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On May 1st, all GDG chapters across the world will stop reporting events and metrics in! Everything is moving to

As mentioned in the Hub's Gitter channel, I've opened a bunch of new issues in GitHub to track that work that needs to be done to keep the Hub relevant and stable moving forward.

These include removing unused functionality, updating security configurations, implementing new GCP features (Cloud Endpoints, GAE Flex, OpenAPI), and the biggest of all implementing ingestion from's API.

The task for the API ingestion is here: I've tried to write up some phases to break the work into separate pieces. I've also detailed some of the design that should help keep this work separate and insulated from the legacy cruft of the existing Hub. All it needs to do is work with the API and marshall the data from their format into the existing Hub format before inserting into MongoDB.

If someone wants to take a shot at writing a GAE microservice for doing this ingestion, please let me know and I'd be happy to help you as much as I can with questions.

That said, I have a new baby, a new unfunded startup, and my day job doing software consulting. This means that my time is limited and I do not have time to continue doing 95% of the maintenance of the Hub. So I'm really looking for a few people who can step up help keep this project alive.

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Hello World of #GDG, Our Community [GDG-Jalandhar] has designed and developed the Mobo Website Template for the GDGs.

1. Mobo Responsive with New Material Design Guidelines
2. Registration Page with Google Sign in by using Firebase
3. Easy to manage Speakers, schedule and sessions.
4. PWA

Github Repo Link:

Kindly give us the feedback so that we can improve the Web Application.

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hey folks, new to the community. I have an app I've written in Dart (+ Flutter & Firebase) to help GDG groups create an app for their DevFests, I/O Extended, Study Jams, etc. It's available at

Currently it displays a single or multi-day schedule, the speaker list, location. Fairly basic right now. I'm working on neat photo booth feature that will overlay a logo on top of it.

I'm debating renaming it to ConFlutter if there's interest in moving this over to a GDG-x project. Would like to know if the community is interested, or if anyone would like help using it for their upcoming DevFest.

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I just wanted to say thank you to Cloud #GDE +Vikram Tiwari for his help in getting Let's Encrypt certificates setup for the Hub on GCE!

This was needed due to the StartSSL certificates, which I had just set up in fall 2016, being distrusted by Google Chrome due to violations. More details on this issue can be found here:

He also provided some great documentation on how to get Let's Encrypt setup for your #GCE nodes on #GCP:

Sorry for any disruption in your app services due to the upgrade!

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I just reserved the gdg-x org for us on NPM now that their Organizations feature is available to open source projects for free. If anyone would like to publish a GDG-related JavaScript package/library, please let me know and I will give you permissions to publish to our org. Your packages will be listed as "@gdg-x/library-name".

I made some more good progress on the Hub today. I have a PR open for removing Redis and upgrading to the latest version of Express for some security fixes. I would appreciate it if anyone could review it.

I also have a branch open for converting the Hub to use #OpenAPI with Google #cloudendpoints on #GAE Flex. I got past a ton of issues to get it to deploy successfully and connect to MongoDB, but I am still seeing some networking issues with getting any kind of HTTP connection to the API or web server. I could use some help and reviews of the code if anyone has time.

Thank you.

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Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous year filled with happiness and love. Amazing things waiting for you this year 2017.

Happy New Year GDG Family.

Stay tuned #GDG2017   #GDGSBA  

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Here is the presentation about GDG[x] from #gdgceesummit

+Lucas Xavier 's first contribution to Frisbee is merged. Congrats.
I wanted to shout out because it is a really nice feature.

In the "Events" tab in the main page, we are now showing all the events of a chapter with an endless scroll.

Looking forward to next release for the great feature.

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+Ryan Harter shared this via GDG NA Slack and I thought that it might make a great addition to GDG-X.

More from Ryan:
"Sure, though this is basically the generic version :) Consider my `data.json` file sample data (I left it in so you can easily update the structure). All that needs to be updated for this (aside from backend data in your own Firebase instance) is the app icons, and app title. Everything else is driven from Firebase.

There is one piece, the speaker avatars, that is currently hard coded, just because I needed to ship :) But I plan to update that."

Please check it out and let us know what you think!
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