Birth name: America Elizabeth Brooks
Screen Name: PixelThunder
Nickname: Thunder
Channel Content: Gaming sessions and vlogs, along with animations
Backstory: America grew up watching other Internet celebrities, such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. Feeling inspired by the popularity of PewDiePie, she started to make her own videos and post them online under the name: PixelThunder.
Appearance: Thunder is roughky 5' 6", and has dirty blonde hair. Her left eye is a bright sapphire blue, while the other is a deep emerald green.
Personality: Thunder is known for her energetic and hyper personality, and her happy-go-lucky attitude. She always has a smile on her face, and her energy projects in her loud and clear voice.
Race: Human
Fangirl?: Yes


Name: Emmanuelle McLoughlin
NickName: Emi or Emmeh
YoutubeName: EmiNinjaGames (from the EmiNetwork)
Age: 26 
Apperance: Hazel eyes (with a tad of blue), just below average height (same as mark, or maybe even a bit shorter >:[), Blondish brown hair, and CUUURRRRVVVEEEEHHHH!!
Personality: INSANE (i-in the good way, that is pets knife), Funny, Comedic, Hot headed, Likes to make others laugh and smile, Naughty sometimes [:3
Likes: Sport, Video games, thunderstorms, Ninjutsu, TMNT, Music, singing, friends, family, and PPPPOOOOOOTTTTAAAATTTOOOOEEESSS!!!!
Dislaikes: Rude people, catty girls, sexist racist or any IST people, bullies, people who underestimate her.  
Family: Sister of Sean McLoughlin, calls him Jack or Jackiboy
Crush: NO ONE! cough Mark Fischbach cough cough
Relationship: Single Pringle!
Other: has a slight irish accent, but has lived in america for a while.
Met Mark, Felix and the rest at Pax Prime, became a youtuber a few years after her brother, and thats all for now!

Hi! Im new! Does anybody want to RP?

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Name: deadlox
Gender: female
Age: 15
Likes: TNT and friends
Dislikes: squides
Fangirl/boy?: no
race: human
personality: funny, kind, and cheerful
Back story: unknown
Tublur: unknown

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walking around in the school yard

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Name: Felix Kjellberg, Pewdiepie, Mr.Pewds, Poods
Age: 25
Gender: Male 
Class: He's da kawaii principle
Personality: Kawaii, Funny, Random, Loud, Kind.....I think
Likes: His Fans, YouTube, Marzia, Video Games, Photoshop, KAWAII, bros
Dislikes: Nothing.
Race: Human.

And btw, he is a freelance OC, meaning anyone can RP as him and he is not anyone's actual OC....he is freedom.
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Name: Hai Kjellberg
Nickname: HaiHaiGames
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Side: uhh, hero?
Powers: none
Weapons: none, but knows karate
Personality: curses a lot, nice, shy at times, assertive, random
Likes: Her mom and dad, youtube, KAWAII!!!, video games, cursing, f***ed up games, photography
Dislikes: Boring stuff, frustrating games, Boring people
Love interest: none
Other: Is the daughter of Pewds and Marzia, knows English, Swedish, Italian, and Japanese......she curses in all of these languages
Bio: She grew up around excessive cursing, randomness and people saying "senpai" a lot.
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Name: Ihascupquake

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Tuber: Gamer and DIYer.

Backstory: She started to make a YouTube channel when she was bored after school and stuck with it.

Likes: Her husband, her cats, pastel goth, hello kitty, and kawaii things.

Dislikes: Mushrooms, her old videos, and country music.

Personality: Very kawaii, can't take things seriously.

Race: Human

Fangirl? Yep, pretty much.
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