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R2UDA IS THE POLITICAL ORGANIZATION.Has political leading readiness.
R2 UDA is asociation of citizens sharing the same thinking on the development of social welfare of all the population & development of the country.
Is Sharing the same views on the development of social welfare of all Rwandans and the development of the country.
Is Sharing the same objective to get to power through democratic and peaceful way.
Is Sharing the same thinking and view fo being able to put all the above in action.
Was founded by BARAFINDA SEKIKUBO FRED and is the president.
WAS FOUNDED in Kanombe , Kigali City , Kicukiro District , Nyarugunga Sector , Kamashashi Cell , At Akindege Village. R2UDA Came up into existence in Mid 2015.
The offices are at here above address.
OUR VISION : Vision - our aspiration/target/objectives for the future
R2UDA THE BEST Political Party aspires to be the nice leading political provider of the most :
-Good Governance , Satisfying the public’s interests , innovative in business creation and doings ,Producing solution and the Resolutions focusing on giving all persons the best opportunities prioritily.
Our Vision is to ensure that the interests of our country rwanda, and providing the best possible care to all Rwandans without nepotism & bribations, are at the heart of everything we do.
To become and act as the center of political umbilical cord providing the best & highest degree of excellence in giving Qualitative and Quantitative services and productive products in democratic systems and governance in rapid development of Rwanda and Rwandans at all national levels.
.Center of political umbilical cord of peace,love,security,liberty in job creation , unity.
.Highest degree of excellence in providing better leadership to all basing on , No land taxation among others .
.Giving Qualitative and Quantitative services equally to all democratically.
.Rapid development to every Rwandan men & women and boys and girls ( youth ) .
.Advancing / country spreading the Quickest Democracy ever and ever to all citizens.
OUR MISSION : Assignment/job/duty/task/work.
To promote public education to fight poverty in Heads of people and in their pockets ,ignorance,illiteracy,diseases in order to go and reach far principles of the best governance in equality , liberty and fraternity in Rwandan society fastening and quickening Economic Development of Rwandan society.
.To promote free public education to alleviate poverty,ignorance,illiteracy & diseases.
To fight poverty : Basing from all personal causes , local causes , national causes , and international causes of poverty in Rwanda.
To bring Equality, Liberty and Fraternity to all Rwandans where must benefit them & boosting Economically.
Is to strengthen our R2UDA Party positively,To be the leader in creation values for all our citizens in our mother country Rwanda,To provide good working system to our stakeholders to Quicken the deliverance of general services to our Rwandan citizens and others ,To encourage business and customer care services,To provide motivations to the highest goal achievers,To provide awards to professional staff and wellcitizen performers in business doings and servicing,To service creation for citizens.
To register , empower and no monitoring many political parties , media sectoral department,providing citizen advocacy in guidelines, citizen participation in all life governing systems ,& to promote information communication technology ( ICT ).
OUR VALUES - WE THE R2UDA s What do we stand for?
Our values represent an important commitment that the decisions we make will be in the best interests of the people we serve and the people we employ. Our Values be reached & ever after sometime shall be refreshed and relaunched during Total achievents. Our values are:
1.Proud To Care 2.Make It Happen 3.We Value Respect 4.Together We Achieve .
Customer focus ,Member focus and membership focus –Integrity in both Rwanda and Rwandans in general-Quality and on speed / velocity-Quantity to maximize the markets Excellence in all people and things/commodity creation.
Strategy and Objectives - how will we the R2UDA deliver value to Rwandan population
In order to deliver our vision we work with all the R2UDAs , communities, staff and partner organisations to identify all R2UDA -Strategic Goals Due to 200 causes. These Goals provide the focus for our work over the coming years, and are supported by 200 Strategic Priority causes.
Is the main deliberative organ of all members of R2UDA the peaceful political party.
THE R2UDA BOARD Is the sterling board of great men and women of the leadership of ours.
The R2UDA board of directors is responsible for the overall leadership of the party therough oversight and guidance on the major key strategic and risk taking issues.
It plays computer and pivotal role in setting up the system of corporate governance within the R2UDA to ensure safeguarding of certain policies suiting and fitting,procedures and aligning the incentives of the R2UDA managers with those of the shareholders.
THE BOARD Manages And Makes Sure that : Every person conducts a self-evaluation exercise in compliance with R2UDA Orderliness.
The corporate R2UDA Governance Report shall always base on : Corporate R2UDA drafted Governance Report every 4yearly term,Board of Directors’s profile,Executive management profile,The PRESIDENT’S Profile, R2UDA PRESIDENT’s Report Ever.
R2UDA’s PILLARS TO GOOD GOVERNANCE: 1.Poverty Eradication in heads and in Rwandan pockets 2.Ignorance Eradication 3.Improving access to education 4.Illiteracy Eradication 5.Promoting Community Health and Wealth 6.Disease Eradication ; the invisible ones / internal diseases and Vissible ones / External diseases.
The candidate named below has put forward your name as his / her Referee.Please furnish kindly us with the requested information by filling this form:
1.Full name of the candidate………………………………………………………………………………………………….
2.For how long have you known the candidate……………………………………………………………
3.How are you related to the candidate ?………………………………………………………………………………….
4.How do you Rate this candidate’s ability to pursue the developmental skilla applied for here in the …………………………………………………………………………. …………………. ? ...........................................................................................................................................................................
5.Names of Referee………………………………………………………………………………………………………
6.His / her position………………………………………………………………………………………………
7.Current Adress…………………………………………………………………………….ID No………………....
Phone No……………………………………………………….Email………………………………………
I certify that the information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge.

-The report of the directors-Statement of directors’Responsibilities-Statement of Comprehensive plan – Statement of political leaders’position-Statement of changes in Leadership Equity-Statement of Recruiting new members – Statement of Ranking of higher scorers-Statement of defying abad member for counciling to the baby steps-Statement of Good registered customer care in servicing.
THE PRESIDENT / CHAIRMAN who has the overall responsibilitie for the Board , ensures overall leadership and longterm total success of the R2UDA.
He sets the Board Charter which gives and shows : The Power of Each person ,The Role of Every leader,The rsponsibilities of every Person in Leadership.
. Role and function of R2UDA.
.Organization of R2UDA .
.Monitoring the role and function of the secretariat.
.monitoring the role and function of itself The R2UDA.
.Re-organization and the Reforms.
.Role and power of R2UDA.
Is to manage the R2UDA business operation.It involves the carrying out of all the R2UDA management functions for the Examples 1.Staffing of the R2UDA business operations 2.Cordinating of the R2UDA Business operations 3.Supervising of the R2UDA business oprations 4.Monitoring of the R2UDA business operations.
.Organization and function of R2UDA is Our wide range family.
1.Is preparing the Governing body businesses.2.Launching the R2UDA business operation.3.Preparing the Governing plan by looking at issues to do with the size of population,its growth and position of the competitors economicall,politically & social.4.Identifying R2UDA business location leadership and acquiring accessibility to transport,communication services,Nearness to the population,extending raw materials to the demanders ,equipments to industrialization,extending Qualitative services by skilled man power and unskilled ones to mention but afew.
BIG NB : R2UDA can grow so and very fast since has the best and Qualitative leaders being well organized and are well Equipped with Good communication,leadership,far viewing sight,nice sense of direction in master planning for the mother country of ours,Good financial management skills to boost and forward our National GDP and GNP for Higher productional Economic speed up wholeness life of the citizens.
R2UDA - The main bulk in preparing these resolutions and solutions are carried out by 5 Commitees , which by their composition and working Agenda reflect the entire work of the R2UDA.
1ST Committee : Underground movement campaign.
2NDCommittee :Mobilising new R2UDA members.
3RD Committee : Registering and setting duties / tasks to R2UDA members.
4TH Committee : International class for intellectuals to correct data errors and collecting all necessary information.
Our Committee :
Before furthering , plans can be made to our committee.
Here is asset of by law drawn up by the committee .
The committee appointed in the meeting.
ARTICLE I R2UDA : Think , Speak , Write , Read and spreading to others for common understanding.
The purpose of the R2UDA are to uproot and stamp out ignorance , Illitracy , poverty in our Heads and then thinking soberly, and out of our pockets ,fighting Nepotism,Bribation,Corruption ,then promote our money Value by increasing primary,secondary & tertiary production for large exportations - so that improving our abilities in Bringing new style of quickening Democracy and Good working Governance and modern analysis to solve the problems of the people getting appropriate solution on time never too late in the whole Rwanda.
Member ship shall consist of all members / citizens with Nationality and well wishers for Equality , Liberty , Fraternity and Impertiality in our mother country wide’s Order lineness ,peace,love and Business doing Struggles for only period of 4 years.
The leaders of the R2 UDA shall be The Head of State , Vice President and secretary.
Voting for leaders shall be by ballot , and the majority of the voters Cast shall be necessary for elections from selection after nominating.
Meetings shall be held each Monday during the morning hours what ever being interrupted or not for efficiency and effectiveness to quicken other activities.
Special meetings may be called by the R2 UDA PRESIDENT with the consent of chief committee Adviser.
The PRESIDENT shall appoint a special program committee for each regular meeting and other committees as they are needed.
The Administration shall be practical administration procedure by the Head of the state . Probably , the only business of your second meeting will be the report on and the adoption of the by laws. The temporary leaders will still be in charge.
1. The President of R2UDA calls the meeting to order.
2.He asks the secretary to read the minutes of the previous meeting he then says the following sentences ‘’ YOU HAVE HEARD THE READING OF THE MINUTES ‘’ .
NB : Are there any Corrections or Omissions ? ………. If not , “ they stand approved as read “
3.He calls for the reports of the committee on by laws.
4.The committee chairman reads the report be adopted.
5.When the motion has been seconded the by laws are read again , paragraph by paragraph . After the reading of each rule the president / chairman of the meeting of each rule , the Chairman meeting asks whether there are any amendments .
6.lf there are any amendments they are voted up on , one by one after they have been brought up and discussed.
7.When all the rules have been read and if necessary amended , the Chairman / President of the meeting calls or a vote of adoption and then announce and read the results.
PRESIDENT : Barafindarwa.
BARAFINDARWA ( still standing ) : l nominate Mukantaho Louise ( sits ).
PRESIDENT : Mukantaho Louise has been nominated.
NKURUNZIZA ( still standing ) : l nominate Sekikubo Fred ( sits ).
PRESIDENT : Sekikubo Fred has been nominated.
SPERBNESS ( rising ) : Mr. PRESIDENT .
PRESIDENT : Superbness.
SUPERBNESS : l move that the nominations be closed. ( sits )
Alice ( seated ; l second the motion .
PRESIDENT ( Rising ) : lt is moved and seconded that nominations be closed as many are in favour say Aye.
meeting ( seat ) Aye.
PRESIDENT as many as are opened says no . ( silence ) .
NB : The motion is carried Jacquiline and 2th , please distribute the ballots.
Then collect them , count the votes and report the results to me ( sits ) .

NYIRANGARE and ll report to the PRESIDENT that BLACK FIRE has received 47 votes ; MUKANTAHO LOUISE has got 30 , and SEKIKUBO FRED 29 .
Having more than ½ the votes that each cast , BLACK FIRE is declared Elected.
The number of votes that each Candidate received is announced to the meeting.
NB : The new Secretary stakes over as soon as Elected.
If no Candidate has majority that is more than ½ of the votes , anew vote should be taken on the two ( 2 ) highest Candidates or if there are only two Candidates , the PRESIDENT may vote.
For PRESIDENT we need some one who has good judgement , who expresses him self well and who is at ease before a group.
For Vice PRESIDENT , we should name some one with the same kinds of abilities as are needed in the PRESIDENT , because the Vice PRESIDENT must preside if the PRESIDENT is absent.
For Secreary , we need some one who can keep well the Written accurate records of your Committees’ meeting and who can carry any Committee Correspondence Efficiently.
Nominate only 2 or 3 people for each office but be sure that they are fitted for it.
1, To give you practice in conducting an Election assign parts and dramatize the sample election for C/M /PRESIDENT above on page 1,2,3 or ( 1 & 2 ) . Whether President is ELECTED will depend of course , upon how the members of your party vote.
2 a , With the temporary C/M /PRESIDENT in charge hold our note book open to the set of rules that we made after our first meeting.
b , As soon as an C / M / PRESIDENT is elected , that person should replace the temporary C / M and preside over the meeting.
c , Proceed to elect a deputy C / M /PRESIDENT and a secretary.
d , As soon as elected , the secretary should take over the notes of the temporary Secretary and keep notes for the rest of the meeting.
e , If there is time , discuss the matter of programs for future meetings. The C / M / PRESIDENT should appoint a program Committee to make plans and reports at the next meeting.
In this 4 th meeting , we shall learn in what order to carry on committee.

1.Call to order by the PRESIDENT .
2.Roll call by the secretary ( This may be omitted ) .
3.Reading and approval or Correction of the minutes of the previous meeting.
4.Reports of the commities.
5.Un finished business ( any left over from the previous meetings ) .
6.New business to be worked.
7.Programs ( if there is one ) .
8.Adjournment .
NB : prepared , written , and analysed by ( FBS ) 2 = BARAFINDA SEKIKUBO FRED .

-By the Application of Communication technical know how , Negotiation technicalities and Mediation technique.
NB : The R2UDA itself is comprised of 4 main Sections :
1.The first 2 sections are intended to give citizens a thorough awareness of the guiding principles of the R2UDA at the institutional and Operational levels as mentioned in above Legal Frame Work of R2UDA.
2.The other 2 sections focus on the Practicalities , the problem afield Operator may encounter and the means to deal with such issues at his or her disposal as well as also stated in the above R2UDA Frame Work guidings.
1.HISTORY : Was introduced by the Great man who was so called young politician , man of all seasons , man who fights and wins democratically and peacefully wherever he lands since last century and millennium of C20th and was aiming at Becoming the best and great President of Rwanda since time in memorial.This man is BARAFINDA SEKIKUBO FRED at +250783428622 ,
In the aftermath of the long term and short term man made problems and grievances Rwandans had since Pre- Colonial ara ( History ) , never had the positive Advancers of Promotive Democracy in Rwanda - THE LAND OF 1,000 HILLS -
R2UDA has come up with 200 Causes that shall and must bring and guide Total Change in the available Democracy in our mother Country Rwanda.
NB : Rwanda is for all Rwandans ; Young and old , Men and Women , Rich and Poor , Short and Tall , Educated and Non –Educative .
Rwanda must be good for all Rwandans , Neighbours and the whole entire world and being exempolary and Denouncing all kinds of bads in Human beings wherever there.
R2UDA Came up into existence in Mid 2015. Came up with High - Great – Total Positive changes in Democracy of Rwanda and Never to relinquish at all.
Membership is tasked and free and fair to join discipliningly and ranked accord to task fulfillment.
Member must be owning the national ID / Passport.
Member must be Rwandan by Nationality.
Member must be female / male aged.
Member must be of high integrity.

