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Hey there. Hope your enjoying the place let's get on with some rules.

1. No spam. You should know this. No who would win or your going to die tonight. We are all trying to be friendly and not scare anyone.

2.You can make up to 3 characters. Also your characters can be vampires, dyrads/nyads, werewolves(or just a demon with ears and tail of a werewolf) , meifwa, and any other monster or combination of monsters.
•If you are confused about a certain creature ask the mods

3.Be kind and don't swear. We have some people younger than us so this means no hentai and none of that Shizz.

4.Put open roleplay at the top. Also to show an action bold it by putting * ... * around the action with no spaces. To show a thought put _ ..._ around the thought with no spaces. To show you must talk directly to a user or you need a leave put - ... - around the thing you need to say.

5.If you see an open roleplay that no one has joined, please join it.

6.The Set up should be

Bio Set Up:
| Name:
| Age:
| Gender:
| Group Heavan,Hell,Purgatory:
| Powers:
| Looks: (optional: include a picture)
| Personality:
| Weapon:
| Friends:
| Enemies:
| Sexuality:
| Mortal Parent:
| Backstory:
| Other:

7. Shipping is aloud. Please be appropriate. If you want to be dirty or do the shame shame in a roleplay please do a private post or a hangout

8. Demons and Angels may only rp in Purgatory. Humans are allowed so if you are a human you may only have weapons.


10.Enjoy and Role play as you wish. Hope you like it here! Please ask questions if you are confused. Please tag us if an incident has occurred.

The mods and owners:

​​​​​+Cinnalynn Kazumi \Okami Gallifrey/​​​​​
+Christian Erazo​​​​​

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Name: Christine Candace
| Age: 12
| Gender: Female
| Group: Heaven
| Powers: none
| Personality: quiet, sassy kinda, shy, timid
| Weapon: Her claws
| Friends: Open
| Enemies:Open
| Sexuality: Unkown
| Mortal Parent: Unknown
| Backstory: Christine died in a car wreck, ever since shes been timid and afraid of everything.
| Other: she is half kenomimj
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Name: Kaguto Mirimora
Age: 17
Gender: male
Group heaven,hell, purgatory: hell
Powers: Flaming sword, Arch demon transformation, Pyrokinesis.
Looks: (picture)
Personality: cunning, charming, articulate, funny, confident.
Weapon: enchanted katana that can't break
Friends: [open] (just ask)
Enemies: [open]
Sexuality: straight (if you wanna ship him with an oc just ask)
Mortal parent: deceased
Backstory: Kaguto went to hell after murdering his family, because he thought they held him down. Kaguto hating being restrained and would do anything to be free. After going to hell he acquired the arch demon transformation and sliced up anyone in his way towards power.
Theme song: light 'em up F.O.B
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| Name: Emily Yui
| Age: 19
| Gender: Female
| Group Heavan,Hell,Purgatory: Hell
| Powers: can create, control, and put out fire with a flick of her hand(if that's ok), although they can wear her out after a while
| Looks: (optional: include a picture)
| Personality: quiet, can be ruthless at times, and likes to pick fights
| Weapon: a whip
| Friends: none
| Enemies:none
| Sexuality: Bisexual
| Mortal Parent: Mom: Asuna Yui
Dad: Reggie Poole
| Backstory: She was never the good kid at school. She was always picking fights in and out of school. She broke lots of laws, and ended up in jail. One day, she picked a fight, and lost while she was in jail, cause the other person stabbed her with a kitchen knife. She was then sent to hell for all the bad things she did.
| Other:
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(Open rp) Emily was wandering around, wondering if she should pick a fight with someone or to try and just ignore everyone, when she ran bumped into someone, but just continued walking without saying anything

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Name: Rivero
| Age: 500
| Gender: Male
| Group: Used to be with heaven, but he changed and is now a spy for hell
| Powers: Able to control, create, and turn into water
| Looks: black hair, nearly black eyes, very pale skin, 6'7, appears athletically fit to be a blacksmith, constantly wears a black formal jacket and a white button-up short over a teal blue undershirt.
| Personality: doesn't get angry, very chill, hates fire, uses one's own words against them in an argument and a fight
| Weapon: Ice cutless, water pressure
| Friends: Magomodo
| Enemies: None yet
| Sexuality: Straight
| Mortal Parent: Christopher Columbus, unknown mother
| Backstory: He's a man who died in 1530 from a sword through the chest. He got to heaven and became a naiad of the river of life. In his old life, he was a blacksmith, and one of his clients stabbed him because the sword was unsatisfying. He was born on October 21st, 1500.

