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Preferred name:




Powers: (Like, Elements or Energy and shit. But will be nerfed if too overpowered. But won't be nerfed outside of Spell Card fights. This is optional to create a spell card out of this.)

Weapons: (Will be nerfed for the Spell Card System if it's too overpowered. But it won't be nerfed outside of Spell Cards fights. This is optional to create a spell card out of this.)

Abilities: (LIMITED TO 2 ABILITIES. Will be nerfed for the Spell Card System if it's too overpowered. However, they won't be changed outside of Spell Card fights. This is optional to create a spell card out of this.)







(Now here's the fun part about this system. You can create you own spell cards with any name you want. But the name of the spell card must be referenced or have direct words of the said Spell Card's use. [Example: Speed Sign "Unwithering Stamina", Blade of the Night "Cresent Slash", Destruction Sign "I have become Death Itself"]. Now of course, do not make them overpowered in fights. If i caught wind that one or more of your spell cards are overpowered, you will receive a warning. Refuse to change will result in a kick or ban. Amount of Spell Cards are limited to 9. Nothing more. There are also different types of spell cards you can create. Either "Attack" [Basically an Attack Version of your spell card] "Endurance" [Time Limit of your attack. Only allowed 3 Endurance spell cards] "Boost" [Boosting your attributes depending on the Spell Card's ability. Only allowed 3.] or "Final" [The more damage you receive, the more intense your spell card. The Max phases you'll have is 8. So don't use them all and make it reasonable for your character's capabilities. Only 1 type of this spellcard is allowed per person.] Heres a little video to help you understand what i am trying to get at. )

Theme song(s?):



[Write your Apperance in this box]













Best friend(s):





(Fun Facts or Special stuff that's not listed on this profile)

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[Arena: Mystic Glowing Nights]

Kotori would be standing on the bridge. Looking quite bored as he looked in front of him. Seeing nothing but the beautiful scenery that lays before him. But he was there for a long time, sonit is not as awe inspiring as it is.

Kotori would get his Spell Cards out and glances over them in his hand.

Kotori: Spell Card duels, huh...? Wonder if i can find an opponent to test out this system. Kotori talked to himself. Looking around in a bored fashion as he put away his spell cards.

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/♤/_ Profile Template __/♤/_

[†]_ Quotes __[†]_

"You shouldn't forget about things like gratitude, or consideration."

"If you desire to know the truth, you must also have the courage to accept it."

[†]_ Name __[†]_
Atoli Bluebell

[†]_ Nicknames __[†]_
Harvest Cleric, Green Bird,The Sword Maiden

[†]_ Species __[†]_

[†]_ Birth Date __[†]_

[†]_ Age __[†]_
"It's rude to ask a lady her age." 18

[†]_ Hair Color __[†]_
Golden Leaf in Autumn

[†]_ Eye Color __[†]_

[†]_ Alignment __[†]_
Neutral Good

[†]_ Personality __[†]_
Atoli is a pacifist and is seen as very naive. She is very sweet-natured, optimistic, and kind.

[†]_ Weakness __[†]_
"Dark magic and other superior sorcerers. Such as bind spells. Day and night play a roll of which from she takes that decreases her strength and abilities."

[†]_ Likes __[†]_
Animals, singing, drawing, flowers, birds

[†]_ Dislikes __[†]_
Arrogant people, Pinapples, Stress, Those who harm the environment.

[†]_ Appearance __[†]_
Her appearance is that of a young blonde woman. She wears a small green dress, a short white wing-shaped mantle on her back, white stockings, and a white hat. Her wave symbol is on her hat, and between the fake wings. She wields a staff in combat.

[†]_ Main Weapon __[†]_
She wields a staff at will and can summon it when she is cornered by opponents and can instantly jab them.

[†]_ Powers __[†]_

Healing, Energy beams from her miracles (Her spell cards), Weeping bells: throws small beads that make a chime sound which triggers an explosive.

