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[Understanding What Underlying Values/Needs Create the Left/Right Divide]
Here is my response to the energy many put into pointing out the differences between left and right political preferences, especially those who identify with one side or the other and deride the other side as lesser.
Inspired by an insightful article written by Jeffrey Tucker titled "Against Libertarian Brutalism"

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Actual Police Advice: “Never Answer Door for Someone You Don’t Know. Call 911”

Um. That's insane. 

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Firemen smash car window to extricate "unconscious" child...who was napping.

THEN...ambulance races him to E.R.

Come on -- they could see he was fine! Enough with safety charades!

Instant refunds!

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A Mom Lets Her 6-y.o. Walk Part-Way to School and Up Comes a Cop

(A Surprising Tale)

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The skinny: You aren't. But your neighbor might be, especially if you live in New Hampshire. Includes interviews with Free Staters.

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At My Church, I Can’t Even Be Alone in a HALLWAY with a Child.

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I Ate Brie, Drank Wine and Worried Myself Sick! — Pregnant Mom 

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Animated Photo

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Happy Birthday, Formerly Curious George

Too bad about your spunk-ectomy
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