utter sadness. I boarded the rocket ship feeling really guilty, and arrived home a couple days later. To be continued...

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Day 2:
Monday November 28th
So I started my voyage to Final Destination when I noticed a slight presence. I figured it was nothing, and was just imagining things. Oh boy was I wrong. Anyway I headed to the rocket ship that my dad had made for me. Bless his soul. I made it to space in no time. And surprisingly there were no enemies, which I was undoubtedly shocked. Final Destination was in the Yoshi Egg Galaxy which was only 2 days time from Planet Mushroom, where I live. On 10:00 AM November 30th I finally made it. But it was not the secret admirer I was hoping for...

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Hello fellow daisies!
Day 1: Sunday November 27th
Today I met the one, the only Link!
I thought I was going to die from fangirling!
I have had a crush on him for a while now, and seeing him made my heart skip a beat! Me being the shy gamer girl I was, I didn't speak to him. He loves Zelda so he could never love me! :( Anyway I headed home thinking about what to do next. When I got home I noticed a letter was under my door (we don't have mailboxes). The letter said "Dear AnimeDaisy, don't be afraid to show your feelings. You are an awesome person and don't forget that! I have grown immense feelings for you, and I hope you feel the same. Meet me at Final Destination so we can talk further. I would love to see you." From Your Secret Admirer. I wonder who that could be? I screamed happily in my head. Since Final Destination was in space I packed my space stuff and headed out.

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How I would envision my family and friends:
Peach (from AU): Cousin and best friend
Luigi (from AU): Best friend who has a crush on me in the end
Bowser (from AU): Peach's enemy who has a crush on her, but she doesn't like him back
Isabelle (from AU): Is my lovely assistant in the nearby village of Sarasa
Link: The crush and the hardest one to talk with
Overall, I am a gamer, princess, and mayor. There's some backstory for you :)
Mario (from AU): My cousin's real crush, he loves her back.
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Here's my cousin :) okay not really i'm just roleplaying

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Welcome to the community! Peach had some left over cake, and she wants to share with you!
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