Hey the 6th and 7th grade dance is happening at Phoenix Academy on Friday, April 28th, 2017. This is from 6-7 pm! They are only $10!!! ONLY CASH!! Last day of for ticket sale are April 28th at 3:30pm!!!

What it includes:
2 Slices of Pizza (Might Get Extra)
Photo Booth (1 Picture Per Person Only But You Can Buy Extra)

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MY LIFE!!!!!!
"I can't talk, Obi-Wan wire tapped my phone"

Who on here is mad at Phoenix because they are getting rid of the 9th grade and not adding a year?

Hey is anyone still posting on this communnitie or not because if anyone isn't then I'm going to take it down.

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If you are in middle school what book are you doing for summer reading???

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Check out ELA project!!

Who's excited about the new middle and high school building? I know I am! I'm going into 6th grade, any teachers to look out for?!?!?

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