Spiral Wave_ : She waves her staff around that creates a circle and trapping her opponents in a vortex like invisible wave._

[†]_ Spell Cards __[†]_

•Heavens Curse: This spell cannot be used without having the user be in a critical state. (In other words, if I am wounded near death then I will be the opponent down to the same state I am in without killing the enemy.)

•Protection: More of an invisible wall that protects the user from any projectiles but this also depends mostly on how the user's conditions are.

•Gemini's Jealousy: Her alternative appears as a shadowy figure but is consistently following it's opponent until they are defeated.

•Flavorless Offerings: A seal that appears beneath the opponent while strands of webs are wrapped around, dragging them down to their knees as the webs drain away there energy ever so slowly.

•Judgment: Where light is circled around the two as an enormous amount of light is cascaded down on them before releasing the energy gathering from each one.

•Heavens Solar Burst: Dawn breakers peak: (Somewhat Pokémon Related like Solarbeam)

•Mirrored Halo: Rings appear more when they are attacked one by one and will vanish if it's in rythem with one ring after the other.

•Jeanne d' Arc blade: A Sword that gives the user to control of the opponents own magic to go against them.

[†]_ Skills __[†]_

Absorbing the sun's rays and reflect it on herself that turns her invisible,This is the same for the moon's light as well.

[†]_ Abilities __[†]_

"She has the ability to shapshift into a canary and a hamster. She has another form that allows her to be more active in combat than in her original form. These forms are often mistaken by how she interacts with any being, most of the time she's a magic user but whenever she's in a pickle; that's where her other form comes in by the name of Shino. However, she carries a "Curse" that each of her forms describe each other's opposite; one with a gentle heart into an overbearing fallen while the other with a dedicated soul will become the imprisoned dragon."

[†]_ Epitaph __[†]_

Epitaphs are part of both the part of a beings mind and soul that enhances an individuals power to their fullest potential. Only those who posses powerful emotional dedication sworn to protecting their land and people from chaos and having the perseverance to overcome even the toughest of quests are chosen and are granted the ability to become a guardian, to protect at whatever cost it takes, contains the potential of wielding a force far greater and powerful that no other being has ever seen.

Innis: Mirage of deceit_ = Energy Shot : Innis fires numerous energy blasts out from her sword-like objects rotating on the circle-like object on her back._

Heaven's trim_ : Innis tries to get close and slashes you with her twin blades up to three times._

Haze of Treason_ : Innis turns transparent and starts dashing towards the opponent. If she touches you or if you attack when she is not stunned, her illusionary copy would disappear and she'll jump in and attack from the side with a devastating slash as plumes of feathers that are emitted._

Confusion Flight_ : Innis will start to fly wildly around in a plane-like formation attempting to charge at the target a will fire multiple shots while moving about._

Data Drain_ : Innis concentrates her power between her hands and charges up her power with the stems sticking out from her back before launching it at the target and draining it's energy._

[†]_ Bio __[†]_

She was human at the beginning who had big dreams of becoming a knight like one of her storybook heroes; The Three Musketeers. She practiced with her father who was only a simple guard for a royal family and tried her best to reach his level of expertise. Her stubbornness was her bravery that gave her hope. Yet stubbornness wasn't the only thing that gave her hope of her dreams but also a blissful death. Her father was accused for taking advantage of the arrange marriage that he did not commit, The arrange marriage was called off due to the other royalty's son who'd grown interested in her actions rather than the other. Atoli was already held inside the underground dungeon where she waited for fate to take its course and hoped that her father is alright. After 2 weeks of being caged up, her fate led her nowhere but an unjustified punishment. . . . . . . . . . . . She was stabbed in the heart and was left to rot in the forest. She awoken to an unfamiliar place where she saw angels flying past her as she looked around and followed some archangels that caught her attention and passed a few who were looking for her to speak with . Atoli was speechless by the sight of every angel working and taking orders by someone more powerful, she felt as if she was well familiar with that angel who was standing on a pillar and that's when it hit her. . . . . . .she was face to face with the Archangel Lord Michael. (Michael is the archangel of the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God. He is the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance and his divine complement is Archeia Faith. The Book of Daniel calls him “the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people.”) She stumbled on her feet as he spotted her and flew down to give her a hand. She took the offer and spoke to him as to what can she do and is it possible to become like the other winged- warriors. Lord Michael gave it some thought and agreed but more of an acquaintance. She was delighted by his response and followed his instructions. 5 years have passed and she was already skilled with holy magic but her ability on hand to hand is slim, She aided Lord Michael in his tasks and covered his spot whenever he had trouble keeping up with his people's prayers. She had discussed about how her life ended with no meaning and wanted to show how much she's capable of helping others, Lord Michael wasn't sure about any of this yet decided that it could be a new chapter for a new a beginning. With that being said, Atoli chose her name that'd be fit for her, Which she is now known as Atoli: The Mirage of deceit. She has two forms, the first one is to blend in with other people and the second one shows mastery of holy magic.

