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These Walls is about a princess who is locked alone in a large castle. During her investigation to discover what lies beyond the stone walls, she encounters surprises, unknown occurrences, and reveals clues about her forgotten past.

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Horoscope, Hallways, and These Walls, along with other original comics and stories, have a big chance of being published under the potential company name, "Red Wolf Animations". Nothing is official yet, but when I can, I will give the updates, but I will still post the sketch versions online and pictures as usual. This is a big milestone for me, and I hope it works out! Even if it doesn't, I will still make the best of it!
I will most likely have a vendor for this at the NWI Comic-Con 2017 (if there is one next year) and an Etsy page. If the Etsy is up and running, I will post the link here. Thanks for your patience!

I like how the story I haven't even started has four times as many members as any of my other communities
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