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Sorry guys, its been a while I've been extremely busy with school things i have this pic, what do you guys think ?

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Hello, my name is Ea (Pronounced Ea) I've been drawing my whole life, but these past 3 years, I've drewen a drawing everyday, even though it's maybe only a sketch, or a full painting, it's a drawing. That's how I'm where I am today :D
I for the most part draw ponies, but I also draw humans xD Sometimes XD ... I'm still practicing my drawing skills, both digitally and on paper :3 I mostly show my drawings digitally, since it's there I can get my creativity out<3 I love to use colors, making chracters, though, some characters isn't going to have a lot of colors ..
Here is, what I can do xD I tried to find one other piece of my drawings, but I couldn't find it ..
I hope you'll like them anyways xD 
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Hello my name is Andrew, I have been sketching and drawing for a few years I'm not that great but I'm hoping that we can improve our skills as a community. I like to draw scenery, animals game characters and cartoons.
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