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Index and Guide to this Collection
Someone asked for a waterfall...

New South Wales
Belmore Falls, Morton NP #PQW_Bel1
Carrington Falls, Budderoo NP #PQW_Car1
Empress Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Emp1
Fairy Bower Falls, Morton NP #PQW_Fa11
Fairy Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Fa21
Federal Falls, Canobolas SCA #PQW_Fed1
Federal Falls , Royal National Park #PQW_Fe11
Fitzroy Falls, Morton NP #PQW_Fit1
Flat Rock Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Fla
Frederica Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Fre1
Govetts Leap, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Gov1
Granite Falls, Morton NP #PQW_Gra1
Horseshoe Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Hor1
Jerrara Falls, Bungonia NP #PQW_Jer1
Kalang Falls, Kanangra-Boyd NP #PQW_Kal1
Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Kat1
Koorawatha Falls, Koorawatha Park #PQW_Koo1
Leura Cascades, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Leu1
Lodore Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Lod1
Minnehaha Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Mi11
Minyon Falls, Nightcap NP #PQW_Min1
Molonglo Gorge Cascades, Canberra #PQW_Mol1
Paddys River Falls, Tumbarumba #PQW_Pa11
St Michaels Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_StM1
Sylvia Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Syl1
Tianjara Falls, Morton National Park #PQW_Tia1
Tuross Falls, Wadbilliga NP #PQW_Tur1
Twin Falls, Morton National Park #PQW_Twi1
Wadbilliga Cascades, Wadbilliga NP #PQW_Wad1
Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NP #PQW_Wen1
Yandyguinula Cascades, Molonglo High Plains #PQW_Yan1

Australian Capital Territory
Gibraltar Falls, Namadgi NP #PQW_Gib1
Kangaroo Creek Falls, Namadgi NP #PQW_Kan1
Molonglo Gorge Cascades, Canberra #PQW_Mol1
Mountain Creek Cascades, Tidbinbilla #PQW_Mou1
Paddys River Cascades, Tidbinbilla #PQW_Pa21
Uriarra Cascades, Canberra #PQW_Ura1

Basin Creek Falls, Snowy River #PQW_Pas1
Beehive Creek Falls, Coopracambra NP #PQW_Bee1
Erskine Falls, Great Ocean Road #PQW_Ers1
Raymond Creek Falls, Snowy River #PQW_Ray1

Little Crystal Creek Cascades, Paluma #PQW_Lit1

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Flat Rock Falls Valley of the Waters, Blue Mountain NP

Deep down in the Valley of the Waters, along the Wentworth Pass loop trail (when the paths down the escarpment abandon the last vestiges of civilization), the waterfalls take new wild forms. Here the falls cascade down layers of rust colored flat rocks.

Multiple long exposure shots treated as HDR elements and combined into a panorama.


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قلوبنا تعيش وتزهر بالأمل..
فالشمس قادمة وأن غابت..
والليل سيرحل وإن أتى..
وإن أمطرت السماء بغزارة فإن السيول ستجف يوما ما..
وإن عصفت الرياح شديدة فستهدأ بعد لحظات.


#صباح الأمل في الله
صباح النور والسرور..
صباح الخير لكل الغوالي..
صباح الورد لكل أحبابي في الله.


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