- Transparency/simplicity/clearness.
- Integrity/truthfulness/uprightness.
- Professional service delivering.
- Team working.
- Customer care focusing.
1, Are concerning behaviours of society which people take to be good in society, and those which are bad.
It applies to beliefs & habits which are taken too seriously in societies.Failure to respect them means aviolation of a serious Norm in Rwandan society.
2, All types of norms must be respected to build our Rwanda the Peaceful society:
(l). Application of Folk ways = Simple rules of behabiour in society connective to culture and customs of Rwandan society.
Addressing people in politiness way using the righ Tittles. Egs : Mr. ,Miss,Mrs. , Honorable,His Excellency,His highness, Her Majesty.
Also we must including good eating habits,dressing habits,using decent Language, seating habits in Rwandan society.
NB : In failure to respect / obey afolkway :
No imprisoning ,No arresting but only – is criticized, - advised , - warned of some time given asimple Punishment.
Big NB :
Folk ways
- No imprisoning
-No arresting but only – is criticized,
- advised ,
- warned of some time given asimple Punishment.
-Not to kill - Not to rap
-Not to steal -Not to rob
-Not to murder - Not to defile.
Are serious needed rules controlling people’s behaviours in Rwandan society to avoid the bads.
In failure to respect these laws are applied.
(3).To promote socialization in Rwanda :
-The society families ( care for parental love,care&heart ).
-Peer society groups ( same age groups ).
-Education systems (English,French,Kinyarwanda,Kiswahili,chinese,Datch, and many others for Rwandan betterment ) .
Big NB : There should be no promotion of divorcing of the lovers ( No total breaking down of marriage in Rwandan society ).
Culture is away of life of particular group of people.
Culture must be highly respected hence promotion of : Good conduct
Good citizen , Good service, Good saving , Good Gov’t policies, Arts participations.
There should be no secret
hostility,malice,sabotage,chaos and Diplomatic aggression towards each other in families or human societies.
Over coming Traitism becoming Era of bads.
Religious groups should promote and practice agriculture ( cultivation & rearing ),setting schools,hospitals,marrum roads ,and fighting soil erosion.
R2UDA’s Code of Conduct in & for Good governance and leadership for our people in RWANDA, East African com.
Welcome to GOOD ,PROMOTIVE ,FRIENDSHIP POLITICAL PARTY R2UDA, Organizing for Action’s new online organizing platform. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when using the Website application .
1.Respecting one another in our R2UDA and including other group members.
2.Welcoming new members in R2UDA and answering questions they have.
3.Connecting with Legal international & National +ve groups for better productive org.
4.Discussing the issues our R2UDA grouping organization is organizing for the new R2UDAs & THE SENIORS.
5.Sharing information among R2UDA members to help our group achieve its +ve goals.
6.Sharing the best political , social & economic practices in Rwandan Society for all.
7.Building friendships with all other non group members of R2UDAs.
8.Sharing our personal stories with others or R2UDAs experiences in our country wide.
9.Inviting other volunteers to join the group of R2UDAs near them wherever there.
10.Working with our support team if we have feedback, questions, or concerns to share.
11.Flagging inappropriate message among our us in member carriers then continue in Bus.
12.Using Connect for anything other than its intended purpose as R2UDA chose.
13.Disrupting people who are trying to effectively organize on behalf of an issue of ours.
14.Feeding the trolls: Don’t engage with users you suspect have come here solely to cause trouble in our nice and vital political organization / party. If that is their intention, they will go away if you ignore them wherever they happen to approach the GOOD R2UDAs.
1.Comments that use offensive or abusive language, -ve ideologies ,fighting others in R2UDA.
2.Personal attacks, including: name-calling and insidious remarks about a person’s presumed or actual race, age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, or any other aspect of his or her background in our R2UDA of 200 good reasons why was formed in 21st century by PRESIDENT BARAFINDA SEKIKUBO FRED in Rwa.
3.Spam and any other bad technological acts.
4.Any content or postings that violate our Terms of Service. Any violation of our Terms of Service in R2UDA may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your rights to use R2UDA CARD.
5.If you have any question or comments, please use the R2UDA Connectivity on network ‘Support’ button at the bottom or above of the screen or search R2 UDA on google,yahoo and elsewhere .

This confirms the R2UDA Member-Card Application & Submission for :
Shall always be found at / Go to any Rwandan Embassy / Consulate wherever you are globally.
1.Names provided :
2.Date of Birth :…………………………………………………………………………..
3.Place of Birth : ………………………………………………………………………….
4.Gender : ………………………………………………………………………………..
5.Country / Region of Origin ( Nationality ) : ……………………………………………
6.Passport No. : …………………………………………………………………………
7.Purpose of Travel : ……………………………………………………………………….
8.Completed On / Filled in / out : ………………………………………………………….
9.Confirmation No. : ………………………………………………………………………
10.Location Selected : ………………………………………………………………………
11.Signitory specimen : …………………………………………………………………….
12.Current country you are Living / working : ………………………………………………
13.Locality Address : ………………………………………………………………………
E-mail :………………………………………….. Phone No. : ………………………………
1.Names / Amazina……………………………………………………………………….....
2.Pre-Name / Izinary’idini…………………………………………………………………
3.Date of Birth /Tariki y’amavuko………………………………………………………
4.Province / Intara………………………………………………………………………..
5.District / Akarere………………………………………………………………………..
6.Father’s Names / Amazina y’aso…………………………………………………………
7.Mother’s Names / Amazina y’umubyeyi…………………………………………………
8.Resident Province /Intara abarizwamo……………………………………………………
9.District / Akarere………………………………………………………………………………
10.Sector / Umurenge ……………………………………………………………………………..
11.Cell / Akagari …………………………………………………………………………………..
12.Village / Umudugudu………………………………………………………………………
13.ID No / Inomero y’irangamuntu………………………………………………………………
14.Profession / Umwuga / Akazi ukora…………………………………………………………
15.Driving Licence No / Uruhusa rwogutwara ikinyabiziga……………………………………
16.Definitive / Ubwoko bw’uruhusa watsindiye………………………………………………
17.Category / Ikiciro wa tsindiye………………………………………………………………
18.Provisionary date / Igihe y’atsindiweho and ……………………………………..............
19.City of Exam /Umujyi wa koreye ikizamini………………………………………………
20.WINNING No / Inomero yayo……………………………………………………………..

No. NAMES Member No. ID No. Phone
No. Responsibility Records DISTRICT

01 06 20 16 KI GA LI


NDAHIRIYE IMBERE Y’ABANYAMURYANGO BI SHYAKA RYACU RYA R2UDA………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
1.Ko Ntazahemukira Ishyaka R2UDA Yacu ;
2.Ko Nzubahiriza Amategeko Agenga Amashyaka Nandi Mategeko , Amabwiriza N’amategeko Nshingiro Ya Politike Ndetse N’amategeko Y’umwihariko ;
3.Ko Nzaharanira Icyateza Imbere R2UDA Yacu Cyose Mu Rwego Rwo Gushyira Mubikorwa Intego Zacu ;
4.Ko Nzaharanira Ubumwe Bwa’abanyamuryango Ba R2UDA.
5.Ko Nzaharanira Ubumwe N’ubwitange Imirimo Nshinzwe ;
6.Ntazakoresha Ububasha Mu Nyungu Zanjye Bwite.
Nindenga Kuri Iyi Ndahiro , Nzabihanirwe Hakurikijwe Uko Amategeko Abiteganya.
Amazina :
Umwanya Yatorewe :
Umukono : ………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Ahobikorewe N’itariki : ………………………………………………………………………………….
BARAFINDARISATION = BARAFINDA + BARAFINDALISTS =ORGANIGRAM OF R2UDA OF 200 CAUSES .Its aims are ; customer care ,customer service ,customer retention ,customer loyalty , customer expectation. For good governance after individual assignment of tasks.

12.R2UDA‘S 200 CAUSES TO POWER-2017:
1.R2 UDA’S vital policy To bring , set , stamp in the Total Human Rights on all sections of life and for all people in Rwanda in Equality,Liberty,Fraternity .
1.Itegoko rya R2UDA ryingenzi n’ukuzana,gushiraho no gushimangira uburenganzira bwamuntu bwuzuye-busesuye mubisate byose byubuzima kubantubose bomu Rwanda mubiringanire n’ubwuzuzanye,mubwigenge busesuye, n’ubufatanye.
2. R2 UDA’S nice Policy To give back land to Rwandans because is the gift from our Lord to Rwandans no reason for being of capitalist, it is purely for Rwandans.
2.Gahunda n’intego bya R2UDA n’ugusubiza Abanyarwanda ubutaka bwabo kandi birakwiye kuko n’impano bwite bahawe n’Imana ntampamvu y’uko bwaba bw’umushoramari ,ahubwo n’ubwabanyarwanda bwite.
3. R2 UDA’S No land Taxation to any Rwandan unless to the un known foreigners.
3.R2UDA iti ntagushoresha ubutaka bw’Abanyarwanda bityo rero izakuraho uwomusoro k’ubutaka mu Rwanda keretse kumunyamahanga uzaba abukoresha.
4.R2UDA shall help to bring 2 investors ( Land owner-investor and money own – investor ) to set up single - file long –term investment hence unity and reconciliation in Rwanda , rapid Development in both poor people and the rich ones.
4.R2UDA izafasha ibe umuhuza wa Nyiributaka n’umunyamafaranga kugirango bombi tubafashe kuba abashoramari kugirango bujuzanye hubakwa inyubako ndende cyane /Amataje ariko imiryango ibanza hasi yose ikazaba yanyiributaka naho kuwashoye amafaranga we izirihejuru zose zigerekeranyije ndetse n’izindi zirimumakave nize ibyizabyabyo izazana ishoramari rirambye,ubumwe n’ubwiyunge bwabantu mu Rwanda buzababugezweho byuzuye kandi bikwiye ,iterambere ry’ihuse imbande 2 zose abakene n’abakire.
5. R2 UDA’S good policy of No Land expropriations shall be allowed in Rwanda and shall never again we shall all laden wherever we are ,all shall get wealthy and richness plus Rwandan wellbeing Equally .
5.Itegeko ryiza rikwiye kubutaka R2UDA iharanira n’ukutongera kwimura Umuntu kubutakabwe ngobamuhaye ingurane ntibizongera mu Rwanda , twese tuzabana dukirire ahodutuye n’imibereho myiza yacu twese izamuke kimwe bizagambanya ubusumbane.
6. R2 UDA’S Lower leveled investment on High building ( tower ) , the first surrounding Business doors shall be of Land – Investor and the rest of the doors at all levels of Money – owned investor therefore the poor ones in first 3 classes of Ubudehe shall all raise ECONOMICALLY to classic classes hence that shall be the best wellbeing of the citizens of Rwanda in General leading to the Quick Economic dev’t.
6.Amazu yamagorofa yose,imiryango yohasi ikikije iyonzuyose izaba yanyiributaka hanyuma indimiryango isigayeyose haba murikave cyangwase izohejuru zose zigombakuba z’umushoramafaranga bityo rero abakene barimubyicyiro byohasi cyane bazaba bazamutse bajye mubyicyiro byabakire iyo izaba ibaye imibereho myiza yabanya Rwanda murirusange n’ubukungu buzazamuka byihuse.
7.Total R2 UDA’S free of charge of clean water to all poor citizens of Rwanda.
7.R2UDA izatanga amazi mubaturage babakene bose kubuntu mu Rwanda.
8.Total R2 UDA’S free of charge to all public Toilets and Latrines to all Rwandans and visitors for sanitation boosting and booming.
8.R2UDA izatanga ubwiherero rusange mugihuguhose aho abantu bahurirabenshi kubuntu murwego rwoguteza imbere isukunisukura mubanyarwanda nababagana.
9.Total R2 UDA’S no taxing any young Rwandan investor below six million frw of Capital so that we create man future taxable payers due to taxable capacity.
9.R2UDA ntizigera isoresha abashoramari bato babanyarwanda barimunsi y’igishoro cya 6,000,000 frw n’ukugirango azamuke abazasoreshwa benshi mubutaha.
10. R2 UDA’S Total free Education to all children of Rwanda from Levels of Primary through secondary schools and little fees to university.
10.R2UDA izakuraho minerivare kubanyeshuri bose mugihugu kwabanza n’ayisumbuye naho kurikaminuza zikagabanyirizwa bose bakiga.
11.All Rwandans with lower capitals must work at well -established trading premises and at their living and working localities as they shall develop the capital assets must also join the race of medium capital citizen investors.
11.Abanyarwanda bose bafite igishoro gito bagomba gushingirwa amazu yogukoreramo y’ubuntu ,banature hafi yakazi,kugirango batere imbere vuba kugirango bashobore guhabwa nokwongerera ubushobozi bwogusora kukobabasha.
12. R2 UDA says , The Women and young girls must participate in business doings in Tertiary services , Primary products , secondary Production for Home consumption and for exportation to increase National GDP hence ability to support other Economic, social and political infrastructures of Rwanda and else- where.
12.R2UDA iravuga iti , abnyarwandakazi n’abakobwa bose bagomba kwitabira mukwishingira imirimo itanga akazi,kutunganya no kukora ibikoresho byifashishwa mungo n’ibyagemurwa kumasoko mpuzamahanga kugirango ingingo y’imari izamuke bityo rero haboneke ubushobozi bwokubaka ibikorwaremezo mu Rwanda n’ahandi hose mubisate by’ubuzima bwigihugu bwose.
13.The Rwandan got educated on government scholar ship mustn’t & shan’t repay any given fund since completed within the country and worked / working in home land unless worked /working abroad or any foreign student that received it.
13.Abanyarwanda bize kuriburuse za Leta mugihugu bakayasoreza mugihugu ntibagomba kwisuzwa izo burusi naho kubayigiyeho bakaboneza mumahanga bagakorera iyo bo bayishura kuko ntanurundi ruharebagize mukwubaka igihugu .
14.Any Rwandan child below 16 must share together the parent’s / the care taker’s travelling documents by Law to reduce over spending and processing.
14.Umwana w’umunyarwanda wese urimunsi y’imyaka 16 agomba kugendera kucyangombwa cy’umubyiwe / cy’umurera kuko umwirondoro umubyeyi n’umwana ugomba kubahamwe twirinda gusoresha umwana nogusesagura umutungo wabantu.
15.If some one steals one’s property , must repay back 5 times of the stolen property.This shall help to increase security on ones Assets and rights on property.
15.Umuntu naramuka yibye ikintu cyundi,agomba guhita akishura byikubye 5.Murwego rwokongerera umutekano umuntu n’umutungowe n’uburenganzirabwe.
16.Spreading democracy to all citizens equally in all advantages to all Rwandans .
16.Gukwirakwiza Demokarase kuribose bingana ntabusumbane nabuhoro kuribose.
17.Giving freedoms of speech publicly to any citizens with out ignoring any one ( without Gutekinika ).
17.Gutanga ubwisanzure umuntu akavuga igitekerezo cye ntankomi ntawukumiriwe.
18.constructing public medium trading houses to low trading income earners.
18.Kubakira abatishoboye amazu yogukoreramo kubuntu kubinjija macyenabobakazamuka mubukungu mungamba zaruda zokurwanda ubukene hose.
19.Little water – bill costs on clean piped consumable water for heath life .
19.R2UDA izagabanya ibiciro kubazi meza yose akoreshwa kugirango tugire ubuzimabwiza buzira umuze.
20. R2 UDA must cut the power –bill in Rwanda to bost the all the poor and lower investments below 6,000,000 frw.
20.R2UDA igoba kugabanya igiciro cyamashanyarazi murwanda tugangahure abashoramari bato babatangizi banafite n’igishoro gito cyane munsi ya 6,000,000frw.
21. The R2 UDA’S common Sharing of The Same Thinking On The Development Of Social Welfare Of All The Population & Development Of The Country.
21.R2UDA izahora izasangira ibitekerezo n’imyumviye imwe nabanyarwandabose kubijyanye kwiterambere ry’imiberehomyiza y’abaturage mu Rwanda.
22.Promoting the National and international dialogue and consensus during the period of peace or war in the Rwanda.
22.R2UDA izateza imbere ibiganiro byamahoro kurwego rw’igihugu nokurwego munzamahanga mubwumvikane mugihe cy’Amahoro cyangwa cy’intambara mu Rwanda.
23.Promotinal of new and modern innovations to all creative Rwandans.
23.R2UDA izateza imbere izamure inahanga udushya tugezweho kubanyarwanda bakomeze bimakaze iterambere mukwihangira udushya mu Rwanda.
24. R2 UDA’S Automatic promotion to some one in Rwanda with new inventions to boost science ,economy and Technology to accelerate / speed up industries in all state provinces.
24.R2UDA izajya ihita izamuramundintera kumunyarwandawese uzaramuka ashoboye kuvumbura ikintu gisha muguteza imbere ubumenyi,ubukungu n’ikorana buhanga mukwihutisha iterambere ry’inganda muntarazose z’igihugu.
25.R2 UDA Shall give the un utilized land to the active workers for making it useful and beneficial to the society.
25.R2UDA izatanga ubwobutakabwose budakoreshwa bityo rero abakozi bakabuhabwakumugaragaroakabubyaza umusaruro murisosite.
26.R2UDA says , If in one’s land is discovered there some minerals and once exploited , must share the profits obtained their with the land owner and never to dismiss him/her. It is the proper Human right to all.
26.R2UDA iravuga iti ,Mugihe bigaragaye ko ubutakabwawe bwavumbuwemo amabuye yagaciro ,mugihe y’atangiye gucukurwa avuyemo agomba kugabanwa nanyiributaka ntanibyo kumwimura bigomba.Ubunibwo bwaba uburenganzira bwamuntubwuzuye.
27.Rain water must be taped for the betterment of getting enough water for home use and irrigation in cultivatable land aiming to fight soil erosion.
27.Amazi y’imvura avakumazu yose agomba kurekwa agafatwaneza murwego rwokongerera inyunganizi yandi meza akabayakwifashishwa mukwuhira mubijyanye n’ubuhinzi , nogukora isuku hagamijwe kurwanda isuri yimonogoje.
28.The R2UDA must give these teachings to the public in order aware the society members and give awareness to the citiczens to wake up for great and dip thinking and doing : Homework:

