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20th august, 2016
We have discussed to meet behind our sacred temple. But something went wrong in our discussion and we both waited for each other at different places. A was waiting for her an hour. While I was waiting in that lonely place, I saw a boy sitting with his legs down in the water with a sad and depressed look. I felt pity and was feeling an urge to ask him what the matter was. But then I decided not to interfere in others life and to mind my own business. I called Puja. But she was not taking her calls nor was she replying back to my messages. Suddenly I remembered that she won’t bring her phone and she is coming to meet me telling lie at home. So I stopped calling her and tried to look if she was coming or not.
But no matter how much I try to divert my mind. My eyes went back to the same guy sitting lonely. I felt his watery eyes were trying to say many things but was full of hesitation. I wandered what the matter might be with a young tenant.

We all have dreams. A dream for our life, a dream for our family and a dream for our dear ones. But every dream has a cost. Besides some incidents change your dreams no matter how hard you try to make the bubbles of your dream safe. It wills burst leaving nothing in your hand.
I was waiting for this moment from the last seven months to meet my besty Puja. We were from the same school and same class. Once we were in a relationship too. It was just an infatuation. She is my closest friend who is very special in my life. Yes it is something that cannot explain. A relationship that has no name. We are neither lovers nor friendship. We are something else.
Without taking much time I will go through my track.

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