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I've just finished my book on marketing a book - if you would like to sell more books - make sure you keep an eye on this group because I'll post a link to it when it's out of design and ready to read! Hope everyone is well and happy :-)

Hi ladies,

I've received this question a few times now so thought I'd post it here so you're all aware of it too. 

Q: Can I use real names in my book?

A: You have to be really careful in using real names in your book. You could be liable if you published real names either living or dead depending on what you write. A disclaimer may help but you can’t rely on them. It get’s complicated but if the statement you wrote about the person is absolute truth then mostly it can't be classed as defamation unless it's proven that it was made with actual malice. Privacy is the other component; if you’re disclosing details that are private and embarrassing for a living (and in a lot of cases now - dead person), then it’s classed as an invasion of privacy unless it’s a matter of public record. Mostly I recommend that all names be changed and a disclaimer is added relating to this. I would highly suggest you seek the professional consult of a publishing attorney though to be sure of the current legislation. 

Happy writing girls!

Hi ladies! 

So tell me who is planning on writing a book this year? I'm in the final stages of writing my 10th which I plan to launch sometime around end of March. 

There's always a million things we can fit into our days and life certainly does get busy which is why I've scheduled the time in to write. If I don't do that, it just doesn't happen!

I would love to hear what you have in store for this year and HOPE that it includes a brand new BESTSELLING book! 


Hi ladies! 

Happy New Year! We're already racing with loads of amazing manuscripts editing, formatting and transforming them into incredible books. Just a heads up if you didn't already know; if you have a book and have it formatted into a print ready file, along with an ebook file for Amazon and also iBooks or make it available to read on an iPad - you will need 1 ISBN & barcode for the print version and 2 separate ISBN's (no barcode) for each ebook version i.e. .mobi for Kindle/Amazon and .epub for iPads etc. Lots to learn in this book business! Stay tuned, because very soon I'll be making some video's that will be helpful for authors throughout their adventure! 

Have a fantastic day and please sing out if you need any editing, design or formatting work done - we'd love to help!


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This is a poetic essay that I just wrote the other day after a conversation with the most intriguing and sweetest man.
He definitely is very special and he has such a gentle soul. So this poetic essay is dedicated to the one with the inspiration behind this writing piece.
This is dedicated to
+ROYALE w/cheese​. Thank you 😘😘

A poetic essay written by -iN ZiLunS™
and inspired by +ROYALE w/cheese​.

We often think that it is LOVE that does the changing.
Why is that, when the people that we LOVE, all of a sudden act different?
What about circumstances and situations?
What about all the romantic episodes that at one point grabbed us at an instance?

We think that it is the women only that are swept off their feet,
when in actuality it is also the men feeling really deep.
Why should we underestimate a man's potential to LOVE?
Why should we favor the woman all the time as if she will always rise above?

Doesn't the Bible in the book of Proverbs say that "two are better than one?"
Doesn't it always take two for someone to have won?

It's time to be real with ourselves and own up to our responsibilities.
It's time to support one another on our potentials and abilities.
Why walk away from a relationship when you have invested a good amount of time?
What makes us say to each other at the end: that's yours and this is mine?
When at one moment in time it all belonged to "us."
Don't others think about us when we are alone and at a loss?

based on assumptions and never on determinations.
Determinations to give it another try.
The passion of our tender hearts when we begin to cry.

We say that LOVE hurts, but that is definitely not true.
It is that person themselves that is hurting you.

LOVE is a precious gift from the heavens above.
So don't blame it on LOVE or give it all up,
just because you got hurt, and what's half empty is your cup.

Stay positive and be true to yourself.
Don't walk away from your mate as if they were just a book on a shelf.

If you are going to be in someone's life for a reason,
just make sure that it just isn't for a moment or a season.
For, a person's heart is not a toy or something to play with.
Because if you do, you do not know if that person is hurting enough to take their last breath.

It is your responsibility to honor your mate.
If not... hit the road after that first date.
It's a gift that you even got that close.
It's a privilege that someone's heart saw you, and you they chose.

Jumping at the first person you see,
is like thinking that it was meant to be.
For LOVE takes real time and effort.
Then and only then, will it provide understanding and comfort.

So next time think twice when you blame it on LOVE for all your heartache and pain,
and learn to fall in LOVE with someone that you value, like your best friend.

The One and Only
-iN ZiLunS™


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Hi ladies,

Now that have written your amazing book - it's time to get marketing!!!

Before you start marketing your book, make sure you read this blog and include these really important strategies into your book marketing plan! 

Happy reading! 

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Hi Ladies, 

I have just updated my 12 week online writing course FINALLY!!! I'm so much happier with it - and the trial authors have all loved it YAY! To celebrate I'm releasing this program at a special of $27 with a review of your manuscript during the program. 

Feel free to share with your girlfriends who are keen to write like you, but need a little help and encouragement along the way. 

Thanks for your support girls xx

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The one thing that authors will battle with during the writing of their book is MOTIVATION!

It's funny how we can find an excuse and justify just about anything to sabotage ourselves in finishing or even starting a book!!

In my experience of not only my own writing adventure but also in mentoring other women writers, the greatest REAL reasons for sabotage are;

1/ Not knowing where to start or what to write
2/ Not having enough time to write
3/ Not believing in yourself enough to think you can actually do this

These are the 3 biggies. I've found that if you aren't on a program that walks you step by step each week along or aren't held accountable to your writing and benchmarking by a mentor then there's a very high chance that you'll fall into at least one of these (sometimes all of the above) categories. Digging yourself out can be hard yakka. So here's a trick to overcoming each that I hope will help you kick start your writing journey again.

1/ Whenever you start a book you need a basic overview (book plan) of what you want to cover in your book. Start with broad headings and then extrapalate each of these out with some bullet points so you have clarity and direction regarding what you want to write about.

2/ Figure out when your most creative time is and then schedule time to write during that time frame. Ensure each time you schedule writing in that it is at least 1 un-interupted hour. You need at least this amount of time to get into a nice productive rhythm. Writing won't happen on it's own ok - you DO need to book time in to do it. Having said that, you also need to ensure your schedule has everything else booked in it to so you can clearly see WHEN you have time to write so you're not overwhelming yourself!

3/ So many people say to me, 'Oh I don't think I should write my book yet, I need more experience' or 'I need to finish...' or 'I don't think I can afford it' or a million other reasons which basically all boil down to one - they don't believe in themselves enough. My answer to that is simple... There will always be someone more qualified or experienced in writing about whatever your topic is, BUT you are still a loooooooonnngggg waaaaaay ahead of most of the population in your experience of that particular theme too! If we're talking about a novel, then I ask you WHO else has a better knowledge of your story than you???? No one. Yes writing a book can be scary, so too can a host of other things that you've done in the past, conquered, overcome the fear of and went out and did too! So feel the fear and do it anyway. The world is waiting for your story so get on with it! You CAN do this. The universe gave this idea to you and probably 20 other people on the planet, so get cracking and WRITE! If you don't someone else will!

Don't bash yourself up about what you did, it's what you do now that matters. If you are frozen and can't get past these 3, then email me and I'll mentor you through them. Happy writing and remember, BELIEVE in yourself, you can do this! Be focused, be diligent, be dedicated! x 

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Hi lovely ladies! 

I have written 10 bestselling books and now help other authors write their own bestsellers. I've compiled a few really important FAQ's into free little ebook which you can get now on my website. Knowing these tips could make or break your authoring success. I would urge all first time authors to have a quick read before they decide if publishing or self-pubslihing is the best direction for them. Happy writing and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
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