1. What is science ?
2.Why do you study science ?
3.Give ways to solve personal poverty.
4.Give remedies to National poverty.
5.What about International poverty.
28.R2UDA igomba kuzatanga inyigisho zitandukanye mubanyarwanda kugirango ihugure muryango nyarwanda maze ujijuke usobanukirwe maze ukangukire mugutekereza byiza nogukora cyane byiza.UMUKORO :
1.Gutekereza cyane n’iki ?
2.Nikuki mwiga ubumenyi bwogutekereza cyane ?
3.Tanga uburyo mwacyemuramo ubukene bw’umuntu kugiti cye ?
4.Tanga umuti ushoboka kubucyene kurwego rw’igihugu ?
5.Ese wanatanga n’igisubizo kumpamvu ziteza no kuvuguta umuti w’ubukene kurwego rw’isi ?

29.I,BARAFINDA S.F. with the R2UDAs Shall always promote Unity,Peace,Stability,Impartiality,Kindness,cooperation,Market Research to vibrate Active Democracy Not Passive Democracy.

29.Iteka njye BARAFINDA S.F. naba R2UDA n’ishaka R2UDA tuzazaharanira kuzamura no kuzamurana mubumwe,mumahoro,ituze,kutabogama,kugwaneza nokwitonda,gukoranahamwe,gukora ubushakashatsi kunkubiri yademokarasi itari imenyerewe.

30.We shall always aim higher and thirsty for Total change to any existed bads into the good.

30.Tuzahora iteka duharanira kuzamuka dufiten’inyota yoguhindura burundu amabiyose tugatunganya ibitagenda bikagenda neza muridemokarasiyihuse.
31.we the R2 UDA need to cater and care for weak and disable girls,boys,women & men of all ages for equal systematic developing all of us in all.
31.Twe ba R2UDA twifuza kwitaho no kureberera abanyantegenke nabatishoboye mubakobwa,basaza babo,abagore n’abagabo bimyakayose kugirango twesedukire.
32.WE R2 UDA shall allow all people to sit for relevant Exams for the betterment of welfare of citizens country wide.Addition to that the state shall strive for Rwandan children to sit for the international Exams wherever they shall be in the continents.
32.Twe BA R2UDA tuzemerera abaturarwanda bose gukora ibizamini bitandukanye kugirango imibereho yabanyarwanda izarusheho kubamyiza igihugu cyose.Icyakongerwaho rizaharanira ko abana babanyarwanda bajyabakora n’ibizamine mpuzamahanga murwanda nomuyindimigabane yokwisi yose.
33.We the R2 UDA must support RUM ( rural urban migration ) in Rwanda officially all over the country for the betterment of the citizens to be conco-Elites.
33.Twe aba R2UDA tugomba gushigikira ubwimukire babantu kuva mucyaro bagane imijyi kumugarogaro byemewe kugirango twongerere abantu amahirwe yokujijuka nogukira banacyeye.
34.we have also to create the Rwandan youth to get experienced in working at their R2 UDA early youth-stage for the compound savings for the betterment of their future to come. Welcome !!
34.Dufite gahunda yokwigisha urubyuruko rw’uRwanda mukuba inarayibonye mumikorere y’urubyuruko rwose Rwa R2UDA na bandi kuva mubwana bwabo tubatoza kuzigama bategura banategura ejo habo hazaza HEZA.Murakoze!!
35.we R2 UDA’S yes we can “ change the attitudes of Rwandans “ towards viscous circles of poverty , Low income to high incomes , Low capital to high capital , Low investment to high investment & Low savings to high savings by Encouraging everyone to participate in Agriculture culture , industrial culture of industrialization , discovering new ideas / sciences all to boost National Economy of Rwanda and Rwandans at large.
35.Yego twe aba R2UDA turabasha “ Guhindura iminduka mumitekerereze y’iterambere “ guhinduka duca ingoye y’ubukene,kuzamura azigamwa,kuzamura igishoro,kuzamura ishoramari ,kuzamura ubwizigamire dushishikariza burumwe wese kwitabira umuco n’imirimo y’ubuhinzi n’ubworozi,kuzamura umuco wogukwizakwiza inganda n’ubukorikori , kwivumburira udushya dushingiye kubitekerezo bishya byiza byose bigamije guteza imbere ingengo y’imari (GDP) y’u Rwanda n’Abanyarwanda muri rusange.
36. All the Rwandans who use any new & great science and hi-tech shall be being handed the trophy and prize after showing the public his / her Qualitative Production .
36.Abanyarwanda bose bazakoresha ubumenyi n’ubuhanga b’uhambaye n’ikorana buhanga rikataje bazajya bahabwa igikombe n’ishimwe kwerekana umusaruro mwiza umurikirwe rubanda rwose kumugaragaro.
37. R2 UDA’S.Land policy : usefulness for culitivation,farming,on & of landing,construction,protection,no Trading un necessarily.
38. R2 UDA’S Development policy : Aiming at increasing out put at all levels by every citizens without wasting it.
39.Human protection : children,women and men equally before the Law building towards democracy.
40.Qualitative & Quantitative Education to all Human beings for the betterment of all.
41.Transport policy ( by Land,Water,Air,Cable cars,Underground, Pipe Line) for quickness.
42. R2 UDA’S Health policy ( life protection,Healthy feeding,physical trainings & fitness by working hardly
43. R2 UDA’S Air policy ( Nearer water bases for accident prevention,passengers’ protection,better services).
44. R2 UDA’S Security Policy ( No citizens outside at night only Legal national police and Army ) for keeping National internal security.
45. R2 UDA’S Gov’t policy (Transportion,Protection,Easy communication,Trasferrings,supporting,creating).
46. R2 UDA’S FREE Primary and Secondary schools to Rwandan learners to promote General education. Free Education to all.
47. R2 UDA’S Motivative age retirement policy ( to protect knowledge library old men and women for future generation referrance).
48. R2 UDA’S Positive judiciary Policy within country territories for Judgment of the Law for all Equally.
49. R2 UDA’S Water policy (supplying country wide for free to the poor &young ones).
50.International relations Policy (Good relations in cooperation with other nations).
51. R2 UDA’S Domestic Affairs Policy ( promote Agric, Quick & better service ,Tradings ,Education ).
52. R2 UDA’S Mass media Policy ( professional service delivering casting ,promoting press freedoms ).
53.International Trading Policy ( Promoting Exportation g’ds and Services extending to world markets ).
54. R2 UDA’S Home Trade policy ( Aim for High production for low home prices of domestic goods & for High production for extra prices to abroad hence National Economic boom ).
55. R2 UDA’S Farming Policy ( promotion of rearing of all kinds of animals & birds in the country ).
56. R2 UDA’S Cultivation Policy ( all excess land shall be used for planting, & cropping of all types of food ) to supply enough for domestic use and foreign trading for Dollars.
57. R2 UDA’S Specific objectives on National Laws.
i. To examine the public institutions concerned with promoting law and order all over the country for total stability.
ii. To come up with possible solutions & remedies to mob justice within Rwanda.
The R2 UDA’S scope of the Policy;
The policy will however not be limited to mob justice as a word but rather will be extended to different government institutions like the law enforcement agencies and the mechanism applied democratically not miss-using it in enforcing the law, the nature of punishments given to different offenders and their importance, the Judiciary in itself will be examined in the procedure to come to a verdict and many more.
1.No human prisons. No human arresting must be acted at all.
2.All the current prisons must be abolished and changed into educational institutions,markets,and to Hospitals. The policy of change the bad into good for humanitarian purposes/causes.
58.R2UDA is going to increase the Rwandan Money Value very soon as soon as steps on power after elections immediately by using Economic Technicalities not political ones too soon are coming out .
59.We the R2UDA shall bring together the united AFRICA ,all the African 55 states into one BIG United States of Africa to Curb down these common territorial wars and make one block without Passports inside Africa hence free movement on the continent by the owner hence good relationship inside Africa.
60.We shall bring all the Rwandans living in external who didn’t get / haven’t gotten the financial ability to return back home in the mother country hence the growing the Rwandan Nationalism.
61.BARAFINDA as the statesman , l must right the wrongs in Rwandan society since time in memorial.
62.Iam the only child of Rwanda & Rwandans who has 200 causes / reasons / Factors as to why R2UDA has 7,000,000 supporters ready to win the next National Elections in Rwanda 2017 overwhelming / greatly with majority support.
63.I shall promote the degree of abolishing state prisons & detentions without rial to rivive the echoes of Rwandan Human Culture in Nature & good waves of Democracy and Diplomacy where Rwandans shall be living.
64.The R2UDA Regime shall ever be characterized by Unity, Unifying all people, Democracy , Diplomacy , Reconcile people & stabilize Securities in Rwanda.
65.The R2UDA ‘s abilities shall win the 2017 National Elections in Rwanda Overwhelmingly by majority Vote.
66.R2UDA shall allow the Émigrés to return in Democratic Rwanda Peacefully and utilize their resources Egs money,Land,water,animals,buildings,children friends to mention but a few to boost the economy of their mother country .
67.I shall reverse where necessary by writing a code of Laws to Govern Rwanda on 5 years mandate / term of office of Presidency after Selecting 20 next Presidents to Lead Respectively basing on Age and Voters hence 100 years of peace and stability this shall prevent civil wars in Rwanda & Rwandans.
68.The codes shall unify all citizens to stability ,Harmony , this will be regarded as the Foundation stone of the state RWANDA.
69.All children in Rwanda of Rwanda must & have to strictly obey and respect their parents what so ever.
70.Religion shall always be the strongest Moral Fiber to Cement social order in Rwandan society.
71.The Holder of 6,000,000 frw capital is the only to start paying taxes and Revenues ; this boom shall uplift the society’s Economy where by every body shall have participated in working & building self-sustainance capacity to self-feeding & feeding others hence boosting National GDP at large.
72.R2UDA shall amalgamate all the youth into Economic ,Social & Political orders to running investments.
73.Taxation in Rwanda shall always depend and base on progressive systems and networks.
74.All these 200 causes / reasons put together must arouse mankind impressions / social well-being form R2UDA to citizens.
75.The 200 R2UDA causes shall be good policies greatly admired by the Rwandan society / citizens.
76.We shall abolish extravagant expenditures into the highest National savings hence capital Accumulations and investment.
77.We have to change the bad Histories of Rwanda to New and Modern History where by justice shall be the mirror and barometer of reality and Human rights.
78.R2UDA needs stable ,strong & Sensitive minded leaders to provide nice authority & leadership to Rwandans hence economic ,political and social Boom.
79.R2UDA shall solve the grievances of Idle , desperate & care-free citizens , that are doing nothing to let them have an up hand in in becoming industrious to change bad into good.
80.We need to advocate for Democracy where every Rwandan shall enjoy a chance to discuss & decide on major issues upon current Economic situation & systems. To boom the weak and the poor people.
81.Removing the political power idea of Feudalism turning down the burden of Land taxation in Rwanda ensure freedom of press & speech, hence abolishing internal customs’ barriers of heavy –Laddened -taxes upon the poor LDC Rwandans.
82.R2UDA is presenting the best 200 causes why was formed ; to give back all Rwandans their grabbed and taxed land without any comment & hesitations, to have their Total Rights upon their Land in Rwanda.
82.R2UDA iragaragaza gahundazayo 200 zatumye ivuka; n’ugusubiza abanyarwanda ubutakabwabo kuko babwirwa binagaragarako babukodesha atarubwabo ikaba arinayo mpamvu banabusorera burimwaka ntawemerewe kugira icyo abibazaho ntanokugingimira, bityo rero bizatuma basubizwa uburenganzira bwabo bw’uzuye kubutaka bwabo mu Rwanda ntankomi.
83.R2UDA is strategically the best classic political party insists on voting by HEAD or mobile or real Elections democratically.
83.Gahunda ya R2UDA ifite ishingiro kuba arishyaka rya politike ryiza rigendera kugutora umuntukuwundi /agenda abara yatura umubare wabahari cyangwase hagakorwa amatora y’ubusanzwe ariko neza by’umvikanyweho muri Demokarase.
84.Gahunda ya R2UDA n’ukuzana impinduramatwara y’amahoro mu Rwanda nomubyerekezo byose byintekerezo mbi,ibikorwa bibi tugashigikira impinduramatwara muburenganzira bw’Abaturage kumutungo wabo n’ubuzima.
85.R2UDA shall expose the facts of Economic ,political & social losses & weakness too earlier & before to avoid Economic retardations in Future Rwandan Economy.
85.Gahunda ya R2UDA ifite n’iyogushira ahabona ukuri kwibiri mubukungu,muri politike n’imibereho yabantu ,ibihombo n’integenke kare bitararenga tugamije kwirinda isubirabukungu inyuma muminsi izaza mu Rwanda.
86.We shall fight extravagancy, corruption & bribation in our miserable Rwandan National Income ever and ever never to relinquish at all aiming at booming rwanda.
86.Twe aba R2UDA tuzarwanya byimazeyo ubusesaguzi,uburiganya na ruswa mubukungu bwacu dufite buteye agahinda mungingo shingiro y’imari mugihugu ntiduteze no kuzatezuka namba.
87.We shall fight & avoid disastrous wars in Rwanda by embarking on Economy & social welfare rather than wars with the neighboring states hence avoiding to empting treasury finally no constant borrowing heavy foreign debts .This shall fasten & boost the Rwandan Economy & attract world politics to invest in Rwanda.
87.Gahunda ya R2UDA tuzaharanira gukora ibishoboka byose mugukumira intambara zakirimbuzi murwanda twibanda kubikorwa by’ubukungu n’imibereho myiza yabaturage ahokujya muntambara izangana n’ihugu byabaturanyi bityo rero hakirindwa kudusenyera nokutumarira ibukungu bwigihugu dufite nokuturinda inguzanyo zidashira zituviramo amadeni aremereye kurusha ibyodutunze.Iyingingo izadufasha mukwegeranya no kugangahura ubukungu bw’u Rwanda binadufashe muripolitike y’okuresha ishoramari ryokwisiyose.
88.We shall fight regressive taxation in Rwanda so that we uplift the poor economy.
88.Gahunda ya R2UDA n’ugukuraho isoreshwa ry’a bakene ririhejuru murwanda ridatumabazamuka ngo nabo bazanzamuke mubukungu nabo bumvu gukira ukobimeze.
89.Since the peasants constitute the majority total population , R2UDA shall categorically aim at rising the wholeness life & wellbeings by letting every one participate in some gainful activity of his / her wish to self –creating jobs to boom the Economy.
89.Kuva abaturage babakene n’abaringaniye aribo bagizwe rubanda nyamwinshi y’igihugu,R2UDA ishaka inagamije kuzamura imibereho myizayabo n’ubuzima bwiza buzira umuze hemererwa burumwe wese mukwitabira ibikorwangirakamaro byo kwihangira noguteza imbere ubukungu bwaburiwese.
90.R2UDA ‘S Revolution is peaceful to uplift economic in nature like Agricultural & industrial revolutions in Rwanda C21st.
90.Gahunda ya R2UDA n’iyamahoro mukuzamura imiterere y’ubukungu nko mubuhinzi n’ubworozi n’impinduka munganda z’u Rwanda murikikinyejana cya C21.
91.To boost & support the desire for African Unification hence Africa without borders inside therefore free movements of the Africans hence total Independence.
91.Gahunda ya R2UDA yoguteza imbere no gushigikira ikifuzo cyogukuraho imbibi hagati y’ibihugu y’Afirika byose bityo rero turekure kugenderanira no guhahirana kw’ibihugu byacu twese hamwe tuzabatubonye ubwigenge bwuzuye kumugabane wacu w’Africa muri rusange.
92.Total desire of spreading industrialization in the country to create industrial Economy based for higher Rwandan GDP rapidily.
92.Ikifuzo rusange cya R2UDA n’ugukwirakwiza inganda mugihugu tukishingira ubukungu bushingiye kumusarurowazo uhambayemukugwiza GDP y’u Rwanda vubavuba.
93.Total desire to cut un employment by giving liberty to all citizens to participate in Low ,Medium & High investments in every sector liberally.
93.Ikifuzo rusange cya R2UDA cyokugabanya ubushomeri ireka abatugage bigenge mukwitabira ishoramari rito,riciriritse n’irihambaye kugirango burumwe wese agire uruhare mukwitabira akazi akarikokose mugihugu.
94.The total desire to rise the liberal minded Rwanda or foreign investors to invest the money assets hence economic standard boom.
94.Gahunda rusange ya R2UDA yokuzahura ibitekerezo byigenga mwishora mari cyangwa ibyabashoramari babanyamahanga mu Rwanda bashoramo amafaranga bityo rero byakwihutisha ubukungu bwiterambere kurwegorwohejeru rushimishije.
95. Mobilizing and Bringing together People and their families who have the Burden of helping other people in need and making sure that we are doing these actions on a monthly and yearly basis to raise up them.
95.Gukangurira imbaga no kuyihuza n’imiryango yabo bafite y’uko batishoboye mugufasha ababo mubyobakeneye byose hagakorwa ibishoboka byose tugakora ibibikorwa burikwezi cyangwase burimwaka shingiro byabazamura.
96.We must always give primary & O’ level leaving certificates ,and A’ level too to identify that so and so ever went to school this shall create meaning full education to the new Rwandan generations finally pushing to Economic boom and development.
96.R2UDA igomba iteka gutanga icyemezo cy’umwimerere kubanyeshuri bose barangije abanza hamwe n’ayisumbuye icyicyiro cyambere nkuko abarangije S.6 bazihabwa icyo cyemezo gisobanura neza aho yagarukiye,umwaka,amazina,ikigo ibi zongerera ireme ry’uburezi turwanye uburezi mubantu muriki gisekuru gisha turimo nyuma y’izongamba tuzatera imbere mubukungu n’iterambere.
97. we must always Analyze conflicts ,manage them , and resolving strategies to settle down any conflicts in our society hence promoting society harmony leading to the embarkment of the economy.

