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It gives us great pleasure in announcing the Symbols Lab 2017, which is scheduled for December 4 through 9, 2017, at the Fireflies Ashram, Bangalore.

This year’s Symbols Lab is the eleventh Symbols Lab. It is being designed on the theme “On being an individual - Exploring the dynamics of differentiating AND integrating our inner selves”. As in earlier Symbols Labs, our dreams have guided us to work with this theme. The principles of differentiating and integrating are often polarised, making us “dividuals” rather than individuals. The invitation of the lab is to locate the ability to hold these together. Maybe it calls upon us to pierce veils of self deception, illusion and delusion, and thus pave the way for new beginnings with oneself (and endings for some parts of ourselves as well!).
We invite you to attend. We also invite you to please also forward this to your respective contact circles, and to your social media accounts and generously spread the word. Attendance in the lab is limited to fifteen participants.
Thank you for your good wishes and support!

Kartik, Rachna and Sophie

The brochure is attached as a pdf file. You can also visit the Sumedhas website and click on "Brochure" under the Symbols Lab section

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