Cascade lay at the edge of her lake, drawing. Drawing....Something in particular. One side, the lower realm, the other side, the upper realm, in the middle they would blend together. She looked up, thinking for a moment, when... ( OPEN to upper realm spirits ) ((+LoudKittyWolf if you're still up for it ._. )

Quotes- "Maybe light really is the evil side. I've been thinking."

Name- Cascade Inessa Fraser

Age- 18

Gender- Female

Group- Heaven

Powers- Cascade is a naiad, so she has control over water. However, she needs to be by water every 2 hours or so to survive if she strays far from her lake

Appearance- Brown hair, Blue eyes, Fair skin

• Shifty
• Quiet
• Once you get to know her, is more talkative
• Kind

Weapons- Cascade usually uses the water around her, but if it comes to it she has a pair of crystal bracelets that turn into a pair of sai

Friends- ( OPEN )

Enemies- ( OPEN )
Sexuality- Heterosexual

Mortal Parent- Well, it's a spirit but..
• Ina Kanan Fraser

Backstory- Cascade was raised in her lake, her mother having the gift to breath underwater to care for her. Her mother loved nature, so she tended flowers and plants, along with a few willow trees along the lake. Cascade played in these with other children as a little girl, before she reached the age of 12. She then spent more time IN her lake than by, and started to spend time drawing and writing instead of socializing. She wanted to see the other realm which the barrier separated them from. So recently, she used the excuse of being a spy, going to the other realm. She was fascinated by it, and wanted to spend more time there. She ran into a fire nymph and demon, but quickly thereafter returned to her lake to survive. She now ponders on which side she should truly take in the war, as she wants to fight.

Other- Idk

Shinu walked around, pondering about her usual thoughts-
"How to win the war, how to win the war...The Garden...The key...The secret..."
She looked at the ground as she walked, not seeing where she was going, obviously resulting into her bumping into someone.
"Ah, sorry about that.."
You... ( OPEN, to Spirits of the lower realm. )

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"Humans... why must they do the things they do to us... the dragons aren't meant to be treated like *this..." *Snarls and then cries putting her head on your lap

"Remember Dragons shouldn't be feared, it's the ones who make them that way who really should."

"I can tell you one thing, don't trust someone till you see them with your own eyes."

Sora Shire
None for now...
None really
{†}Relationship Status{†}
{†}Dominant Hand{†}
None, She's neutral
{†}Current Status{†}
Can be nasty and mean if treated wrong, kind and strange when well known. Wise in serious situations, able to control some situations, quick thinker, easily angry and will attack.

Father: (Deceased) Thorn Shire

Mother: (Deceased) Zyaqua Shire

Brothers: None

Sisters: None

Cousins: Unknown

Nephews: None

Nieces: None

Uncle: Unknown

Aunt: Unknown

Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: None

Sons: None

Daughters: None

{Human Form:5'5} {Dragon Form: 150ft}
{Human Form: About 120lbs} {Dragon Form: ?}
On a scale of 1-10 1 being the worst 10 being the best
†Tier Potential† _ _
1-5 Tier 4 Possibly 5
†Attack Potential† _ _
1-10 10
†Durability† _ _
1-10 7
†Speed†  _ _
1-10 7
†Lifting Strength† _ _
1-10 7
†Striking Strength† _ _
1-10 8
†Intelligence† _ _
1-10 8
{†}Items of Interest{†}
Find out

_》: _
{Find out}


{Spirit Magic}

Spirit Magic (精霊魔法) is a type of ancient magic that uses independent Information Bodies made of Pushions known as Spirits (精霊) to interact with other Information Bodies. Magic studies often refer to spirits as SB (Spiritual Being), but the are usually referred to as Spirits by practitioners. There are different type of spirits, which are water, fire, earth and wind. Spirits are an assemblage made of concepts such as wind, fire, earth and water and are different from individual phenomena.

{Golden Electron Silkworms}

Golden Electron Silkworms - A virus that uses SB to interfere with the output signal on CADs, delaying spell activation and hampering the electronic mechanism while being undetectable by the OS or anti-virus programs.