97.Aba R2UDA tuzahora dusesengura amakimbirane arihagati yabantu,tuyagenzure,dufata ingamba zokuyahosha mumuryango nyarwanda bityo rero hazamurwe ituze mubantu hibandwe gusa kubukungu bw’igihugu cyacu.

98. R2UDA has to Facilitate training services and establish rules to follow targets and achieve good production for the betterment of boosting the economy of our future children and grand-children ; let R2UDA become the leading political party for only better changes for all Rwandans poor and the rich.

98.R2UDA ifite gufasha mugutoza-guhugura no gushinga amategeko yakurikizwa kugera kuntego nogugera kumusaruro kubwineza yoguteza imbere ubukungu ahazaza Habana n’Abuzukuru bacu babanyarwanda ; Ngaho nimushigikire R2UDA ibe ishyaka ndongozi kubwimpamvu z’impinduka nziza zireba abakire n’abakene mumpamvu 200 ifite.

99.We shall construct the new and many modern marram roads so called feeder roads and tarmac roads for the quality transport y in Rwanda & connect Rwanda to Rwandans everywhere in the country.

99.R2UDA izubaka imihanda mishyan’indimyinshi igezwehomyiza yitwako igemurira imijyi y’igitaka tukayigiraneza yakaburimbonziza zikomeye murwego rwokwihutisha abagenzi murwandahose kubanyarwanda aharihohose.

100.R2UDA Must Give Poor People Free Land To Those At The Age Above 50 Years In Order To Boost Their Remaining Part Of Life on earth For Betterment of Wellbeing of the Rwandan citizens.

100.Ishaka rya R2UDA rigomba guha abakene ubutaka kubuntu kurabobatabufite barihejuru y’imyaka 50 kugirango bagire isaziro ryaboriza kwisi kubwineza n’imibereho myiza yabanyarwanda noguhuza iyineza kuriburiwese ukuze aharihohose.


