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Name: Ling
Species: Mermaid
Gender: Merl(girl mermaid)
Appearance: black hair with Asian skin and wears a red jacket(as shown in the pics) and a sword on her back.
Home Type: Qin(located in Pacific Ocean in mer realms)
Like: Fighting.
Dislikes: Merl things(girl mermaid things)
Special Characteristics: Smart. Tough, Brave, courageous, and protective.
Magical Strengths: Is an Omnivoxa(speaks every Dialect of Mermish and can talk to sea creatures)
Weakness: Talking about her dad.
Family: From a large clan who was her family. Over five hundred members. Lost her dad in the Great Abyss.
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Omorphe strolled around the winding forest path of the mountain, admiring the colorful foliage of autumn. She reached a sunny clearing and looked happily around her. "Humans must have lived here..." she muttered to herself, looking at the old and weathered structures around her. Suddenly it hit her that she had never been in or flown over this area before, and she knew the mountain like the back of her hand. She kept as calm as possible, and continued to walk around this area that obviously had some magical spell involved in its creation somehow.

Name: Rowan
Species: Pixie
Gender: Female
Appearance: Brown hair, burnt orange dress with matching boots and gloves. 
Home Type: grass and stick shelter. In a valley
Likes: Berries, food, flying, and sleep, being mischeivous
Dislikes: Uncomfortable beds, people yanking my hair, annoying people
Special characteristics: fast, high magic skills, smart
Magical strengths: can make pictures and thoughts come to life.
Weaknesses: food, glitter, and short term memory
Family: pet puffball named Rusty
Backstory: Was found a child near some rowan bushes.
Other: has lots of friends. Rowan berries bring me good luck

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This is me!

I am in a community that has over 30,000 members. It's a community where people post their art. But, only a couple people even bother to look at mine. 
Here, there's only 35 members, but I feel so welcome! 

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Name: aries
Species: elf
Appearance: long black hairs, white skin, long purple dress with long sleeves, soft slender hands, big blue eyes and a blue stone necklace
Home Type: house in the middle of the forest
Likes:snow, flowers especially roses, tall fresh trees and red grapes
Dislikes: thunder and lightening, dead trees and crowd
Special characteristics: always helpful and caring.
Magical strengths: healing and the ability of water
Weaknesses:fire and hopelessness
Family: no family she lives alone
others: likes to live alone in her own world 

i thnk you should put elves in the list too +Olivia Clarkewright 

this page is kind of awesome you know the way you people make stories and all that :) :) :)

I am going on a midnight fly around
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