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made: 12/17/15. Updated: 03/6/17

Hello and Welcome to the Kingdom of Eyes. Yeux. Here is a small kingdom southeast from Equestria. And very far away from the "Kingdom of bad luck". Here no Alicorn shall rule again and drag us down to the pits of Liegin Hell.

~No bullying. Obviously we don't like bullies. Now if someone is criticizing ur OC to help make them better don't call that hating nor bullying.

~No sexual RPs! No one wants to see it. And we don't want porn nor clop here. Go find another community that allows it

~plz only use MLP Oc's that BELONGS TO U. We don't condone OC theifs. But u r allowed to use any "Everyone's pony" ponies. if u don't know what an "Everyone's pony" is then go to the link below!
There r some so far in this collection:

~No spam!!!!!! (Repost or die, Sharing communities, etc) no matter what kind of spam or advertising is allowed.

~listen to the owner (me) and any mods. If a mod is being rude though tell me.

~plz no Alicorns! (Aka unicorns with any kind of wings or a Pegasus with any kind of horn. Or Royal Changlings) this is because Alicorns aren't welcome in the Kingdom because of the backstory in the community info and they don't belong.

~No OP OC's either. They are extremely annoying and boring and mainly lazily made

~Wait till approval before RPing. Just so to make sure ur OC fits the rules

~have fun. Obviously we rp for fun so don't get too serious

~Expect random OCs in RP's from the owner (me). This is because I don't want to spam the community with profiles.

~Keep in mind this isn't Equestria. And I will now accept Cannon characters here But u can't one of the alicorns still.

~no having OCs related to Royal Eyes (aka the princess OC of the kingdom)

~we allow robotic parts as long as u don't make an artificial alicorn, a Pegasus with JUST robot wings is ok.

Profile Info
Sexuality: (suggested but optional)
Job: (Optional)
Siblings: (if any)

~Quest Rules~ (this is if u want to make a quest)
~Ask an admin if the quest is ok. Tell them what kind of quest it is below and some details
~it must fit in with the rules
~This is basically all for fun.
~no killing other's OC
~MUST have an approved profile

go to the links in the community info for more, and different communities to enjoy

Other communities in links

~The Golden Empire (MLP Rp, allows Alicorns)
~Roanoke Ponies (MLP Speacies)

Also share with ur friends

~allowing "Everyone's pony" ponies
~refreshed Warning section.

If u would like to see the owner's (mine) OC's who might come into RPs in the future go to the link to a collection

things to know about Yeux
~Ponies who grow up here hates Alicorns
~some Locals won't talk to ponies from Equestria
~Liegin is basically Hell But most do call Hell, Hell.
~Singin is basically another word for heaven. Again most just call it heaven.
~Nightmare night is just called Hollowe'en here.
~there's an underground part of the kingdom for Night ponies (like Batponies or Mothlings)

1st Warning

2nd warning (3rd is ban)

Well im back here~! Long time no see, eh? How things doin' here? Yeah, im making a new OC. Speaking of OCs, what about hints to make good OCs?

Seriously, i think alicorns are just mary sues. Specially if they are all frigging princes and princesses. And the thing is, most Alicorn OCs have either all the powers, or is Celesita and Luna's lost brother/sister....

#2: This ain't DBZ.
What tickles my soul is overpowered characters. Seriously. No.

#3: Lets get creative with names!
Okay, this kinda bothers me because some names of ponies end up being their cutie mark. Lets take Silver Spoon for example. She is called Silverspoon and her cutiemark is a SILVER SPOON. What the HECK does that means? Seriously? Now lets look at Pinkie Pie. PInkie Pie has balloons as a mark because she is a party girl, she always wants to have fun. Yet, her name is Pinkie Pie. See? Better than a character who'se name is the exact same thing as their fank tattoo.

#4: Ow the edge
Try not to make your bio... TOO TRAGIC, ok? And try not to make your character TOO DARK aswell, ok? This ain't Batman. . . . Batman pony? Batpony? Meh.

#5: Tell me a story
I really think that the bios are supposed to be the character's story. So why putting it UNKNOWN?? Seriously, i find it kinda ridiculous how some bios are "unknown". Sweet mother of GUMMY!

#6: MY EYES!!
Just because i told you not to make your character too dark, DON'T MAKE IT TOO BRIGHT EITHER. Characters with too many bright colors can be "eyebleeding" for most people. Go easy on the colors. I recommend three colors or shades of one color.

#7: DROP YOUR GUN- Wait, what.
Fun fact about me: I LOVE guns. I love them with all my heart. But if you're gonna give your MLP character a gun, make it atleast fit with the scenario. Here is a kingdom that appearently is peaceful and kinda medieval. So... What about making a crossbow? Or maybe a water gun? I mean, water guns are fun, right? Also, make them in a way that ponies can use it while on their four legs. Like, i dunno, a weapon strapped to their backs with a lever to the right or left hoof. You pull the lever, weapon goes bang. This is just an example of a gun that could fit in MLP. Because really, Ponies have no FINGERS!