101.We shall promote and advance progressive taxation from 6,000,000 frw. Maturity comes with Experience , not age Let lower capital earners get experience in action in activity & in practice of good working systems.
101.Tuzazamura duteze imbere ubwoko bumwe bw’umusoro y’ishura uko yagwije kubashoramari bakuru hadashingiye kumyaka bikorewe n’imikorere myiza.
102.R2UDA is welcoming To people & people,places,& change in Rwanda.
102.Ishyaka R2UDA rihaye abantu bose ikaze n’impinduka kubatura Rwanda bose hose.
103.You are beginning R2UDA Life , Life is the book of History to people of Rwanda. R2UDA presents descriptions & stories about life in many parts of the country where by Rwandans need Great beneficial change & chance to them hence better life.
103.Ngaho mutangiye ubuzima bushya bwa R2UDA , ubuzima bukaba ari igitabo cyamateka y’Abanyarwanda. R2UDA irabagezaho ubusobanuro n’umwirondoro by’ubuzima mubice byose by’u Rwanda bakeneye impinduka nziza n’amahirwe masa masa ibyo rero bizabageza kubuzima bwiza cyane.
104.People ,places,& change presents factual information about people’s life & place in all 30 districts of Rwanda. we shall strengthen the History & Culture of Rwandans ,Place tells about the environment & Geography of Rwanda must be beneficial to Rwandans.
104.Abantu , ahantu n’impinduka bizanye amakuru nyayo yerekeranye n’ubuzima bw’Abantu n’Ahantu muturere twose 30 tugize u Rwanda.Tuzaharanira guteza imbere Amateka y’Abanyarwanda n’umuco wabo aharihohose kubidukikije n’ibikikije u Rwanda byose bigoma guteza imbere nokugirira Abanyarwanda umumaro.
105.Change must focus mostly on young persons who live in Rwanda & shall present story form to give a feeling of some choices young people face in-need.
NB: This plan shall help you better understanding how people must live in New life - New century of 21st in Rwanda using High-science and sciencing plus Hi-technology.
105.Iyi mpinduka mumpinduramatwara izibanda cyane cyane kubakiri bato batuye mu Rwanda inabashirireho inyandiko muzagaragarizaho urutonde rwamahitamo yanyu mwabuze kandi mubishoboye kugirango tubibafashemo.
NB:Uyu mugambi uzafasha kumva nogusobanukirwa neza ukuntu tugomba kubaho murubu buzima bushya bw’iki cyinyejana mu Rwanda twifashisha ubumenyi buhambaye no gutekereza cyane kubidufitiye umumaro n’ikorana buhanga rikataje mu Rwanda.
106.R2UDA must sum up all ways / styles of living in great rapid Rwandan change & chance in resources & Environment and it is a changing Rwanda by great & strong R2UDA Potential massive Plan.
106.R2UDA igomba kwegeranya uburyo bwose bw’imibereho mumpinduka yihuta muburyo bwakatarabuka mu Rwanda na mahirwe mubutunzi n’ibidukikije R2UDA ikaba ifite umugambi mugara mwiza wingirakamaro ukaba urimo guhindura urwanda muburyo bwakataraboneka.
107.Every culture is made up of people & in some ways,people are the same all around the world ; they all need food , shelter ,clothing , security , clean water ,Education & other many changes of R2UDA.
107.Buri muco ugizwe n’abantu nanone muburyo bumwe nabumwe abantu baba aribamwe kwisi yose; bose niko bakenera, ibyokurya,amacumbi,imyambaro,umutekano usesuye , amazi meza , uburezi n’uburere hamwe n’izindi mpinduka nyishi za R2UDA ifitiye abantu bose ntawusigaye.
108.R2UDA shall always pass good Laws of people and principles in this new culture removing & lowering taxes ,bringing to positive Human life change & settling disputes in Rwandan society of good people of men & women.
108.R2UDA izahora itambutsa amategeko meza agenga abantu hamwe namahame muruyu muco mushya wogukuraho imisoro idakwiriye mubantu bikikinyejana hamwe no kugabanya imisoro , tukazana impinduka nziza mubuzima bwabantu ,dugacyemura n’unahosha amakimbirane ayariyoyose mumuryango nyarwanda ufitte abarutuye abagore n’abagabo beza.
109.ln addition ,our culture must always teach the Rwandan young ones the rules of their culture – through Schools , churches ,rituals ,job training , & promote family customs – then R2UDA shall protect the lives and property of Rwandans citizens wherever there.
109.Icyakongerwaho ,umuco ugoma ibyiteka guhora w’igisha abakiribato amategeko awugenga bakabygishwa kumashuri,munsengero,mumihango nyarwanda,kubatoza umurimo no guteza imbere umuco kama w’igihugu hanyuma R2UDA nayo ikazarengera ubuzima bwabo n’imitungo y’Abaturarwanda bose aho baba bari aharihohose
110.The Government under R2UDA shall also own the public buildings , farms , firms , factories, cultural centres , & all the people work for good money and rent from the Gov’t for better National production ( GDP).
110.Leta izaba iyobowe na R2UDA nanone iza shinga y’ubaka inyubako zayo,imirima yareta , Imishinga icyiriritse, amazu huriro ndanga muco nyarwanda , inganda , bityo rero bizaha abantu akazi kenshi banahembwe neza , ndetse izubaka n’izogukodesha hagamijwe kongerera umusaruro wa Leta n’ingingo y’imari buri mwaka.
111.R2UDA shall always solve problems of society members that are too large for asingle – District to settle –problems such as food shortages & promote trade Agreements – within and other states.
111.R2UDA ishyaka rizaharanira gucyemura ibibazo byabaturage mu muryango nyarwanda ibyo byose birengeje ubushobozi bw’Akarere ingero ibura ry’ibiryo n’oguteza imbere amasezerano atandukanye imbere mugihugu ndetse no mumahanga hose.
112.As the PRESIDENT , I shall promote & register changes in village organizations , building water syetems , health clinics , Farm co-operatives , recreation centers , schools of all the levels , women change , taking care of the vegetable gardens , raise the real disciplined children ,and good leadership to them.
112.Nka perezida ,nzaharanira mukuzamura no gutunganya gahunda zibyaro hose,n’ubaka amasoko y’amazi ,ibigo nderabuzima nazaserivisi zazo zinoze,amashirahamwe y’imirima iyo byeze umunyamuryango ahita abona umugabanewe ntaburiganya nabuhoro ,nzateza imbere ibibuga byimidagaduro,amashure y’inzego zose mugihugu ,dushigikire imbinduka nziza zabagore maze twamagane izitari nziza ,twite tunateze imbere uturima twomurugo ,tuzahitako twita tunazamure ikinyabupfura cyabana n’imico myiza mugihugu cyose bityo rero tuzagire abagore beza batuje barangwa n’umuco nyarwanda hamwe n’imiyoborere myiza muri rusange. Murakoze cyane !!!
113.R2UDA shall allow & promote all young Rwandans tolearn in schools , community wide how to write ,read & speak different languages & is good idea for the betterment of Rwandan and Rwandans at large in international business doing hence shall develop Rwanda.
113.R2UDA izemerera inazamure Abanyarwanda bose bakiribato mukugana amasomero bige ubumenyi buzatuma babaho nabana bazabyara mugihugu cyose bige gusoma no kwandika hamwe nokuvuga izondimi zitandukanye kandi cyikaba arigitekerezo cyiza kizabateza imbera iteka ryose nabanyarwanda muri rusange bazatera imbere kubera bazisanga mumirimo mpuzamahanga bizateza urwanda imbere.
114.The Rwandans shall consider R2UDA a privilege to be able having Barafinda as the President of Rwanda where by shall be Napoleon Bonaparte & George Washington of France & USA of Rwanda . I shall & must work to create a system in which money will be divided equally among all the people & in which will work to help one another improving our country’s economy.
115. Abanyarwanda bazafata R2UDA nkingirakamaro kuba ifite Barafinda nka Perezida w’u Rwanda aho azaba abaye Napoleon Bonaparte w’ubufaransa na George Washington wa leta zunze ubumwe bw’America Mu Rwanda . Ngomba kuzakora mparanira gushiraho imikorere myiza aho tuzasaranganyamo Abanyarwanda bose amafaranga muburyo buzira ubusumbanye mubukungu bityo rero azabeho gufashanya hagamijwe guteza imbere igihugu cyacu.
116.R2UDA shall promote man ,women & children’s rights amalgamatively hence a comprehensive plan to all Rwandans.
116.R2UDA izateza imbere inazamure Uburenganzira bw’ umugabo,abagore n’Abana bityo rero Uyumugambi mugari uzubaka abanyarwanda muribyose.
117.The R2UDA is promising to help the farmers ,send adairy farming specialist to train the farmers in modern dairy methods , shall build a milk preserving industry filled with the latest equipment to help them selling their milk & to make low- interest loans available to the farmers in Rwanda.
117.R2UDA iza fasha aborozi ,tuboherereza babaganga binzobere mubyokwita bavura amatungo no gutoza aborozi uburyo busha kwita kumata, tuzubaka inganda zizatunganya amata akamara igihe kirekire hefashishijwe ibikoresho byabugenewe bizabafasha mumigurishirize y’amata y’amatungo yabo bityo rero bakazajya banahabwa inguzanyo kunyungu nto cyane muborozi b’u Rwanda.
118.By joining the R2UDA shall gain too low Bank interest rate to farmers ( keeping animals ) , cultivators ,young investors in all Economic sections of life to Quicken our investments from Economic growth to the rapid Economic Developments In All To All.
118.Mukwifatanya Na R2UDA Bizatuma Aborozi Babona Inguzanyo Mubigo Byimari Kunyungu Nto Cyane Kuborozi Bato, Kubahinzi, Abashoramari Bato Mubuzima Bose Bw'ubukungu ,Mukwihutisha Iterambere Ry'ihuse Kuribose Muribyose.
119.Rwanda today tourism ,industry ,security ,transport ,Agriculture & Trade link Rwanda with the nations of Europe & the United States .Natural gas ,Hospitality, politics , religion , & its colonial past also link Rwanda with Africa & the Arab world . Rwanda a land locked country in the process of total great change.
The kinds of changes underway are – free education to primary & Secondary schools & low tution to University, Free tax to low income earners below 6,000,000 frw , No land taxation in Rwanda & no migration from land to land for investors instead of capital amalgamations.
119.U Rwanda ry’ubu nkigihugu kitigeze gikora kunyanja ( imyaro ) rumaze gutera imbere mubyubukerarugendo,inganda,umutekano,gutwara abantu n’ibintu,ubuhinzin’ubworozi hamwe n’ubucuruzi bimaze guhuzwa neza n’ibihugu by’Uburayi na zareta zunze ubumwe z’America.umwuka ucukurwa mubiyaga ,kwakirana neza kwabanyarwanda,imitegecyere ,amadini n’amateka y’ubukorone yahise y’u Rwanda mur’Africa n’omubihugu by’Abarabu.Urwanda ruri munzira z’iminduka rusange yakataraboneka birahataje ,tuzatanga uburezi n’uburere kubana babanyarwanda mumashuri abanza n’Ayisumbuye kubuntu ntamubyeyi uzongera gungayikiswa nazaminirivare zabana na zakaminuza nihuhzajya hatangwa make, gusonerwa umisoro kubanyarwanda kubafite igishoro gito kirimunsi ya 6,000,000 frw , gusonerwa umusoro kubutaka ntanuzongera kwimuka y’imuka umuntu y’imukira umushora mari ahubwo tuzabahuza bacyange imitungo yabombi bazamure ibikorwanda hamwe bityo iterambere kuribose apana kuribamwe. Murakoze cyane banyarwanda mushimye izingingo.
120.BARAFINDA – planning team’s decision ; to fight poverty ,ignorance ,illiteracy , diseases, settling cases quickly, promoting of Agricultural processing to create more jobs & industries & more people shall earn good wages & extra wages & having money to pay for commodities gradually elimination of social problems – by building new towns for people country-wide.
120.Icyemezo Umugambi BARAFINDA cyogykorera hamwe nkitsinda ; mukurwanda ubukene bwo mumutwe n’ubwo mumufuka ,ubujiji , ubutamenya butuma umuntu yicuza , indwara zitandukanye , nogucyemura ibibazo muburyo bwihuse,guteza imbere ubuhizi n’ubworozi duhangamo imirimo n’inganda n’ubukorikori bizatuma abantu benshi babona imishahara myiza n’ibihembo kubakozeneza bagarusha abandi mumikorere,gutunga amafaranga yokuwishura ibihahwa buhorobuhoro bizavanaho ibibazo mubantu tw’ubakira abakira abanyarwanda imigi misha myinshi mugihugu cyose.
121.No limbo and Tomb taxation to any Rwandan citizens because free land of Rwanda is for Banyarwanda may be the foreigner,addition to this the left family must be supported instead God shall repay you.
121.Ntakuzongera kwishurira uwapfuye mwirimbi cyangwa kugura igituro cyuwapfuye sumuco wabanyarwanda ntugomba nokubaranga cyeretse umunyamahanga uhaguye adafiti ubushobozi bwogucurwa iwabo.Ikindi uyu muntu / umuryango wabuze uwabo / wapfushije agomba gufashwa akanitabwaho aho kumumaraho nibyo bike asigaranye bityo rero habe umuco wogufasha ashirwa ibyabafasha muriyo minsi, imana izabihembera murakoze.
122. We shall encourage fruit & vegetable farm - growings and growers , opening new boarding schools for children, building new Roads to promote transportation of people & commodities , change villages to towns , R2UDA shall utilize many hectares of land to be irrigated to increase production supply to the markets to lower food prices hence well beings of the citizens.
122.Tuzashishikariza abahinzi n’ ubuhinzi bw’imbuto n’imboga bw’imirima minini cyane mugihugu , tuzashinga dutangize amashuri acumbikira abanyeshuri biga babamo kugirango batozwe ubumenyi n’uburere buhagije mubanyeshuri , twubake imihanda yindi misha bityo rero ubutwazi bw’abantu n’ibyabo bitezwe imbere , impinduka nshya yoguhindura ibyaro mo imigi y’iterambera ,R2UDA izanifashisha ubutaka bunini butagikoreshwa ibuhinduremo imirima minini ikazajya inuhirirwa kuruzuba mugiherwacanye hagamijwe kuzamura umusaruro mwinshi bityo rero hazabeho n’igabanyuka ry’ibikiro kumasoko bitume n’ibikiro bigabanyuka hanyuma abaturage bose bashobore kwihahira ,kwibeshaho nokugira imibereho myiza.
123.MUTUELLE DE SANTE fades - away & turned into a new taxing system to every Rwandan baby-child in the History of man –kind per head more over are the poorest in LDCs’ families have no saved savings where they need economic support & has no & gives no proper medication to all citizens regardless of delivering women and MUTUELLE-idea investor.
R2UDA shall cut down to the lowest Mutuelle costs for the betterment of all citizens Equally & this plan shall spark & boost citizens’ economy & real welfare to improve health care programme by BARAFINDA with his BARAFINDARISATION- MASTER- PLAN & avoid its embezzlements of collected funds.
123.Mutuelle yarashaje yaracuye yataye ibara yarifite igishingwa ahoyavuzaga umuryango wose hansingiwe kumukuru w’umuryango , ubuyanahinduwemo ubwoko bwimisoro n’imisoreshereze yabwo bisha kuburi mwana w’umunyarwanda uvutse murwanda kuva inyokamuntu /amateka yamuntu yatangira aho basoresha burimutwe w’umwana w’umunyarwanda kandi nyamara aribo bakene banyakujya batagira icyo batunga mumiryango y’ibihugu bikiri inyuma yamajyambere, aho batazigama ngo bagire ibyazigamwe aho banacyenera gufashwa aho iyo MUTUELLE idafite ngo inatange ubuvuzi bukwiye mubaturarwanda utitaye kubabyeyi bitwazwa ngo kwibagirira akamaro kandi kurundi ruhande babafungisha urubyario uwo mushoragitekerezo akabyungukiramo gusa.
Bityo rero R2UDA iza gabanya cyane ikiguzi cya Mutuelle kubwineza yabaturage bose bibagirire umumaro nanone uyumugambi w’ishyaka rya R2UDA izaharanira y’iterambere ry’Abaturage & nimibereho nyayo y’Abaturage muguteza imbere gahunda y’ubuzima nshya ya BARAFINDA yiswe BARAFINDARISATION – MASTER – PLAN ( Umugambi wogutekereza n’eza w’Abaturage ) kwirinda hagakumirwa inyerejwa ry’amafaranga y’inkunga zatanjwe.
124.The descendant plan ; R2UDA shall create the cheapest & lowest wedding systems-plan to avoid extravagancy of Nationalists ‘ small income economy.
124.Dushingiye kumugambi ndangamuco waranze abanyarwanda ; R2UDA iza shinga bikomeye uburyo buhendutse cyane bunaciriritse mu mugambi w’ubukwe bukorwamo hirindwa isesagura nokwaya ubukungu buke dufite.
125.R2UDA shall build the apartments rented on low renting cost and saving money highly to build the theirs & get married & un married women shall stay at work never to circumspect in localities ,town centers & citizens.
They shall get enough working trainings & experiences to get world –wide full employment opportunities.
125.R2UDA izubaka amacumbi yogukodesha kurimake bigatuma kwizigama bizamuka hanyuma abashaka bagashaka banashakana abatarashaka nabo bakirirwa kukazi aho kwirirwa bakatakata mumihana ,mumiji biriranwa.
Bazabona imyitoza abamenyereza akazi hanyuma mukazi buzamuke bugwire bashobore kugira amahirwe yokubona akazi kw’isi yose bitagoranye kubera ubumenyi.
126.R2UDA shall construct 100 HEP station generate electricity because Rwanda has the force of the river’s current turn turbines that create the electrical current.
NB: The combination of minerals , forests , and hydro-electric- power must some days enable the Rwandans to play a critical role in a world that’s running short of minerals, wood , & energy. (Increasing power for industrialization and conurbation).
126.R2UDA izubaka ingomero ijana /100 zamashanyaraze kuko urwanda rufite imigezi ifite amazi y’ingufu kuburyo yabirindura akanabirindukana n’ibyuma mukubyara amashanyaraze ahagije .NB : urwunge rwmabuye y’agaciro,amashamba,n’ingomero z’amashanyaraze agomba ibihebimwe gushoboresha abanyarwanda mukugira uruhare kwisi aho ibibyazwa ingufu bimaze gucyendera tukaba twabyongerera tukanabifataneza tugateza imbere ubwinshi bwamashanyaraze n’inganda n’imigi bikiyongera.
127.Why children of Rwanda over taxed moreover are the poorest in the world ?
-Now days if awoman is pregnant is asked to pay money in order to get immunized at the Hospital = Achild in womb starts paying overtaxes before seeing the earth & world , paying for passport , to get registered at the cell / sector , immunized almost paying for , paying for mutuelle de santé , paying school fees since childish to maturity , to register for marriage , when grows up continue paying all taxes for children and others. Oooooh GOD help Rwandans.
R2UDA Says , shall remove all kinds of taxes from being paid by Rwandan child. You the old ,How much do you pay to mention but afew ?.
127.Nikuki abana bato murwanda babishyuza imisoro itandukanye kandi aribo bantu babakene kwisiya rurema ??
Muribi bihe , umugore iya twite asabwa amafaranga turikubona aramoko y’imisoro kugirango akunde akingirwe mubitaro = umuna atangira kwishura imisoro akiri munda bitazwi ko azabaho cyangwa atazabaho hano kwisi ,agakomeza y’isurira basiporo yokujya hanze kandi arikumwe n’umubyeyiwe ibintibikwiye I Rwanda pee ,arishyura kugirango yandikwe kukagari / kumurenge , inking hafi y’amafaranga ,yishurira mutuelle de santé , akishura minirivare zose kurinda asaza , agatanga amafaranga ajya gushingirwa , iyo anakuze akomeza yishyura ubwoko bw’imisoro y’ishurira abana abyaye hamwe nabandi. Ibinibiki rwose ?? Gihanga ngo 100 ntiyabisize !!!
128.Any Rwandan soldier dies at the battle ,the government and the general at the war must give the recompense to whom the soldier has been related to and great Honor to the late.
128.Kumusirikare wese waramuka aguye kurugamba mubutumwa bwakazi , iyo leta n’umugenerari bakuriye urwo rugamba bagoma gitanga impoza marira kuwobafitanye isano noguha icyubahiro Nyakwigendera.
129.If any thug / thief steals someones property , must repay it times five equivant to the fingers of the hand took it.
129.Umujura naramuka y’ibye ikintu cyundi azajya akishyura ibyikubye gatanu nkinokize zakaboko kabifashe.
130.Rwanda must Return the the King of Rwanda to protect the Law of culture and promote cultural values and Rwandan Economic wide base , peace , and maximum discipline in people.
130.Urwanda rugomba gucura umwami w’U Rwanda a gasigasira umuco n’ indangagacyiro zawo,kwagura ubukungu bw’urwanda , amahoro , n’ikinyabupfura mubana babanyarwanda.
131.RUUDA must return back the remains of king Musinga of Rwanda who died in DRC for betterment cultural and Human value protections humanly not politically.
131. R2UDA Igomba kugarura umubiri w’umwami w’Urwanda musinga waguye muri DRC kubwineza yogusigasira indanga gaciro z’umuco wamuntu mumutima wakimuntu bitari impamvu za politike.
132. R2UDA --Shall make sure that a sense of family setting & creation by unifying & weeding Rwandan’ Young ladies and men to make families and build stable homes for them without wasting their time in life and aging just there more over the vital issue is your/ their concern. R2UDA shall curse / remove so called MISS / Missism in the country Rwanda = MEANING THAT AGIRL IS OLD ENOUGH BUT STILL MISSING THE HUSBAND – This shall / must reduce Manism and Womanism in Rwandan society.
132.R2UDA – Izaharanira gushingira abanyarwanda bose bakabona abagore tukubaka umuryango nyarwanda .R2UDA izaca kugumirwa mugihugu –bizagabanya ubusambanyi mu muryango nyarwanda.
133. We shall promote & progress sect oral trading fair Exhibitions of all kinds of commodities (Goods & Services ) – supplies.
133. Tuzateza imbere tunazamure igisate cy’imurikagurisha ry’ibicuruzwa by’ubwoko bwose n’imirimo izahaboneka.
134. The official policy in R2UDA The young trading investors below 6 , 000 , 000 Frw shall always be independent traders to build their stable economy rushingly.
134.Itegeko Shingiro rya R2UDA rizagenga abashoramari bato babacuruzi barimunsi ya 6 , 000 , 000 Frw bazajya bigenga kugirango biyubake neza mubukungu vubavuba / hutihuti kugirango batange urubuga kubandi bavuka.
135.R2UDA shall flourish all kinds of trading activities in internal state- to all people ; gates are open –for top competitions.
135.R2UDA izateza imbere inihutishe ubwoko bw’ibikorwa byose by’ubucyuruzi imbere mugihugu mubaturage bose ; rero amarembo arakinguye mumarushanwa ahebuje.
136.R2UDA shall progress the public relations office helping in writing stories or advises film companies on the work of the government, companies , schools , Hospitals ,Markets ,transport ,Hospitalization,Hospitality , and so on aiming at increasing their +ve production & Qualitative services’ story for Rwandan Televisions & radios and News papers ( mass media in general ).
136.R2UDA izaharanira guteza imbere imibereho , imibanire n’iterambere mugufasha abandika inkuru / nokugira inama imishinga yose itunganya amafirimu kumirimo ya leta ,n’imishinga minini ,amashure,Ibigo ndera barabuzima , amasoko , gutwara abantu n’ibintu byabo ,kugaragaza umutima mwiza mukwakira abashitsi mugihugu no mumahanga ukaba umuco uturanga , n’ibindi hagamijwe kongerera umusaruro n’ubwiza bwawo kunkuru nyarwanda zatambuka kumaterevisiyo n’amaradiyo ndetse no mubitangaza makuru byandikwa ( N’itangaza makuru muri rusange ).
137.Land lords and money decentralized programme shall increase income in people from combined investments order liness pays for free medical care ,education , & social security. There shall be no taxes upon them , except on items brought into the country.
137.Banyiributaka nabanyiri mafaranga bagaguriza hamwe umugambi umwe wokongerera amafaranga mubantu biturutse murigahunda yogushirahamwe bagateza imbere ahohantu n’Igihugu bagashobora kwishurira abakiri hasi mubukungu mubyo kwivuza,kwiga amashuri,n’umutekano. Ubwo hazabaho gusonera imisoro imwenimwe,cyetse kubintu byinzijwa mugihugu tunishoboreye kwikorera.
138. Promoting and Encouraging pilgrimage to holy kaa’ba as prophet Nabi-Muhammad taught good discipline of Humanity. All of us aiming at togetherness in order to develop and progress our country Rwanda.
138.Kuzamura no Gushishikariza urugendo rutagatifu rwokujya ahera kuri kaa’ba nkuko Uwashinze y’isiramu yaragamije kwigisha ikinyabupfura kiza cyamuntu n’ubumuntu mumuntu.Twese hamwe tugafashanya tugateza imbere igihugu cyacu U Rwanda.
139.R2UDA shall build and establish the National water carriers – a large canal that brings water to low lands across the country to boost fish planting , water transport net working village communications & easy food supplies to towns.
139.R2UDA izaharanira kwubaka nogushinga ibiyaga bitwara amazi murwego rw’igihugu – umuyoboro munini uzajya uzana amazi mubishyaka byose by’uRwanda hose hagamijwe guteza imbere ubworozi bwa
‘amafi , guteza imbere gutwara n’itumanaho ry’ abantu n’ibintu mubyaro no gukwirakwiza bagemura imyaka yeze ihagije mumigi hose.
140.No wonderings and vagabonding because every one shall be busy in business work- force hence changing the bad into good reduction of manization and womanisations in Rwandan culture and discipline.
140.Ntabubuyerezi n’ubuzererezi buzabaho kuko burimuntu wese azaba ahugiye mukazi kumwuga bityo rero duhindura icyari ikibi tukacyigira tugihinduramo ikiza hagamijwe nanone kugabanya ubusambanyi bwabagabo nabagabo mumuco nyarwanda nomukinyabupfura muri rusange.
141.R2UDA shall establish the tractor repair workshop, the chicken farms , animal farms , service firm centers, all to train citizens to become creative & specialists in field to increase top production for domestic & foreign trading.
141. R2UDA izahanga umushinga woguhingisha amamashine ahinga nokuyakanika mugihe yangiritse inahange imishinga y’ubworozi bw’inkoko , amatungo maremare n’amagufi ,biko bikuru byoguhanga imishinga n’imirimo byose bigamije kwigisha nogutoza abaturage kuba bakwihangira imishinga n’imirimo nokuba inzobere kuri tere bakorera bakora ibyo bazineza banashoboye hagamijwe kwongerera umusaruro w’imbere mugihugu n’umusaruro wokujyana mumahanga kuzana amanyamahanga tuzongera kwitwaza tugiye kuhaha ibyo tutaramenya kwikorera by’ubucuruzi.
142.R2UDA shall establish the nursery schools , the day care centers , the gift shops for the greatest satisfaction comes from working hard and working together & building our country hence no time consuming and wastings.
