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Hello I have made this community called

Assassins creed Rp
------- ---
I recommend you play the game or watch some videos before you Rp

Most killing is for the good and only kill bad guys
Guard profiles are aloud
No cursing maybe just a little bit
Try to keep the Gore to a maximum
Please credit artist
Has to take place In this time period
Villagers profile are welcomed
Only humans sorry but that's how the game is
Say "kill em" if read all the rules

●~•Owners•~ ●
+Ribbon The Wolf Demon​​​​​​​​
+_MCPE senturen_​​

●~•Head mod•~●
+Swagger Aj Lover​​

+Colton Destrivel​​

Leader of all
Echo +_MCPE senturen_​​​

Ribbon shadow (leader)
Ariana black

Group attacks on a target



Exictions (must save)

Kids traing to be Assasins

Erika kimiko


Name: Dusk
Age: "some call me old,some call me young. It doesn't matter because they die the same"
Weopons: duel swords. Flintlock pistol. Heavy axe. Hidden blades
Likes: "they do not matter"
Dislikes: losing
Rank: Templar assassin

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Name Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
Age 52
Weapons Bearded Axe,Hookblade,Hiddenblade,PosionBlade Ottoman Mace, Agile Dagger,Yatagan Sword,Prussian War Hammar, Persian Shamshir,Florentine Falcon, and Merovingian Axe
Like's Sofia Sartor and family
Dislike's People who attack Sofia
Assassin Rank Mentor

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Name: Samuel Brandon
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Job: Assassin
Type: Fight for what's right (He's a good guy)
Mother: Elisabeth Brandon
Father: Alexander Brandon
Sisters: Elissa Brandon, Tina Brandon
Brothers: Patric Brandon
Wife: Open
Kids: None
Mentor: Echo
Mentoring: None (Open)
Mentored: None
Theme song: Face Everything and Rise
Bio: (WiP)
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Samuel was grooming his horse, getting ready to mount and ride him later today. He heard someone come near, but didn't show any signs of interest to the figure

[(Open to +Ribbon The Wolf Demon and anyone else who wants to join)]

Can i create a villain oc?

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Quote "Rest in peace beacuse we will soon meet"
Moto:"May the Creed guide you"
------------------------ -----
Name: Echo
Rank: Leader of all assassins
Gender: Male
Job: assassin
Type: Rogue Assassin and will kill any one that intervenes with his mission
--------------------- ----
Father: K.I.A
Sisters: Ribbon shadow
Brothers: none
Wife: open
Mentor: none
Mentoring: Ribbon Shadow
Mentored: None
------------------------ -------
Theme song- Heathens- Twentie øne pilots
Bio- Parent's were my trainers and were also assassins but during a mission things went wrong and were killed now i seek revenge to kill them but also look out for my sister Ribbon Shadow.

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name: star

motto: i will clean the impure


role: assassin

gender: female

weapon: boomerang and a crossbow

Anyone for rp

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Quote "your a virus and i'm a cure"
Name: star niskura
Age: 17
Gender: female
Job: assassin
Type: fight for what happened to my family
Mother: dead
Father: dead
Sisters: none
Brothers : none
Husband : burn't alive
Kids: murdered
Mentor: echo
Mentoring: none
Mentored: none
Theme song- control by night core
Bio- find out in roleplay 
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