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With a lot of help from +Roberto Domenella in setting it all up, I can finally publish the code for what has been worked on the game so far.

Here is the URL:
(see "Server" folder for server files)

I am still working on the Readme file, so give it a little while longer please for the information there. Until then, here are some basic things:

- Please remember I have no experience with coding or open sourcing. At all. Any advice is welcome.
- You can use the code as is, or portions of it. It would be a shame for the money that went into it to be wasted.
- Ideally, if you so choose, contributing to the game client would be the way to go!
- IF we end up with a working game, limited or not in features, I am willing to financially support a server, and if we get there, further costs to make the game happen.
- There are a lot of extra resources that are not published yet. There is a mix of private (accounts) and public (enklave/pictures) data, in addition to graphics, animations, etc.

Let us start from here and see what happens next.

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Not really a bug but the blue font is difficult to read against that background. 

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It was a while since our last update, so here we are:

We are almost ready for the closed beta stage of this project. While there are still remaining bugs and elements of the app that we are not entirely happy with, overall, the game has all the core functions implemented.

We do not want to go public with the game until it is polished further. At the same time, I realize that it has been an extremely long wait for many of you and I feel that it is not fair to keep you waiting longer.

Please post a comment below if you are interested to give it a spin at this stage, and we will accommodate you early next week. While the server can (theoretically) accommodate for an endless number of users, that comes with an increased monthly cost.

We will only take into account the comment/request made in the first 2 days. All the other will have to wait for the actual beta.

Posting a more extensive update next week.

Update 1: Please note that the prototype client is dead and unpublished from Play Store. You will gain access to the new client in a few days.

Update 2: ALL accounts that had Prototype (old client) access will keep that access from this point on.
This is a load test. Both users with and without access can join as long as they express their desire to do so.

Update 3: We still have your old accounts and you will be able to use them after we finish this load test and go into beta. For now, you will all create new accounts via the app (they can be the same as old ones if you wish). These "temporary" accounts will be deleted when the load test is complete.
The old accounts will be moved to a different database type and as a result, the passwords will be "lost". So once we do that, you will all have to rest your passwords.

Don't be too concerned about accounts and enklaves for now please. This is a free for all, 2 day opening (to register) to give the app a spin and tell us what we did wrong and need to fix :)
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Greetings Guardians!

We now have an official new member to the team. Our very own in-house 3D artist!
Welcome Florin Bisca! He is working from the dev office, side by side with everyone else, and you can find out more about him here:
He is the one that figured out we needed textures on the Cell... yet we still insist to try it with water on the raider below.

As most of you know by now, the old server (web too, not just game) kind of went poof on us. The login and signup is not really working anymore. We refuse to put any effort into resurrecting that one so we decided to push ahead and finalize the new website before the client is out. It is possible to be incomplete (forum), as we aim to have it live by the end of this week. Facebook and G+ APIs included. All the data from the old server is safe.

As for the game client, modifying many parts of it to have a smoother (and lower polygon count) look and better performance, took some extra, unforeseen time. Combined with the website attention re-shift, this adds up to a total of about 2 weeks that were lost on client-server work.

The back-end is mostly complete (different person), with the exception of some building and crafting rules, being functional.

We aim and expect to be at a beta stage before the Orthodox Easter on May 1st.

We will keep you updated very often over the next days and weeks and will slowly shift to the website forum before release, in order to bring together the FB and G+ communities there.

-13 of the Council
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Just a question will we be able to craft turrets and shields with scrap?

Greetings Guardians!

Spring is upon us and with it the nice weather (up here in the northern hemisphere) and perfect excuses to go out for a walk.There is no image or video attached to this post, just an update on the status of the game.

The client is working more or less as intended. It crashes on some OS versions and runs smooth on others. Thanks to our highly skilled tester base, we found out how to fix some of the bugs and got "slapped" over the wrist for making some mistakes here and there. The combat interface is partially coded in the client while everything else is there either in a final form or still with placeholders. Basically, we have the client sorted out at an Alpha stage (it kind of works as a game, yet all elements are almost there individually).

Since the last update, we focused mostly on the server side. The architecture is implemented, login/sign in is working and some core server-client protocols are in place with more being added each day.

Some good news is that we sorted out the territory mechanics and it is very likely that you will see it "live" with the start of the beta version. All I can say at this point is that it will be very "realistic" and it will be based on vectors. I am mentioning this because it has been something that kept bothering me for over 18 months!

The plan for the rest of this month is as follows:

- Finish implementing the interface elements.
- Finish the server-client protocols.
- Next Wednesday, Sorin and I will fly over to the dev team and spend a whole day again, sorting out details.
- The website will be deployed very shortly after the visit mentioned above (days).
- Scarp gathering/Crafting/Build/Combat/Raiders/Territory Alpha test after the steps mentioned above.
- Preparation for the closed beta!

I know that you are all asking "When can I play!?". We want the exact same thing and we can't wait to start the show. Very realistically we expect to sort out many of the final details next week and based on how it all goes after that, either have a go at it in 2-3 weeks, or have another meeting at that point.

In other words, if all goes really smooth, we expect to start playing with large numbers in about 3 weeks or delay by another 2-3 weeks if things go south.

-13 of the Council

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I have downloaded the alpha version but I can't play, the app never acquire my position. Can anyone help me please? 

Yesterday I've put my hands on the first native 3D client prototype. I'll just tease this up..

How can I play this game?
Can I get the alpha key?
Or when it opens?

This is a general question...
Can we submit Enklaves that are located on US Military installations?

I am stationed at Fort Campbell, and we have an area of post that has "ye olde Nuclear War Head Storage bunkkers" which are constructed into the landscape and I think that ALL of them would make fantastic Enklave locations.

Which brings me back to my question, can we submit enklaves that are located on a us military post?
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