142.R2UDA ryizashinga amashure y’ishuke/ ibiburamwaka ,ibigo byamashure birera impija kumanywa ababyeyi bagiye mukazi , ibigo bitanga impano z’ihambaye kubakozeneza imirimo yabo bashinjwe byaraturutse kugukora cyane naneza nogukorera mumatsinda , banubakira igihugu cyacu bityo rero nyamwanya wogupfusha ubusa.
143.R2UDA shall establish city states in all country-villages for villagers & military camps for soldiers and all educated children to be good soldiers to maintain their National security and the ours the citizens.
143.R2UDA izaharanira gushing a imigi ukagirango n’imirwa mubyaro by’igihugu hose n’ibigobyose byagisirikare n’incyabwenge z’abana bigishijwe kuzaba abasirikare beza bokurinda umutekano w’igihugu cyabo arinacyo cyacu cyabaturage.
144.R2UDA shall encourage the development of professional merchants, artists , philosophers , authors , and scientists to build the national beautiful image , High buildings , good trading Empire in Rwanda and world , readers to be leaders , and giving the style of inspiring people who shall design top buildings , Human cultures , in reading , writing & develop their reasoning capacity to solve and study society problems.
144.R2UDA izashishikariza iterambere ryabacuruzi babikora kimwuga binzobere , abanyabugeni na banyabukorikori , incabwenge , abanditsi hamwe n’abashakashatsi mubwubatsi bwiza butangaje buhesha isuranziza igihugu , kubaza inyubako ndende zitangaje , ihuriro mpuzamahanga ry’ubucuruzi ryokwisiyose rizajya ribera rikanakorera mu Rwanda , abasomyi bibitabo , kuba baba bakavamo abayobozi , nogushiraho inyigo nziza y’imyukakire inubako ndende cyane ntahandi wazisanga usibye mu Rwanda ,umuco wakimuntu , mukusoma , kwandika no guteza imbere ubushobozi mumitekerereze myiza igamije gucyemura no kwiga ibibazo umuryango / igihugu ufite.
145.R2UDA- shall call upon the world Christian monestery religious Empire to be encouraged to set many Christian schools , vaticanism and our father-in- heaven to fight ignorance , illiteracy , poverty and diseases in Rwandan society to build our country into the strongest state of Elites because GOD needs intellectuals to serve Good well maximally.
145.R2UDA –izahamagararira ubuyobozi bw’isi bukuru gushishikazwa to gushinga amashuri menshi y’akaturika kikaba n’igitekerezo n’umugambi wayo kuva karekose kwigisha abakirisitu dawe urimwijuru adufashe muribyose turwanya ubujiji , ubutamenya , ubukene , n’indwara mumuryango Nyarwanda twiyubakira igihugu tugitunganya gikomere cyane kuko aricyincabwenge kandi imana nayo y’ifuza abanyabwenge kugirango bakoreneza bihagije.
146.R2UDA shall establish “ capital Equipment “ shall be used in large construction projects and in industries . Examples – Blast furnaces , bull-dozers , & construction cranes all to uplift the Quickest development of Rwanda hence the world centre attractive state.
146.R2UDA izashinga umushinga mugari w’ibikoresho byakijyambere bigejweho mubwubatsi no munganda n’ubuhinzi utabwirengagije.Ingero twatanga izimena amabuye zigasatura imisozi , ziharura imihanda z’inahinga , imashini z’inyubako ndende , byose hagamijwe kwihutisha iterambere ry’urwanda bityo rero cyikazaba igihugu-huriro – ry’isiyose cyireshya.
147 . ” Family self – sufficient “ R2UDA shall introduce it for taking great care of family own –needs on the manor , most needs are provided for locally.The people seldom trade outside of the manor / hall
147.Kwigiriraneza ukoraneza “ R2UDA izashinga ububuryo bwokwigiriraneza ukoraneza mukwiyitaho kubyo umuryango nyarwanda rucyeneye mungo mubuzima bwaburimunsi.Abantu baratinda rero bakarengaho bagakora bitajyanye n’ibigamijwe.
148.R2UDA shall do several things : To train young people in the skills of the trade. To set standards of acceptable work , To guarantee that all society members egs – silver smiths , gold smiths , copper smiths , tea – planters and pickers , food growers & processors will gradually develop into large groups of skilled workers and job creaters to speed up National GDP & welfare of the citizens.
149.R2UDA izaharanira kukora byinshi : Gutoza urubyiruko rwose umuga n’ubuhanga mugucuruza , Gushiraho gahunda zakazikeza kanoze kagomba kugenderaho mukwitakubakiriya ,Kwemerera abacuzi abanyabugeni n’abanyabukorikori mumuryango gukoraneza , abahinzi byicyayi nabagisoroma , abahinzi bimyak n’ababitunganya bikazamura byubaka amatsinda y’impugucye mukazi zikanahanga akazi zikihutisha ubukungu bw’igihugu n’imibereho myiza y’abaturage.
150.R2UDA must provide General Education where you study Literature ,History , Geography , & Science and Technology or training for a specific job – to make citizens become able –bodied capa citable persons to set new firms , farms , factories , industries and intellectuals at large aiming at producing tangible & intangible production for both domestic & foreign multiple purpose training investments and Bankings.
150.R2UDA igomba kuzatanga ubumenyirusange mubanyarwanda bose n’aturarwanda biga indimi , Amateka , amasomo y’umuntu n’ibimukikije , ubumenyi n’ikorana buhanga cyangwase gutoza burimuntu umwugawe runaka kugirngo abaturage bashobore kugira ubumenyi n’ubushobozi muribyose byoguhanga akazi kimishinga iciriritse , gushing inganda zicirritse n’izikomeye izincabwenge murirusange zizaba zigamije gutunganya ibicurujwa bifatika n’imirimo bijyananye mukwihaza nogusaguriza amasoko no gutoza gushora imari nomumahanga nokubitsa ugirango twaguri amasoko munzamahanga.
151.There shall be set the law protecting the strongest / energetic persons and however the law of weak people never to overtake the advantage of another before the Law. None shan’t be violated his / her Human rights in Rwanda .There should be no regardless reasons to any one.
151.Hagomba kubaho itegeko ryihariye rirengera rikumira kurenganya abakomeye cyangwase abanyantegenke. Ntamuntu uwariwe wese wakwitwaza akarengera akarenganya mugenziwe yitwaje impamvu zebwite.
152. R2UDA must set the Law preventing any Doctor / Mrdical assistant to give and release anyhow any medicine to any mature Girls and women without further Internal Examinations to avoid any abortion to un expected pregnant one.Thank you.Otherwise doctor must be punished by the Law.
152.ISHYAKA R2UDA rigomba gusinga amategeko akumira umuganga uwariwewese gitanga cyangwa kurekura umuti kukwabonyekose kunkumi n’Abagore batabanje gusuzumwa kobatwite ibinukugirango twirinde kukuramo inda zabakobwa n’Abagore batwite. “ kwirinda biruta kwivuza “ Murakoze .Naho ubundi umuganga uzabirengaho akazivanamo azahanwa n’itegeko.
153.To any body who shall cause by any cirmstances someone to lose any part of his /her body in Rwanda , shall immediately take full responsinbility of catering and caring for all his or her remaining part of life. R2UDA shall harmer this point to be the National Law.
153.Kumuntu uwariwewese uzateza ibyago undimuntu muburyo bwamuviramo gutakaza / kumugara byaburundi agomba kumwitaho mubuzimabwe bwababusigaye kwisi ntakumuhutaza.R2UDA izashimangira iyingingo kuzaba itegeko mumategeko y’u Rwanda.Kuko benshi babikomerekeramo ntigayire kuzita
154.To any witch-doctor /and any one poisoning aperson must be ordered to heal him /her if not must have full responsibility to heal and cure him / her by Traditional mechanism used or other wise.
154.Kumurozi wese n’umuntu waramuka arose cyangwa ahumanyije umuntu/abantu agomba / anafite inshingano zogucyiza uwowarozwe yakoresha gakondo yakoresheje / cyangwase ukundiyabigenjeje akamukiza.
155. We must bring double buses High for Human Transportaion in Kigali Capital city all is to the lowest transport cost possible and else where in all Rwandan Province to easen means of transport for Rwandans.
155.Tugomba kuzana amabisi atwara abagenzi hasi no hejuru mumurwa wa Kigali kugiciro gitocyane gishoboka n’ukugirngo Abanyarwanda boroherezwe no muntara zose z’igihugu cyacu cy’U Rwanda.
156.R2UDA shall take great care in delivering different services to customers here in Rwanda and abroad wherever the Rwandan is : Customer care , customer service , customer retention , customer loyalty , customer expectation , customer satisfaction. This is Barafindarisation and great R2UDA plan.
156.R2UDA izita cyane mumitangire yazaserivisi muburyo bwihuse butangaje b’unahebuje ingero : Gutanga neza serivisi kuyikeneye,Gufataneza abakugana ,Kwakiraneza ugucyeneyeho ikintu ,kwiserana hagati y’utanga n’ukeneye servisi , Gukora ibyo umukiririya agusabye, Gushimisha unoza serivisi kuwo wakiriye. Ububuryo n’ibwo bwitwa Barafindarisation gukoraneza w’igendere ineza uzayisanga imbere akaba arinawo Mugambi wakataraboneka wa R2UDA ibafitiye mwiza.
157.Under the R2UDA leadership , there shall not be any meaningful Discussion at work “ first come first serve” Talkings shall always be after the work completion. Ok !
157.Igihe cyose mubuyobozi bwa R2UDA ntamukozi uzaba yemerewe kwiganirira bitarukwakira abakiriya kuko bituma hakirwabacye kandi naserivisi zakanatangwa nanabi bityo rero “uwajembere niwe unakirwambe” kuganira bizajya bibera hatarikukazi . Murakoze.
158. R2UDA shall always work and forward DIPLOMACY so that All Rwandans shall be trained diplomatically in so doing , Rwandan shall always be the first globally.
158.R2UDA izahora ibyiteka mubuzima bwaburimunsi ikorera gushira imbere gukorana Ubuhanga kugirango Abanyarwanda bose batozwe banigishwe kimwuga muburyo budasanzwe bamenyereye kugirango umunyarwanda azahige abaturiyisi yose.
159. The purposes of the R2UDA are to uproot and stamp out ignorance , Illitracy , poverty in our Heads and then thinking soberly, and out of our pockets ,fighting Nepotism,Bribation,Corruption ,then promote our money Value by increasing primary,secondary & tertiary production for large exportations - so that improving our abilities in Bringing new style of quickening Democracy and Good working Governance and modern analysis to solve the problems of the people getting appropriate solution on time never too late in the whole Rwanda.
159.Intego za R2UDA n’ukurandurana n’imizi tugakuramo ubujiji ,ubutamenya mubantu ,ubukene bwomumutwe bityo rero abanyarwanda bagatekereza neza cyane kurushirizaho , hanyuma tukarwanda n’ubwo mumufuka , maze tukarwanya cyenewacyu mubanyarwanda na cyandakuzi ,Ruswa , Uburiganya ,bityo rero tukizamurira agaciro kamafaranga yacu mugihugu maze akanubahwa nomumahanga twongerera umusaruro mubikorwa byibanze nkubuhinzi ,ubucukuzi bwamabuye yagaciro n’ibindi byinshi ,tugateza imbere n’ibyatunganyizwe munganda utirengagije imirimo yagiye ikorwa hagataho gugirango habi hitezwe umusaruro mwinsi namwiza bityo rero bukaba aruburyo bushya n’ubushobozi bwakwihutisha Demokarase n’imikorere myiza inoze nokumenya dushishoja mugucyemura ibibazo byabaturarwanda kugirango tubone ibisubizo bikwiye kugihe bitagira uwo bicyerereza mu Rwanda akaba yasigara inyuma mwiterambere rya R2UDA na Demokarasi yayo yihuse.
160. -By the Application of Communication technical know how , Negotiation technicalities and Mediation technique shall always solve the National leadership grief and any raised problems hence Dialogue & consensus.
160.-Mugushira mubikorwa uko umuntu yabigenza ,dukoresha imishikirano , dukoresha uburyo bwo kubahuza ububuryo iteka buzadufasha mugucyemura ibibazo byababivutse mubuyobozi dukoresheje ibiganiro n’ubwumvikane mumahoro bityo rero tukabadukumiriye intambara zashaka kuvuka.
161. R2UDA shall put the Law of “ social services “ are programs that serve the people in health , Education , Un employments , care of people who can’t work , promote school enrollment and must be the Highest in Rwanda
161. R2UDA Izashinga itegeko ry’imibereho y’Abaturage . Kuzaha abaturage imirimo n’ubuvuzi bunoze , uburezi n’uburere mubanyarwanda , kuzarwanya ubushomeri murigahunda zasobanuwe hejuru , gushiraho gahunda yokwita kubatishoboye batakinashoboye gukora , kwandika abanyeshuri benshi mwabanza ,ayisumbuye , nazakaminuza , kandi bunoburyo bugoma kuba kuzamuka bugatezwa imbere cyane.
162. we the R2UDA must have active parliament if is the Law making body and the member of parliament ( the M.P ) Is of the citizens and from the citizens work for citizens not for one man and the speaker of the Nationals leading to the growth of Nationalism hence stability of the counrty.
162. Twe aba R2UDA tugomba kugira inteko nshinga mategeko ikora cyane kurusha uko ihembwa n’iba arinshinga mategeko koko ikindi umushinga mateka y’amategeko n’uwabaturage ukorera abaturage adakorera umuntu umwe kandi avugira abaturage bityo rero bigateza imbere gukunda igihugu nokugisigasira kigatera imbere.
163. R2UDA has to put the Law of A wage ceiling is a rule that limits how high wages can go here we must aim at raising the wages of low income earners rather than Higher income earners to raise wellbeing of citizens so that can also feel how well Jusus / Muhammad does.
163.R2UDA ifite gushiraho umurongo ntarengwa wokuzamura umushahara w’abakozi ntarengwa kwirinda ubusumbane mubukungu.Kuzamura umuntu muntera bizajya biterwa nakazi gakomeye kandi kanavunaye akora bityo rero hagamijwe kongera abakorera umushara muto / uwohasi kugirango nawe azamuke y’umve ukoyesu / Muhammad agiraneza turwanya ubusumbane.
164. R2UDA Can fight inflation to occur when prices rise faster than wages therefore all people in Rwanda must participate in all kinds of Economic activities regardless of collar job or not so long as to stages of Economic Development of each person and hence the National Business.
164.R2UDA ishobora kurwanya itakazagaciro kamafaranga n’igabanyuka ry’umusaruro tukazamura agaciro kifaranga ryacu kubera bose bitabiriye umurimo wose ugamije kuzamura ubukungu bw’igihugu hatitaweho kubwoko bwakazi n’ugakora dupfakuba turimwibaturabukungu bw’igihugu hagamilwe kwihutisha iterambere ry’abaturage kuko ubuyobozi bubafitiye umwenda ntibwigeze buhigura.
165.R2UDA shall introduce Industrial revolution which must be the changing from Farming to factories.
To give product value and guarantee best for human consumption and to capture international trading markets where we aim at falling demands of people by excess supplies to reduce prices by over production.
165.R2UDA izazatangiza impindura matwara n’imikorere by’inganda mu Rwanda hangomba guhindura ubuhinzi bworozi byose bikongererwa agaciro kubera gutunganywa munganda hakongerwaho inyongera gaciro N’UBURAMBE bwibyakoze bikorewe gukoreshwa bikaba byanifatira amasoko mpuzamahanga ikigamijwe guhaza isoko mubyo abantu bakeneye bikazanaterwa n’ubwiyongere bwumusaruro bityo rero hakazagabanyuka ibiciro abakene bagashobora kwihahira nabobakabaho kubera umusaruro uhagije . Tuzabitunganya munganda duhunike bizatugoboke muminsi irimbere.
166. R2UDA izateza imbere amazu mbera muco nambera byose aho abakuru bazajya kuganira nokwiga ukuntu bazamura bagateza imbere umuco wu Rwanda kugirango uzanazungurwe nabakiribato,bahure basangire basabane bakina imikino yoguhamya kuntego,bakaganira ukuntu hazmurwa ubukungu , uko hakwigwa amateka,ibidukikije,n’amakuru y’ibyaro.
167.R2UDA igomba kwifashisha ubukungu mukwiga ukuntu ibicuruzwa n’akazi byakorwa bikanakwirakwizwa kumasoko mugihugu hose hongererwa ibyokurya n’undimusaruro w’ibifatika .
168. Crippled / lame must be served first before the line for speciality due to the explained cause above. Building houses putting in considerations where they have to pass prioritly.
169. Abagendana n’umuga bwaburundu bagomba kwitabwaho ubwumwihariko .Bakajya bitabwaho kubwumwihariko kurushirizaho mbere yabandibose kubera impamvuyavuzwe.Amazu y’ubakwa bagomba kwita mbere nambere aho bagomba kunura ntankomi biboroheye.
170. It shall be illegal to kill a person , aborting without doctor’s certificate , cutting some one , Hurting and wounding , beatings and hittings , poisoning , witch crafting and night dancing and rappings. All are bad cultures.
170.Bizaba bibujijwe kinazira kikaziririza kwica umuntu, gukuramo inda ntacyemezo cyamuganga ,gutema umuntu ,gukomeretsa nokurema umuntu urugomo , gukubita no gukomeretsa , guhumanya umuntu , kuroga umuntu nabacuraguzi n’abafatakungufu abakobwa / abahungu. Byose n’ibyaha by’umuco mubi.
171. Lending / crediting some one money and refusing to pay it back must be it in double payments.R2UDA ‘s Law .
171.Umuntu Ugurijwe amafaranga n’undi akanga kuyamwishura azajya ayamwishura aruko ayakubye kabiri ( 2). R2UDA’s Law.
172. EMBEZZLEMENT LAW ; If some one shall be caught stealing by embezzling Government money but be punished by returing back by doubling it , Addition to that Application of Law.
172.ITEGEKO RIHANA INYEREJWA RYAMAFANANGA YA LETA ; Umuntu akazaramuka afashwe y’ibye / anyereza amafaranga ya Leta ayikoramo agomba kubihanirwa n’igihano cyokuyagaruza ayakubye kabiri , kubindi hagakurikijwa itegeko.
173. Pick some’s thing give it back to the regular owner .If some one picks some one’s lost document , money and any property , must return it to the owner in failure to do it must be regarded as the thug and must be asked to double it / its doubled value.
173.Umuntu naramuka atoraguye ikintu cy’umuntu ajye amushaka akimusubize.Naramuka agitoraguye cyatakaye n’ukuvuga dosiye / icyangombwa ,amafaranga n’kindi kintu cyose , ugomba kugisubiza ny’iracyo utazabikora akazajya afatwa nkigisambo bityo rero asabwa kwisurabibiri byacyo / agaciro kikubye kabiri ( 2 ).
174.R2UDA – must form The DIRECTORATE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in rwanda accesses, collects, and exploits information to facilitate the execution of the R2UDA ’s mission by applying innovative, scientific, engineering, and technical solutions to the most critical intelligence problems to achief real and good goals.
174.R2UDA –Igomba gushing a urwego rukuru rwigihugu rwatuma hakoreshwa,hakegeranywa hakanifashishwa amakuru mugushiramubikorwa imigabo n’imigambi yintego za R2UDA zo guhanga udushya , gukora ubushakashatsi muribyose , mubuhanga bwogutunganya ibintu byose , n’ibisubizo b’ubuhanga ahabonetse kugirango hagerweho y’amigabo n’imigambi yateganyijwe.
175. Responsibilities of R2UDA shall always be: Mobilizing funds and resources in and out of the Country to sponsor all the Organizations’ activities. Building strategic partnerships with different Organizations, in Public and Private Sector. Mobilizing and Bringing together People who have the Burden of helping other people in need and making sure that we are doing these actions on a monthly basis and yearly.Coordinating all the departments and Activities of the Organization.
175.Inshingano za R2UDA n’ukuzahora : yegeranya inkunga n’imitungo y’injiye mugihugu n’iturutse mubaterankunga bo mumahanga mugutera inkunga ibikorwa byose by’imishinga imbere mugihugu.
Gushinga ingamba z’ubufatanye n’iminshinga itandukanye ,n’abafatanya bikorwa mumishinga y’igihugu , n’igisate cyabikorera.Kwegeranya nogushirahamwe abantu bafite umutwaro wogufashanya mubyo abantu bakeneye nogukora ibishoboka byose ibibikorwaburikwezi na burimwaka.
Izahuza huza ibikorwa byose mubisatebyose n’ibikorwabyose byumusinga mugari by’igihugu.
176.The president of the Republic of Rwanda must be elected for only four (4) good years.Never re-election due to multiple once elected 20 presidential candidates each for one presidential term equivalent to 4x20 = 80 years without any National elections only for Economic boom and developments.
176.Perezida wa Repubulika azajya atorerwa manda imwi y’imyaka ine gusa.Ntanarimwe umunyarwanda uteze kuzemererwa kwiyongeza manda y’ubutegetsi akaramuka abikoze abashaka kwicyisha abanyarwanda n’Abarugana.Bityo rero burimuperezida azajya ategeka ine gusa nabandi bagakurikiraho kuko bizaba imyaka 4 x nabantu 20 bazaba baratorewe rime kugirngo ingingo y’imari igasigasirwa n’inako kamaro kokwiga.Imyaka 80 izaba ariyiterambere n’amajyambere birambe.
177.All the ex-presidents in Rwanda must be made the senater so long as comply with the Law not exceeding also one term of being active senator .And must go to create other boming projects to benefit citizens.
177.Abaperezida bose bacyuye igihe bagomba kuba abasenateri bapfakubagusa bitwayeneza bubahirije itegeko ryokutarenza manda imwe yatorewe.Agahita ajya guhanga indi mirimo yagirira abanyarwanda akamaro.
178.R2UDA – SHALL PROMOTE MINING INDUSTRY TO ADVANCE & PROVIDE EMPLOYMNT OPPORTUNITY to Rwandans around there first then and others from far.
178.R2UDA- igomba kuzamura inganda zubucukuzi bwamabuye yagaciro zigatezwa imbere no gutanga imirimo kubanyarwand bahaturiye mbere nambere nyuma bikagera nokubakure.
179.Ubucukuzi bubyazwa amafaranga buzazana iterambere ryibikorwaremezo nti mihandi y’ibinyabiziga n’azagari yamwoshi.
180.WE SHALL GET A LOT OF FOREIGHN EXCHANGE WHEN MINERALS ARE EXPORTED for dollars to import non manufacturable ones in Rwanda.
180.Tuzabona amanyamahanga menshi mugihe amabuye yagaciro azagebayagemuwe kumasoko mpuzamahanga bityo rero bizatuma u Rwanda rushobora kuzitumiriza ibyo rutaratangira kwikorera.
181.Hazatezwa imbere ubutezi bwamashamba ,nokongera kuyatera aho yagiye ashyiar haba ubutayu ,kuko bitanga amahirwe yakazi kabenshi ubwo ero tuzaba dusigasiye ibihaha byacu bityo rero tukagira amagara mazima azira umuze.
182.Nisoko ryamavamahanga aho imbaho n’ibizikomokaho byoherezwa mumahanga kubona amanyamahanga yashigikira BNR YACU.
183.Guteza imbere ubuhinzi bw’imyaka n’ibibikomokaho bikaba byagemurwa kumasoko yegereye imijyi kuko ariho amasoko aboneka kugirango igihingwa giteze imbere abahinzi ubwo ntahandi nimu Rwanda.
184.Historical back ground .many people carry out certain Agricultural activities of their ANCESTORS R2UDA SHALL PROMOTE them to mechanizations.
184.Hashingiwe kumateka . abantu benshi bakora akazi kubuhinzi n’ubworozi nkuko abakurambere babo babigenzaga R2UDA ije kubuzamura inabazamure hatangire gukoreshwa imashini zihinga,kibagara,zisarura mbese zabigenewe.
185.We shall support plantation farming one big part to replace subsistence cultivation for commercial purposes , monoculture crop , very many people will be employed, will lead to constant supply of the produce , social services to the workers , markets to the out-growers .However side cultivation shall be highly supported to avoid famine due to neglect of its practice.
185.Tuzateza imbere ubuhizi bwimirima minini cyane kugirango bibe byasimbura ubuhinzi budatanga umusaruro uhagije namwiza ngo ibe yagemurwa kumasoko aricyo kigamije,ubuhinzi bwigihingwa kimwe bukitabwaho buzazamurwa uko bikwiye ,abantu benshi bazahabwa akazi , bizatuma n’ibiryo bihoraho ibiciro bihendukire bose kubera umusaruro uhagije , imirimo rusange izahabensi akazi bakirigite ifaranga , hazaboneka n’amasoko yabahinga igihingwa kimwe gisa nabahinzi mashamba icyo gihingwa bagafashanya bakiteza imbere kubere gushigikirwa muricyo gikorwa , Naho kurundi ruhande ubuhinzi buzashigikirwa hirindwe inzara kubera gukoresha buno buryo bushya R2UDA izanye.
186.R2UDA shall encourage construction and rehabilitation of all roads to improve on transportation & communication.
186.R2UD izashishikariza ubwubatsi n;imisanire y’imihanda aho itari ihashingwe aho iri isanurwe kagamijwe guteza imbere ubutwazi bwabantu n’ibyabo nitumanaho rirambe.
187.Increasing power supply by importation and creation of generators / power and rehabilitation of power plants.
187.Kwongerera ingufu zamashanyarazi tuzitumya mumahanga nokwihangira izacu dusana ingana zingufu.
188.Increasing export promotion & that is encouraging production of goods and services for export.
188.Kongerera imari zokuemura mumahanga ibyo ubwayo bishishikariza umusaruro kuzamuka hagasaguka ibyagemurwa kumasoko mpuza mahanga u Rwanda rukaba ruteye imbere.
189.Embarking on Economic integration so as to widen to international joining of NEPAD , COMESA etc.
189.Twibanze kubuhahirane bwibihugu kugirango hagurwe ubufatanye bwamasoko mpuzamahanga mumihahirane nka za NEPAD naza COMESA tuzabyungukiramo btyo rero tuzaba natwe twaguye amasoko magari.
190.ANY Leader and leadership must respect the Law of God like king DAVID not like king solemn and saul who over built confidence .
190.Umuyobozi uwariwewese agomba kubaha nokubahiriza itegeko ry’imana nkuko umwami David yabigenjeje binyuranye nabagenzibe uko bitwaye bitwaye nabi birakaza imana ibateza ibyago , bityo reo twige kwigana ingero nziza nkizumwami wamahoro DAVID wagororewe n’imana kuko yamwizeye nawe ntiyatatira igihango cy’uwiteka.
191. R2UDA’s
Overview/ General idea / summary /outlines
R2UDA shall be Guided by the belief that all lives have equal value, the members , non members and BARAFINDA The Founder pride ourselves in being ‘impatient optimists' whose purpose is to work to reduce inequity in Rwandan society.
191.R2UDA izagendera mukwizerako abantu bose bafite agaciro kangana,abanyamuryango na abataribo na BARAFINDA uwashinze irishingiro rya R2UDA ishema ryacu mu kuba tugamije kureba kure tugabanya ubusumbane butandukanye mumuryango Nyarwanda.
192.R2UDA’s vision is to ensure the RWANDA where every person shall have the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. We have four missions to:
192.Icyerekezo cya R2UDA n’ugukora ibishoboka byose u RWANDA aho burimuntu azaba afite amahirwe yokubaho mubuzima bwiza buzira umuze;ubuzima bwicyerekezo ngirakamaro , Dufite ingingo zicyerekezo cyacu 4 zibara :

