+SimLife Assistance​ I looked at your town and may I ask you how can you get so many lp

+SimLife Assistance​ Can you add me on Facebook so I can join your town?

+SimLife Assistance​ We talk before on Sims freeplay community.

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Hello Simmers!
Sata Pata Tech here in a new account specifically for (unofficial) Game Support for Sims FreePlay! If you need help with Sims FreePlay, I'm just here to try to help! Let me know if you need anything, I'll be here as much as possible for Simmer's day needs.

Also if you follow me, I'm hoping to post regularly (WiFi permitted; if WiFi is problematic, there's not much I can do) about Sims FreePlay. Also if you want me to share/promote something Sims FreePlay related, let me know and I'll see what I can do. My best method of being contacted is through Google Plus and Hangouts. (Planning to do something through Facebook; it'd also help for neighboring and sponsoring great builds)

Thanks for reading, and have a Green Sparkling Day!!

(Assistance for Puppy Glitch not currently possible; contact Firemonkeys for that)

I have a low lp in sims i need your help to teach me how to cheat in lp
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