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Name:Kenji Tezuka
Haki: armament (so far)
Job: bounty hunter
Skills: fast and strong, great reflexes and agility
Devil fruit:?
Bio: Natural talent for fighting. likes to train and fight, uses his money to help his parents where he grew up. will finish any job until he can no longer breathe. Capable in any situation he is faced with.

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Name: Luffy D. Monkey
Haki: 10
Age: 25
Job: Marine Admiral
Devil fruit: Rubber fruit and fire fruit
Skills: my skills are private
Rank: leader of the marines
Fleet name: marines
Bio: private to all except marine higher ranks
Appearance: pictures
Weapons: Axe
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1. No god modding
2. No insta kill when fighting
3. Hentai is allowed but to a Serrano point
5. Rape is not allowed that will be a ban
6. Listen to moderators
7. Do not give your self devil fruits unless I allow it pls once you have one update your profile
8. There are only a sweating amount of devil fruits at a time that I will give out do not do it yourself
9. No spamming
10. Have fun

1. A day ban
2. A week ban
3. Officially kicked and removed from the community

Daily and weekly events
Weekly: devil fruit give always
Daily: news
Weekly: bounty post
Daily: Announcements regarding the community

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All the info you need

Haki: (any and all members start at zero and must develop there skills to 10 unless they are mods and or a high rank)
Age: normal human age
Job: pirate,revolutionary,bounty hunter or marine
Skills: pls no god like powers only 10 can be listed and if they are devil fruit related that is a NO CAN DO AND YOU MUST CHANGE IT
Devil fruit: only pirate captains and other high ranking members of any job are able to have one and if you just stated I will do a weekly event of TWO DEVIL FRUITS EVERY FRIDAY
Rank: I will give you a rank depending on what job
Fleet name: I will allow it for pirates only marines are just marines
Bio: at least 4 sentences pls

If I allow you to be a war lord you will have to update it and add me and there will only be four emperors to equal the seven warlords

I will post a list of devil fruits Available
As every one is Killable unless you have the REVIVE REVIVE FRUIT

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