193, R2UDA shall Ensure more children and young people survive and thrive academically, security wise , life span to be increased for Rwandans;
193. R2UDA izita kubana bato nabakuze kubaho no kumererwaneza mubijyanye nogukarishya ubwinge / kwiga amashuri menshi atandukanye bityo rero bazagira ubumenyi buhagije,n’ibigendanye n’umutekano , Uburambe bwumunyarwanda buziyongera ugereranyije n’ubu.
194, R2UDA shall Empower the poorest to curb down iflation and, especially women and girls, to transform their lives;
194. R2UDA izongerera Abakene ubushobozi bwoguhashya itakazagaciro kamafaranga n’izamukakwibiciro mu Rwanda ukobwije n’ukobucyeye , cyane mubagore n’Abakobwa duharanira guhindura tuzamura imibereho yabo mugihugu cyose.

195.R2UDA shall Combat infectious diseases that particularly affect the poorest; and
195. R2UDA izagangana irwanya ubwandu bw’indwara zitandukanye cyane cyane kubwumwihariko izibasira abacyene ;
196.R2UDA shall Inspire people to take action to change the our Mother country and entire world Economically and security wise.
196.R2UDA izaha abantu icyerekezo cyigitekerezo cyogufata icyemezo cyogushira mubikorwa imbinduka nziza zigamije guhindura igihugu cyacu n’isi duturiye mubukungu n’umutekano byabantu munyurabwenge resesuye.
197.THE R2UDA major Key point Is to enabling these missions and are our commitment to science and innovation, collaboration and partnership, measurement and rigor/rigidity, as well as optimism and risk taking. Based in R2UDA’s , the foundation shall have a country wise / worldwide staff of Rwandan people and shall be led by R2UDA poverty,ignorance,illiteracy and disease commite fighter and co-chair expert , under the direction of R2UDA PRESIDENT and R2UDA ACTIVE members and R2UDA well-wishers . We shall have offices in the RWANDA, EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY, AFRICA, USA and EUROPE.
197.Ingingo nyamukuru z’ISHYAKA R2UDA n’ugushira intego zicyerekezo zacu zishingiye kubwitange nokwiyemeza gutekereza ubumenye noguhanga udushya,ubufatanye n’imikoranire muribyose,n’ibipimo byahashya ibibi , tukarebekure tukaniyemeza gushora nogukora imirimo ntabwoba ,dushingiye kungambaza R2UDA , irishyingiro foundation ryigihugucyose nokwisiyose tuzagira abakozi dukorana hose baba Nyarwanda ibibyose bizaba biyobowe binategurwa n’ishyaka R2UDA mukurwanya ubukene,ubujiji,ubutamenya,n’indwara zinyuranye dushinga amatsinda yokubirwanya tukazanashiraho inzobere zibizi neza zigazana ibisubizo gusa aho guteza ibibazo ngo nigerageza , mubuyobozi bwa R2UDA buyobowe na PEREZIDA waryo n’abanyamuryango baryo bakoracyane n’inshuti zaryo ibyobibazo byose bazbikemura muminsi mikecyane kuko arinzobere.Tuzagira ibiro ahantu hatandukanye muburayi, muri Leta zunze ubumwe bw’America Africa yose,muri East African Community n’u Rwanda kubwumwihariko.

