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Is it possible to change the color of some icons? I use Dash to Panel and Adapta and some of the icons need to be whit in order to make it fit. #Rainier

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Still loving the Rainier-Icons. But i changed for a Chrome-OS like bottom-panel layout.

site para download de TrentaOS ?

Yo, any news about when a new version will be released? :) I had older versions and I LOVED Trenta OS so much. I losed the ISO's and I really want Trenta OS back. Windows is fine but still....

Is Transmission going to be included in the new version because I like to BitTorrent a lot? is showing a 404 Not Found

What is the release date of Trenta OS Alpha 4?

Is there a schedule for the Trenta OS iso release?

I need help i cant find any download button on the trenta os page

Taking icon requests for Rainier UI for the next couple of hours.
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