When someone asks u what is Wolves of the Beyond

if anyone knows how to make art u can make art of this wolf

Name; Moona
Clan; Non
Pack; Non
Gender; Female
Age; 5 yrs.
Fur color; Fully white with Black tips on ears
Nose color; Pink
Eye color; Yellow
Likes; Peace and quiet
Dislikes; Anything annoying instead of what she loves
Bio; When i was a pup my mother*Aura* threw me in to the river because of my pink nose but i was sent to the Arctic and i was taken cares of by a polar bear by the time i was grown up i had to go back home.
Mate; Murdoch
Pups; Holly,Burno,Mynu, and Acadia

This place is empty. Not gonna lie.

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Name: Belle
Clan: Mac Namara
Pack: the broken talon point pack
Rank: skreeleen ( is an outflanker when in a byrrgis)
Gender: female
Age:2 years old( of course in wolf years the age would be 14)
Pelt color:light brown, dark grey, and wight.
Eye color: blue
Personality: is very nice and kind to fellow animals ( bears, owls, wolves and gnaw wolves), is very curious and cunning,and loves to find pretty flowers in her spare time.
Mate:no one
Pups: non


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Hi I'm new and I'm so glad there is peeps who like this still

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Instead of crystal clan her clan is the macduncan clan
name: storm
age: 11 yrs
gender: female
rank: maldcaldh ( has twisted paw and is as small as a pup )
clan: crystalclan
personality: feirce,disrespectful,stubborn,smart,clumbsy

the bluish grey wolf is her
the black wolf is her dad
the bluish grey wolf mom in the picture with the pup is her mom
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Wolves ^^

(made by me)

name: Winter
Rank: watch wolf
Gender: Female
Age: 20
pelt-color: white
eye color: blue
deformity: no tail

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