198. R2UDA shall remove all the internal customs / borders where by foreign commudities are multiple taxed for no wise-sounding cause as to why this has led to the internal inflation in Rwanda which isn’t necessarily to work in this LDC country of 1000 hills the country of intellectuals.It leads to the lowest GDP because of few Taxable capacited persons and majority feel it and finally die natural death inclusive their families hence big implications.
198. R2UDA izakuraho imipaka iri imbere mugihugu aho ibicuruzwa byose bivamumahanga bisoreshwa inshuro myinshi cyane ikabije kumpamvu zitazwi zitanasobanutse nkabantu babahanga bakunda igihugu bize basobanutse ntitwakabigenjeje dutyo kuko bihenda abaturarwanda bacu, bigateza ubukene kubera ibiciro bihanitse biterwa nisoreswa ryubwoko bunyuranye butaringombwa gukoresha mubuhugu byasigaye inyumayamajyambere kandi tuzineza icyakorwa kugirango ibitubihinduke bibe byiza cyane mu Rwimisozi 1000 cyincabwenge.Ntampamvu yogusoreswakenshi bituma ibishoro byabantu bishira umuntu agakena bityo rero bigasoza na GDP igihugu ibanto idahagije.
199. The R2UDA shall set Economic Development Quickness and Surveillance team shall be looking for a Senior Program Manager to support the implementation of the Economic Development (particular focus on rural to Urban change) and Surveillance initiatives.
199.Ishyaka R2UDA riza shiraho gahunda y’ihutisha ubukungu mwiterambere hashingwa itsinda rishinzwe gushimangira n’ikurikiranwaryayo rishakisha rinagamije inzobere yurwego ruhanitse mugushiramubikorwa ibyububukungu n’iterambera kubwumwihariko guhindura ibyarobyose bigahindurwa imijyi ikomeye y’iterambere n’ishirwamubikorwabyaro muburyo bukwiye.
200. The R2UDA as the best political party drives the development and institutionalization of advanced program management tools, techniques and best practices that mature the program management capabilities of the organized party.
200.Ishyaka The R2UDA nkishyaka ryiza cyane ryerecyeza mwiterambere n’ishimangirwaryaryo mu Rwanda byihutisha gahunda zuburyo , ubuhanga bikorwamo,nuburyo bwiza bwakataraboneka bwoguteza imbere nokwihutisha amajyambere n’ubushobozi bwishyaka The R2UDA nkuko byizwe.

200 .a) The R2UDA shall Lead and ensure successful project management for complex initiatives
Work closely with senior scientific staff and is responsible for end to end project success: from scoping, developing workplan, successful implementation, change management and performance measurement.
b) Ishyaka R2UDA rizayobora rinakore ibishoboka byose mukugera kuntego yigitakerezo shingiro kimishinga migari ikorana hafinahafi y’uzuzanya hamwe nababakozi inzobere bazabababishinzwe mukubisoza nokubishira mubikorwa kukobyakabaye,imigambi shingiro ngenderwaho,ishirwamubikorwa ryiza ryiyomishinga,gahunda yoguhindagura abuyobozi budakoraneza nagahunda yogusuzuma ibyagezweho byiza n’ibibi batatumwe n’ishyaka The R2UDA.
c) Keeps team focused on top priorities and ensures that the right discussions are happening with the team and with external partners
c)Guhoza ijisho ryitsinda kubyihutirwa kurusha ibindi byose nogukora ibishoboka byose ibiganiro byubaka bikaba bigakorwa n’iryo tsinda ryimpuguke zomugihugu nabafatanya bikorwa bamahanga.
d)The R2UDA experience with increasing levels of complexity managing both projects and programs:
Dushingiye kubunararibonye bwa R2UDA ifite bitewe n’ukogahunda n’uburyobwazo mumishinga migari n’uko zikorwa byatunganyijwe tuzihutisha iterambere ry’u Rwanda murizinzira zikurikiraho:

• Results driven; roll-up-your-sleeves attitude to boost daily incomes.
Bizava myumvire yogukura amaboko mumifuka twese tugakora cyane 24/7 kuko ntanimisoro kubatangizi bityo rero bose tubashaka mukazi uko mushoboye mwifite ahobigenda kand bikwiye.

• Ability to deal with ambiguity to speed up Economic Development and becomeQuick business doings in Rwanda.
The R2UDA ifite ubushobozi bwokurwanya byimazeyo igihu benshibafite cyabahumye amaso dushaka buryi munyarwanda acane kumaso afunguke mumutwe twihutishe iterambere.

• Coaching people and become ellites to make state development of Rwanda.
Guhora dutoza impuguke zokwihutishya iterambere ry’igihugu.

• Cultural and political sensitivity
Guteza imbere umuco mumyumvire n’imiyoborere ya kimuntu.
• Data gathering
Gahunda yokwegeranya amakuru ahagije kwiterambere kuribose.
• Facilitation/Presentation skills of how the action plan is and show those who still don’t know how and get to know.
Gahunda zafasha mubuhanga bwokubikora / zerekana uburyo bikorwamo kugirango abatabizi nabo babimenye

• Leadership of Humanism opposite to the rest of the resources.
Imiyoborere myiza ikwiye kuyobora abantu bitandukanye n’ibindi byose mubumuntu.

• Performance measurement in the every one’s role in all activities .
Gusuzuma kwibyagezweho mumikorere yaburimuntu wese ahava akagera.

• Problem solving and counry – wide in directives of the National Development.
Gahunda y’imikemure y’ibibazo byigihugu na burirwego mwiterambere ryabanyarwanda.

• Project development and management in promoting the citizen wellbeings.
Gahunda y’imishinga y’iterambere n’imiyoborere yaryo hagamijwe guteza imbere imiberehoyabantu.

• Resource management and Quick Development for all
Gahunda y’icungamitungo n’iterambere kuribose.

• Risk management and mitigation of National resources in National boundaries its dev’t.
Gahunda y’icungamutungo n’imyimukire y’imitungo n’ingorane zabyo mwiterambere ry’igihugu.

• Stakeholder management must always focus on the Quickest Development country wide.
Abanyamuryango n’icungwa mitungo yabo mwiterambere ry’ihuse mugihugu cyose.



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