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Name: Lilith Eve (Lilith~ Night monster; Storm goddess)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Demon
Powers: Hell-fire manipulation, Demonic light manipulation

Father: unknown
Mother: Helmaria Castirose (dead)
Siblings: Zila Larzulia

Pets: none

Personality: Very mean and assertive. This comes from her being a demon. When she likes someone, she finds ways to make that person like her back.

Likes: Murder
Dislikes: Fairies

Appearance: Tan skin, with light brown hair. (Can fly w/o wings tho she is a demon) Always wears a black flowing dress with black heels.
Markings: upside down cross tattoo on thigh.

Bio: Her mother chose her name, Lilith, because of how it represents night monster. That is what Lilith is.
Growing up, Lilith was very hardcore. Many people meet her, expecting her to be a normal human, pure and innocent, when they find out, after befriending her that she is a total a..hole who has no care for anyone else, except the few people she cares about.
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Name: Anarika Ali
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Species: Werewolf
Powers : Fire and blow things up

Father: Shemead Ali (dead)
Mother: Sheriza Ali
Siblings: None

Personally : Sticks up for my friends , if u mess with me u going to get it.

Likes : Reading
Dislike: Bullies

Brown eyes
Dark brown hair with light brown highlights
light brown skin
Where's Light brown leather jacket with combat boots with black top and old jeans
Markings : Blossom

Bio: Grew up in the heart of new bruswick when I was 3 my best friend went to jail when he got out we had to move we move to move when i was 6 lost my sister and brother .

My world was a calm, flowing black void of concentration. I smelled the salt of the sea, at the same time as the dust of the earth and the electricity of the sky. I felt the waves, the dirt, the clouds move delicately around me. I sighed mentally, completely at peace. Then, all if a sudden, in a split second my rage flared and I automatically went into attack mode as a twig snapped and ripped me out of my Nirvana. My eyes flew open, and I was once again sitting in the center of a grassy clearing, only the difference this time was that someone else was here, too. I stood, quickly brushing off my wispy white gown, and spread my wings, ready to go airborne should the need arise. Who goes there. I asked calmly despite the swirling vortex of rage inside me

Name: Evianth Alura
Nickname: Eve
Gender: female
Age: indeterminate
Birthday: February 4
Race: Seraph
Zodiac: Aquarius
Powers: healing, flight, can make self invisible for a certain period of time

Personality: Eve is gentle and quiet, and keeps to herself. If someone were to approach her and start talking to her, she would not push them away, but she does not voluntarily initiate social interactions. She is not particularly emotional herself, but it understanding and a good listener to others' emotional troubles. While she has seen and felt great love before, it has never been love of her own.

Likes: quiet, solidarity, nature, meditating, Salab
Dislikes: overly-emotional people, loud disturbances, ego

Hair: soft blonde waves
Eyes: calm blue
Skin: alabaster
Build: lithe and delicate, but with hidden strength and power
Markings: white feathered angel wings
Clothing: simple, naturistic, flowy gowns

Bio: Eve has been alive since the beginning of creation, or around that time. She has experienced much hardship and loss in her many years, but also seen great beauty and wonder. She has always tried her best to share this beauty and wonder with those around her, whether they want to see it or not.

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Name: Aletta Bronte
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Species: Magian/demon
Powers: Can control physical movements

Father: Jordan Bronte (dead)
Mother: Rebekah Bronte (dead)
Siblings: Daniel Bronte (dead)
Pets: A giant wolf named Blizzard for his pure white color

Personality: I am usually calm and a good friend to talk to in times of trouble. I am always looking out for my friends, since they are the only family I have left. I am fun and weird, but at the same time, I am introverted and shy.

Likes: Exploring new places, jelly doughnuts, drawing
Dislikes: Little kids

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair with a slight wave, sparkling blue-green eyes, skinny and small, yet strong build
Markings: Black Sun tattoo on lower back

Bio: The name Alerts has the Italian meaning of "winged", since I am half demon, and I have the most delicate wings a demon has ever had; delicate silver fairy wings. Most of the time I keep them hidden, because I am afraid people will make fun of them. Even my best friends don't know I have them. I love getting my hands dirty, but at times I can be kind of squeamish. I am very afraid of pain, but have to carry sharp blades to fend of monsters to survive. When I was 10, my family was kidnapped, and later I was forced to watch them be burned and stabbed to death. Ever since then, my friends have been my family.

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I was in the woods hunting then I hear a sound the deer I was after ran so I looked to see anyone but I didn't see anything but I still heard them so I duck and started to a approach them

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