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To all customers who purchased the 2018 Honda models (EX-L Nav/RES, Touring models)
Honda came out with a 2018 Catalog in 2017 and my husband and I purchased their Honda Odyssey Touring model with all the features that were advertised. These features were read to me by the Salesman as well as the Sales Manager. Sadly, these features were falsely advertised. In their first catalog, Honda advertised cabin talk to work through headphones and speakers (EX-L Nav/RES, Touring models) however, American Honda kept saying that speaker option is only available on the Elite model. After several complaints to American Honda, Better Business Bureau and the Tennessee Motor Commission nothing was done about the false advertisement. Honda informed my husband and I that the Touring model we purchased comes with cabin talk speaker and headphones option only. After several additional complaints to Honda regarding their false advertising they still saw nothing wrong. Recently, I went to Honda for my maintenance service and noticed that Honda changed all their Honda Odyssey catalogs to advise that this cabin talk speaker option is on the Elite model only and not on EX-L Nav/RES, and Touring models as previously stated. So if this wasn’t a False Advertisement why change and re write the catalogs. At this point, Honda refuses to install it in our vehicle nor refund customers for their mistake. If this has impacted you as well, please come forward and make a complaint don’t let this company take advantage of us. Honda should really step up and refund all customers that purchased these Honda EX-L Nav/RES, Touring models. It was falsely advertised and we all paid for this cabin talk feature for speakers and headphone.
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