{Summoning Magic}

Summoning Magic - Uses SB to summon things.

{Echo Maze}

Echo Maze - Uses SB to produce sound waves that interfere with a person's sense of direction, leading to confusion and scrambled senses.

{Sense Tuning}

Sense Tuning - Uses SB to see, hear, smell, touch and taste outside of the practitioners normal range.

{Exorcism Cut}

Exorcism Cut (切り祓い Kiriharai) is a Anti-Demon magic, though its strength pales in comparison to ritual magic, the magic’s speed rivals that of the arts used by Magicians of the Forbidden Sect. It forms a blade made of Psions that shreds the threads of a Parasite in its information body form.

{Karura En}

Karura En (迦楼羅炎) is an Anti-Demon magic, specifically designed to counter anything except for Information Bodies. The Independent Information Body forms "flames", which shoot towards designated coordinates. It's a magic launched against the detached Information Body that brings harm to Parasites.

{Earth Pit}

Earth Pit (土遁陥穽 Doton-kansei) is an Ancient Magic that Mikihiko used during a ten-against-one mock battle with Katsuto in preparation for the AD 2095 Thesis Competition. It is a spell that plummets the enemy into an earthen tunnel, disrupting the senses and hampering movement, enabling the caster to buy time to escape. Against an inferior opponent, this technique is sufficient to completely restrict their movement and capture them.

{Ant Hell}

Ant Hell (蟻地獄 Ari-jigoku) magic spell creates an illusion where a target feels like they are being pulled into the earth.

{Wild Hair}

Wild Hair (乱れ髪 Midaregami) is a technique that commands the air currents that brush over the earth's surface to create the image that something was wrapped around a target. It gives the illusion of being entangled.

{Earth Splitter}

Earth Splitter (地割れ Jiware) is a magic that creates the illusion of the earth splitting in half. The ground does not physically tear apart, but separates by the force exerted within.


Earthshaker (地鳴り Jinari) is an Oscillation Type Magic that creates illusions, which when applied to the ground, gives the impression that the earth is shaking.


Onibi (Will-o'-the-wisp) - Produces orbs of light using illusions.


Matoi (enshroud) - Focuses on creating a body clone of the user.





User with this ability either is or can transform into Dragon: a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: the European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and which is ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, and the Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries.
Broadly speaking, dragons can be divided into following groups:
• Western Dragons typically depicted as a huge fire-breathing, scaly and horned lizard-like creature, with leathery, bat-like wings, with four legs and a long muscular tail. It is sometimes shown with feathered wings, crests, fiery manes, ivory spikes running down its spine and various exotic colorations. Dragon's blood often has magical properties. The typical dragon protects a cavern or castle filled with gold and treasure and is often associated with a great hero who tries to slay it. Though a winged creature, the dragon is generally to be found in its underground lair, a cave that identifies it as an ancient creature of earth.
• Asian Dragons typically portrayed as long, scaled, serpentine creatures with four legs. Traditionally they symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods, and are also a symbols of power, strength, and good luck. They have also extended range of supernatural powers, changing size or form (most are able to take human shape), fly among the clouds or hide in water, form clouds, turn into water, change color as an ability to blend in with their surroundings as an effective form of camouflage or glow in the dark.
• Lesser Drakes is something of a catch-all category, including the lesser dragon-like beings, such as wyvern, worm/wyrm, lindworm, etc., which are generally smaller and more animal-like in mind and behavior.

[]Passive Abilities[]

*{Elemental Sight}

Elemental Sight (エレメンタル・サイト) otherwise known as the Eyes of the Spirits(精霊の眼) is a Sensory magic that allows users to connect to the Information Dimension. They can then specify the Eidos of their surroundings individually, regardless of distance. Users can analyze the Eidos of targets, allowing for precision aiming at long distances.

[]Active Abilities[]

{Lean the rest}


{Find out}




{Lethal Poisons}
{None else}


{The Sunlight}
{Dark Rooms}
{A lot of different types of foods}
{The Winter}
{Humans when they don't try to capture and experiment on her}


{Humans who try to capture and or experiment on her}

{Nothing else really)


[]Find out[]

{†}Trivia/Explicit and unneeded information{†}
» None

{†}Admin Note{†}
Have fun with my profile xD (>:3) The first pic is her first form the second is her second form and the third is her weapon

That's the link to all the spell types
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