『 Theme 1』

『 Theme 2』

『 Theme 3』

『 theme 4』

『 theme 5』
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(Ight my doods. Who wanna have a fight with me just to test out the fighting system.)

Quote: "I'm a being who exists between the boundaries of the Living and Dead. I can gladly take you over to the 'Other Side' if you want?"

Name: Kotori Thanatos

Nickname: None in Specfic.

Preferred name: None.

Age: Unknown since Kotori doesn't keep track

Gender: Male

Race: Shinigami (A.K.A.: Grim Reaper, Angel of Death)

Powers: Kotori does not have any Elemental or Energy abilities to use. He could through training, but he doesn't really want to.

Weapons: "Scythear": Kotori's only and signature weapon. It's a Metal Staff that when activates creates a Scythe made of white energy with the spear on the tip made of the same energy. The White energy is an unknown material of some sort. But it is similar to a Light Saber.

Abilities: Solid to Air (Outside of Spell Card duels): Kotori can transfer himself to the Spiritual Realm and to The Physical Realm. Making him invisible and intangible depending on which realm he is transfering to. He can also fly by himself and phase through walls like a ghost!~

(Inside of Spell Card Duels): Used as a Dodge mechanic. Only through projectiles however. (USED AS A SPELL CARD)

6 Spiritual Weapons (Outside of Spell Card duels): 6 Ghost like weapons that looks like his Scythear float behind him while connected to a chain on each weapon. Kotori tend to use them as extra arms. Like for grabbing, climbing, flying, walking, ect. It makes life easier with arms of an octopus!

(Inside of Spell Card duels): Only used for grabbing and projectiles. (USED AS A SPELL CARD)

Personality: Kotori is just your typical introvert who likes to laze around, play video games, eat junk food (he is still a skinny boi) and likes to challenge random peoole to a fight whenever he is bored. Without all of his powers, he would be a normal person.

Likes: Kotori likes to do be entertained in a way. Playing games and such. Being lazy is also his kind of thing, but he isn't THAT lazy. In fact, he likes to challenge people to fights just to escape boredom. No matter who the person is!

Dislikes: Kotori does not want to be bored. Kotori would describe it as "Your mind being erased like memory on a computer". Kotori also dislikes people who look down on others. Like they don't mean anything to them. It makes Kotori annoyed when he sees or hears such an event, but he doesn't but in... Unless if he "has" to.

Occupation: Bring souls to the afterlife.

Pet(s?): None.


Solid to Air "Paranormal Activities"

Death's Claw "3 Spiritual Rapid Slash"

Absorb "Death's Non-Lethal Touch"

Cyclone "6 Perpetual Weapons"

"The Grim Reaper's Scythe"

Theme song(s?): "Free as One Can Be"

Bio: Born in the Spiritual Realm, Kotori slowly but surely gotten bored of the same old cosmic look of the realm he was born in. So he set out to the Physical Realm to enjoy the looks on there. The more he stayed there, the more he got attached to the realm. Due to this, he would decide to live in the Physical plane by living in one of the apartments "that he bought".


[Kotori has Brown hair and hazel eyes, while wearing a Basic blue shirt, Black winter Pants, white socks and black shoes. He looks like any normal person, until he starts acting like a ghost by phasing through walls.]


Dad: None.

Mom: None.

Brother: None.

