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Please read this before posting

Welcome to the WarriorsRP community! If you need a reference to the rules or clan roster please come back to this post. Everything you need to know about our community and how to be a part of it is right here!!

❂[{Rules}]❂ :

~You must create a profile within a week of joining.

~ Your oc can age one moon every week, you can choose wether or not to age it

~You cannot be inactive for more than a week unless you have given a warning of your absence.

~No advertising/Spam

~If a person has been put under certain limitations for breaking rules do not like or comment on their post unless approved by a mod or owner.

~You can only have two high ranking ocs, (however, you cannot take two leader positions, unless a deputy is promoted-then you may contact a mod or owner about the situation and you will be approved or declined the right to two leaders.)

~Do not use an oc until it is approved by a mod or owner

~Do not plagiarize, please credit the owner of the art, oc, etc.

~The only time you can use a canon name is if you're a leader or an apprentice. For example, Pinestar would be an OK name, but they'd have to have a different warrior name from the canon leader. Ravenpaw, Swiftpaw, etc. would be alright, too, but they'd have to get warrior names later.

~NO inappropriate content (including mating!!!)

~You can't kill another oc without permission

~PLEASE do not be salty, mean, or disrespectful about anyone's rank, promotion, oc. This is abuse to other members and you WILL be limited.

~After 6 months, high ranks such as leaders and medicine cats must go to Starclan, or retire. This does not include Deputies and Medicine cat apprentices.

~I will hold a gathering every month, all leader must participate.

If these rules are broken a mod or owner will decide if you are to be banned, limited so all your posts must be approved before you can put them to use, or warned. If an owner or mod abuses their power they will be punished. Remember, the harshness of the punishment is equal to that of the offense



~Last contest winner: +Sherlock Obbsessed Skeleton (summer contest)

~Every Saturday there is a gathering
~Mods and Owners will post literature events on special occasions
~To see who posts the next event, check out the closed mod discussions! While you can't join, you can get a good idea on who's idea will be chosen.

❂[{Oc Profile Templates}]❂

Please refer to the Profile Template section for a new Oc, credit the template owner!

❂[{OC Roster}]❂

❂[{Member/moderator/owner Roster}]❂

Owners: +Cheesecake4all +Isabel

Moderators: +Jianing Leng +StarFall Studios +Cloudheart

Limited members:

P.S. Mods and owners, your job is to make sure people follow the rules and to keep people active.

❂[{Extra notes}]❂

Credit for this post: +Cheesecake4all +Isabel

Picture Credit:

Banner Credit +Andrea Martinez
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