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Hello this is where you ask to draw a ship and rate your ship and others
Rules (I hate rules)
1. No spamming (like why spam is bad!!)
2. No swearing (ha! Shut up now!!)
3. Be nice (nice nice nice! Not)
4. Always comment on people's post (I know how they feel)
5. You must post!!(then what's the point of you being here!?)
6. Enjoy (no speech)
You may be a moderator or owner if good enough reason
That is all

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I'm new what do I do

+Galaxy Dreamer​ please make me owner again

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Here's my oc daisy! Would anyone like to sketch her? BTW- here's her male version, Ty, and her pony version as well! Thanks guys
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Thought someone might like to here as well
(I didn't know you could post ships here)

Ok so this might be the cutest little melon that I will ever ship with anyone
She gender fluid and gay. She only dates mares so that's what she's looking for. Even though people say she's a sin because of being gay she still worships god and believes in him in private since every church excommunicated her. She is just a gothic mare who loves everyone and likes to act chill and peaceful when she's really a stressed out baby. She has schizophrenia and can sometimes think she's in a land full of darkness and her beloved ones dead. She needs a shoulder to cry on most of the time, but she'll be yours when she's not being crazy scared. Overall she's a fun person to hang with and loves drinking which can get out of control. She's a bit of a perv joker and will convince you to cosplay with her 24/7. She loves kisses and hugs and isn't anything like she looks like
If you wanna be her chiko's lover send babs for her to choose from here #chikostruelove (chikos true love)
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