Anyone wanna rp

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Its a Yandere rp, you are a male, just take out the vampire stuff and you can go with the story line
(This is a male Yandere Vampire roleplay, you don't have to simulate the story of Yandere, you can just kill people getting in your way of your Senpai (Lover) me, but have to make sure no body finds out that you killed someone, there are no rules just have fun)

Heh, I was that new kid on the block....that new girl. I was very shy and my height was 5'1, I was walking to school, thinking to myself that everything is going to be fine not knowing what school I was about to go into...what type? "I hope its a good school" I say to myself as I walk through the doors

You were standing there, a male wearing a black suit...but I didn't know you were deadly to me. I had the locker beside you, I was new and was looking down, avoiding peoples eyes, I was putting my books in my locker when you shut your locker door and say....

((P.S I look like the second Anime girl but without the knife and the normal (human) girls clothes is what im wearing since I don't have the school uniform. And your the guys)
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