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"I'll drink from your blood someday, Genghis"This is what the witch told the great king when he learned that he was behind the destruction of the kingdom of magicians But do you (Antonio Obsequies) will silence for the Kingdom of humans? Discovered that

Some pages of the book

One day there was a boy named Mark Dreaming to have a little fairy to achieve his dreams In a dark night and a cold winter mark in his bed He wished to have a small Bicycle He plays with his peers
Look through the window He wished to be realized
Early in the morning he woke up and went to the living room He was surprised by the beautiful little Bicycle in front of his eyes He went to his mother and said to her : My mother is you who brought me the Bicycle ?
She said: No, young man, why
do you ask?
He said: No, no, my mother, , Went quickly and took the Bicycle He roams the streets and enjoys it
During that time he went to school with the new Bicycle During the corner, his friends saw him and they were surprised They say : Bicycle genre he owns is very beautiful They came to him and said: Where did you get this Bicycle?
He said: "I wished I had a beautiful Bicycle and realized my dream
His friends laughed and said, "Nice, Mark

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