Sister: None.

Grandpa: None.

Grandma: None.

Cousin: None.


Mentor: None

Apprentice: None

Friend(s): None

Best friend(s): None

Team: None

Enemies: None

Arch-Enemies: None

Rival: None


Kotori's name is based off who he is. Kotori means "Spirit" while Thanatos means "God of Death".

it's ya boi

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Quote: ". . . ."

Name: The Being

Nickname: The Forbidden God

Age: Roughly about 130 years old

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Powers: Yin and Yang

[Yin and Yang (Outside of Spell Card duels)]: Yin and Yang power is of the ability to use the power of Good and Bad as a weapon. Either to use Telekineses, Mind Control, Force, ect. But they can also be used to heal. Yin (Bad) is effective to people who have done a lot of good things in their life. While Yang (Good) is effective to people who have done a lot of bad things in their life.

[Yin and Yang (Inside of Spell Card duels)]: They merely act like Projectiles with a weird mechanic to them. Yin (Black) will have high damage power but low knock back. Yang has High knockback, but low damage.

Weapons: [8 Collasol Blades]: 8 Energy Blades that act by the user's mind. Each blades can either be used for a Laser, Defense, or Pressure as Offense. (USED AS A SPELL CARD)

[Twin Blades]: 2nd Form of 8 Collasol Blades. Twin Blades are used as a Aggresive Approach. The Being mainly uses them with constant slashing at his opponents with a "X" form of attacking. (USED AS A SPELL CARD)

[Zulfiqar]: Named after the legendary weapon for its infamous "One Strike" deaths, it is the final form after the Twin Blades. The Being would normally use this as a sword outside of Spell Card rules. Now he uses it as a... "Laser Show" in these Spell Card duels. (USED AS A SPELL CARD)

Abilities: [Disabled Balance]: Outside of Spell Card duels, this would disabled every ability and power the opponent possesses for a very long time. Making his opponent just as weak as a human. To make this fair, In Spell Card duels, the time limit will be reduced to 9 seconds of stripped to combat before having access to spell cards again. (USED AS A SPELL CARD)

[Flash]: This ability is of a mix between Teleportation and Time Stop. Now of course, this is overpowered already from the start, but The Being doesn't attack during the ability's effect. But in Spell Card duels, it will be only used as a Counter in a form of a Spell Card. Once The Being is about to get hit, The Being will try to activate this spell card to make the opponent stunned for 5 seconds before regaining eye sight of where he is. (USED AS A SPELL CARD)

Personality: The Being's personality is a mute. He doesn't speak at all. In fact, you can't even hear him breath under that mask of his. The only way he can speak is through physical communication. Mainly, him tilting his head curiously.

Likes: The Being mainly prefers to be alone. But he does like to stalk people who catches his interest. Specifically, people who possesses abilities or magic that is abnormal to the norm.

Dislikes: The Being fairly dislikes being in large crowds. So The Being tend to isolate from everyone. Other than that, The Being gets "Irritated" whenever he sees someone patronizing someone else.

Occupation: None.

Pet(s?): None.


Flash "Blinding Escape"

Erasure Sign "The Kick that will Destroy Reality"

Yang and Yin "Courrupted Balance"

Yin and Yang "Pure Imbalance"

Colossal Blades "Penatrating Lasers"

Twin Blades "X Marks The Hit"

Zulfiqar "Judgement Spark"

Crystalized Wings "Wings of Rapid Flight"

"Omnipotence's Forbidden Power"

_Theme song(s?): Powerful to all, But to himself?

Bio: The Being was born in a village that was known for combat expertise and magic mastery. He attended to a school to learn of his magic and abilities, as well as learning to fight. But after a week of attending to this school, everyone within the village was scared of his potential. As he could easily wipe out the village with ease. In reaction of the village itself, they retaliate in killing The Being's parents (Whom his Father had the genetic curse from the witch accidentally used on him for being a womanizer) and went off to kill the boy. The Being did not fight back, but instead run away from the crowd as fast as his can to escape the villages wrath. He attempted to escape in a ally way and made a sharp turn inside of a abandoned shop, but fell down a lot of old and some broken stairs. Causing The Being so have many injuries. He sat there, trying to act dead without making any noise as the mob was outside the door to the abandonded shop. The mob then left, beleive so easily that he was dead, while he was not. The Being took notice of 2 piece of clothing. 1 faceless mask, and 1 large trench coat. The Being used the items to escape. Wearing them to stay undercover. Escaping into the forest, as it rumored through out the world, he is still alive...