A mary sue can pretty much qualify all the above. A perfect character with no flaws, no weakneses and only perfect personality is mary/gary/lary/attack helicoptery sue as HECK! Give your character some personality other than "Cute, beautiful, kind, happy", miss/mister sunshine and rainbows...

#9: What is love? Baby don't force me!
Don't try to ship your character with someone else's character out of nowhere. Romance comes naturally and it takes sometime to come. You should not suddenly come up to somepony and say "i love you". That's just plain creepy and awkward.

That's all for now. :3

If anyone wants to share the community to try and get it active again then that would b nice. But that is if u want :/

On a side note I really need to make a new picture for the Pinned post :/

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Name: Mystic Sky Shower
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Sexuality: Straight
Personally: Kind, Helpful, Curious
Cons: Nosey, Leaps before looking
Bio: Mystic was a small filly when her mom was killed in an accident at her work factory. She was raised mainly by her dad, and learned potions, history, and astronomy. She was sensitive as a filly, but soon became friendly and kind.
Job: NA 

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Name: Pastel Blooms
Age: 24
Sexuality: Bio
Species: Unicorn
Personality: She's a kind, delrious, adventerious as her passion, generous, self-conious, and dispiteful of surroundings
Bio: Pastel Blooms grew up with the galaxy kingdom. She also find remedies for the social of guidance. She develops traveling blocks of the years past. To peace and sattled to Canterlot with her sketches blessed, still the level of her identity some say no, but still she worked a few sketches. For now, she goes with the flow doing what she likes no matter how it looks to hard to her she keeps on the generations ever since. For developing with the amazing culture of science she starts doing them. Well, sometimes she is very stressful and lays on the garden's leafs. Because of her colorative and hard work, she earned her cutiemark.
Siblings: Flutter Rose and Katelyn Melody

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Name:Light wing
Species: batpony/vampony (at night at least)
Bio:a prince from a kingdom not seen by others but to the Same species only.he never wanted to be a prince cause of how boring it is to sit on a chair all night so he decided he would travel and roam the world than he heard of the kingdom of Yeux
And here he is
Light: drops bag phew took awhile to find this place
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Profile Info

Name: If you didn't already know, my name is Mouthless.

Gender: I am a strong healthy mare.

Age: I guess.. I would be 18?

Personality: I'm disrespectful when I first meet you, then I grow kind and I'm an indoor person. I am most defiantly not a follower, I am an eagle... A leader, so I have leadership, I'm an brainiac I'm really smart.

Species: I'm an earth pony, or something like that

Sexual Oriention: I am bisexual, I am very proud of it.

Bio: Well, its really private. But if you insist, I was a smart filly and started work early, but... I was taken as hostage just cause I'm smart and can do amazing science things. I had to make a potion, one of the assistant ponies came and spilled something into the potion and bumped into it, it hit me on the Mouth (if your wondering how she's talking, she uses paper and then someone says it or her) I had lost my mouth, and my cutie mark had changed to a black shaped mouth with and x. I then quickly left the Labratory and left embossed, wandering the woods and making a house there.

Siblings: I'm not sure, haven't seen my family in years.

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Name: Perrie
Gender: Male
Age: unknown (probably 10 or older)
Personality: He is Shy, but very gentlemen like, he is peaceful and prefers to stay out of drama. He likes calm quiet place is full of Plantation. He can get very serious though only when necessary. He loves to learn about the history of places, he is mainly interested I'm learning about his birth place (The equivalent of England in this pony world) and the place he lived in before moving here. (The equivalent of Paris, France in this pony world)
Species: Unicorn
Sexuality: Asexual, due to phobia.
Bio: Perrie Is a Kind pony who will Allways try to protect those he cares for, He studies hard and trys to do his best everyday. The reason behind this is to impress one of his parents since he Allways seems hard to impress. Perrie Hates physical contact, this one is due to his phobia of someone loving him.He got the phobia thanks to Certain love casualties causing him to fear about being in relationships. Perrie Loves Spiders and thinks they are the coolest animals alive.He also Love to cook but ironically he can't cook anything that isn't a sweet, either the stove or what he is using to cook blows up or random things happen causing the supposed food to become harmful to be consumed. When cooking sweets on the other hand it would look extremely neat and taste just as great! He learned how to cook from one of his parents named Francis, and His magical freind Flying Strawberry Cat. yes beautiful name I know Perrie has a connection to the magical side of the world, and speaking to the magical creatures. Though Francis can't see these magical creatures so when he sees Perrie speaking to them he things Perrie has a imaginary friend. Finally Perrie Allways cares a white Rose with him since he finds it pure and calming.
Job: none
Siblings: none
Cutie mark: The Effiel tower. Got the cutie mark from extensive knowledge of the tower itself.

-if there's anything I should add or change please tell me-
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I have a question, what if the Oc is a child? How would they fit into the kingdom?


E.G ~Evening Gold~ has just entered the Kingdom. She had traveled here from her own kingdom. With her are five guards of her kingdom. The Golden Kingdom. She walks towards the Castle holding her head high. Then you

~Continue the Rp~
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