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Hello I have made this community called

Assassins creed Rp
------- ---
I recommend you play the game or watch some videos before you Rp

Most killing is for the good and only kill bad guys
Guard profiles are aloud
No cursing maybe just a little bit
Try to keep the Gore to a maximum
Please credit artist
Has to take place In this time period
Villagers profile are welcomed
Only humans sorry but that's how the game is
Say "kill em" if read all the rules

●~•Owners•~ ●
+Ribbon The Wolf Demon​​​​​​​​
+_MCPE senturen_​​

●~•Head mod•~●
+Swagger Aj Lover​​

+Colton Destrivel​​

Leader of all
Echo +_MCPE senturen_​​​

Ribbon shadow (leader)
Ariana black

Group attacks on a target



Exictions (must save)

Kids traing to be Assasins

Erika kimiko


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Name: Samuel Brandon
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Job: Assassin
Type: Fight for what's right (He's a good guy)
Mother: Elisabeth Brandon
Father: Alexander Brandon
Sisters: Elissa Brandon, Tina Brandon
Brothers: Patric Brandon
Wife: Open
Kids: None
Mentor: Echo
Mentoring: None (Open)
Mentored: None
Theme song: Face Everything and Rise
Bio: (WiP)
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Can i create a villain oc?

Samuel was grooming his horse, getting ready to mount and ride him later today. He heard someone come near, but didn't show any signs of interest to the figure

[(Open to +Ribbon The Wolf Demon and anyone else who wants to join)]

Quote:Stand aside unless you plan to die
The blade sometimes slips

--------------------- ----
Father: KIA
Brothers :none
Husband :none
------------------------ -----------
Theme song- Deaf Kev,INVINCIBLE
Bio- my name doesn't matter one my past,but I shall tell you anyway. Long ago I was just a bit my parents were always away,where? I didn't know then,but now all the fog has lifted and the air became clear. They were ASSASSIN'S who fought with the brotherhood. It was in Rome they went to go ignite a borgia tower to help renovate some buildings but while doing that,one small mistake cost them their lives! That mistake....I do not know. But it must've been a fatal mistake.

I was then alone,wondering where to go. This couple had took me in and raised me as their own. But I did not know they used to be part of the brotherhood! I trained for years until I was 17,I set off for a journey of my own. To find my Destiny and past!

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Quote "Rest in peace beacuse we will soon meet"
Moto:"May the Creed guide you"
------------------------ -----
Name: Echo
Rank: Leader of all assassins
Gender: Male
Job: assassin
Type: Rogue Assassin and will kill any one that intervenes with his mission
--------------------- ----
Father: K.I.A
Sisters: Ribbon shadow
Brothers: none
Wife: open
Mentor: none
Mentoring: Ribbon Shadow
Mentored: None
------------------------ -------
Theme song- Heathens- Twentie øne pilots
Bio- Parent's were my trainers and were also assassins but during a mission things went wrong and were killed now i seek revenge to kill them but also look out for my sister Ribbon Shadow.

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Quote: "Life is a precious thing. Death makes it precious."

Name: Aariana Black

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Rank: None


Likes: Killing, Money, Food, Stealth

Dislikes: Gaurds, Being Caught

Crush: None

Personality: Unpredictable, Stealthy, Strong, Cunning

Bio: Unknown The only thing that is known about me is that I have been an assassin for a very long time and show no mercy. 

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Quote why am I terrible at this

Name: Erika kimiko
Gender: female
Job: assassin in training
Type: training
Father: deceased
Brothers :none
Husband : none

Theme song heathens by 21 pilots
Bio-  her family was murdered when she was young. As a result filled with rage she killed the murder. Only to find out he was hired by some else. She got imprission after almost killing a another hired rogue assassin , she escaped the prission. And lives hin handing until she was found stealing food from someone. Who took her in and began training her.
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Quote "your a virus and i'm a cure"
Name: star niskura
Age: 17
Gender: female
Job: assassin
Type: fight for what happened to my family
Mother: dead
Father: dead
Sisters: none
Brothers : none
Husband : burn't alive
Kids: murdered
Mentor: echo
Mentoring: none
Mentored: none
Theme song- control by night core
Bio- find out in roleplay 

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Erika was slacking off from training. But then was spotted and pick on by a professional
(Open rp)
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