[The Being wears a long grey trench coat with a hoodie to cover his head. It has a negative state effect that decreases his defense, strength, speed, and magical abilities by 90%. Same goes for his white faceless mask that he wears. But this hardly effects him at all due to the genetic curse he has. The Being is covered in clothing, as no visible skin could be seen. The Being also wears Black Gloves, Pants and Shoes.]


Dad: Dead.

Mom: Dead.

Brother: None.

Sister: None.

Grandpa: Dead.

Grandma: Dead.

Cousin: Alive.


Mentor: None.

Apprentice: None.

Friend(s): None.

Best friend(s): None.

Team: None.

Enemies: None.

Arch-Enemies: None.

Rival: None.

You guys working on your profiles or you need help of the spell cards and/or abilities?

And everyone is ok with their profiles submitted, i will host my very first arc in this community just to start off as the beginning of this community.


All strings attached!

Mercy? What the hell is that?

All eyes on me!

Name: James

Nickname: Master

Preferred name: James

Age: ???

Gender: male

Race: ???

Powers: Mind control: (Outside of spell card duels) Allows the user to control anyone who is weak minded

(Inside of spell card duels) Allows the user to make the target either feel hurt, sad, etc. Basically just makes the target feel fake stuff

I'll add some more later cause I'm kind of running out of time


Rage Cut: this sword has obtained the name cutter because of its power that allows it to cut through anything as long as the wielder has a lot of rage in him (can only be used as a spell card)

Time scrambler: this desert eagle has obtained that name because of its power to scramble everyone's time, but he cannot choose what it does to the time, once shot the gun can either stop time slow down time or reverse time or speed up time (can only be used as a spell card)

Abilities: Switch: allows the user to switch from his fake armor to his real armor or the other way around whenever he wants instead of waiting for it to get destroyed (used as a spell card)

Show over!: (in a spell card duel) it allows the user to blind the target making him see pure darkness for about 9 seconds allowing the user to escape

(Out of spell card duels) strings come down to the either the target or the user and stick to them pulling them away from the battle for good, it can take them anywhere even to space.

Personality: James Is considered a mute but he really isn't since he can talk but he just doesn't want to, I mean from time to time he does talk but rarely.

Likes: getting attention, fighting, food, etc

Dislikes: everyone, talking

Occupation: none

Pet(s?): his puppets


Tangled "the one who will trap them all"

Rage cut "kill your enemies with rage"

Time Scrambler "the time controller"

Switch "no more waiting"

Enemy controller "control your enemies but with a cost"

Negate Action "negate your enemies attack"

Theme song(s?):
I'll add one later

Bio: As a young boy James has seen some weird shit mostly the parents fault and also mainly because of their abilities.

One day James was just minding his own business waiting for his parents to pick him up for school or whatever when he suddenly saw someone else driving his parents car, but the man didn't look alive, he was dead... but what was even weirder was that he noticed some strings attached to the man but they were barely visible but somehow he saw them so he followed the strings and of course it lead to his house where his parents were just laying there doing nothing they were just controlling the man in the car so they didn't have to go after him, he got so mad he killed them both and stole there strings and that's how the story of a puppet boy started

Appearance: James wears a white mask with blood dripping down his eyes and also wears a white hoodie both of these items cannot get dirty by anything other then blood, also his hair is black


Dad: dead

Mom: dead

Brother: none

Sister: none

Grandpa: dead




Mentor: None

Apprentice: None

Friend(s): his puppets? Other then that none

Best friend(s): none

Team: none

Enemies: none

Arch-Enemies: none

Rival: none

(Fun Facts or Special stuff that's not listed on this profile)

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