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I will be doing kawaii polls, where I give you guys choices, and the winner will be posted on this section.

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Name : Noel
Animatronic name: Holly the Holiday Wolf
Gender : female
Age : 18
Location: desert bar
Animal: wolf
Likes : Disney, drawing, reading, singing, old movies, and animals
Dislikes : spiders, dubstep, rated r films, and thunderstorms
Talents : singing and drawing
Fears : spiders, needles, and thunderstorms
Relationship status : single
Crush: Springtrap
Besties: Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy
Bio: Born in the state of Washington to a loving couple. An only child, but isn't a spoiled brat. Her parents raised Noel to be as a child should be : kind, generous, wise, and loyal to her friends, family, and to the people she is sworn to protect. 

Is anyone on ((note I am reposting this to other communities)) =)



ima be bored

u see me sleeping in my kawaii demon pj's with my plushies ((open to +Loganator522 and +FNAF Fangirl DO NOT START UNTIL WE KNOW CORRINE IS ON))

+Loganator522 dude when u said "Please open a new post and tell me" Im not saying it is but the way I read it in my mind is like that dick attitude im not saying it is and the news was I said IT WAS LOL
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