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Now as I have said the rules are pretty simple. Now here is the profile template you must follow
Feel free to add stuff to your profile, this is just the bare minimum.

Extra info:

Well I lost my account. I will make a new community for this to continue

We need more profiles and mbers... come on let's share the community and get more people

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Name: Zakarlus oda
Alias: poisonous Chanter
Age: looks 15
Gender: male
Yokai Species: Kitsune
Powers: Poison infusion
Paper charm magic
Purple/Blue fire manipulation
Weapons: Papers for his magic charms.
Likes: Likes studying everything and wonders about it.
Dislikes: what is there not to like.

Bio: Zakarlus is a young Kitsune that loves to travel around and study everything. He learned the paper charm magic by a Onmyōji girl that didn't feel that all yokai are evil, and notice that Zakarlus isn't that much of a evil yokai, so she took a liking to him. His specialty is poison, he figured out how to use put poison in his body with out getting poisoned, I think the fire helps it keep stable. 
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Zakarlus roams around the towns alley stalking everyday people, sometimes stealing food from them, when he get hungry. One day he was stalking a family that was having a picnic, as one of the kids look away Zakarlus quickly snatch the food and above the trees bout to eat it until....

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(RP closed)
Lily sat underneath a cherry blossom tree, the wind blew through as some of the petals flew around me. I smiled at its beauty and its somewhat loneliness.
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Race:Inu/Tengu/Snow woman
Weapon: dual swords made out of blue lighting
and water/ice daggers and a vine whip full of thorns
Likes:being petted cuz ears and tail
Dislikes:tail being stepped on and onmyōji
Bio:Mother was a snow woman and my father was a mix of tengu and inu . they died by onmyōji hands as i was left in front of Master Nura's gate and Yuki onna found me and drank the Loyalty sake to lord Nura.
Extra:usually found in a field of flowers or under the cherry blossom tree and wears a royal blue or white kimono
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Omg! Thanks for the invite! I mean that. 100% fan right here even though I haven't gone through all the Episodes because of stupid Hulu

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Nothing? Wow. I assume school has a hand in this
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