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It was a year ago today that my amazing younger neighbor, Carter, went home to heaven. I have cried a lot today, and I know that I'm going to cry buckets more, but at least I can cry with hope. I have hope that someday I'm going to be able to play capture-the-flag with her again in the perfect city. And that the cancer isn't going to come back. Ever.
With Hope by Steven Curtis Chapman

Today is World Cancer Day. Let's all take a moment to remember those are or have been battling cancer. All of those who have lost that battle. All of the children who are stuck in a hospital bed instead of playing outside in the snow. The people have lost loved one's to cancer or who are praying that they won't lose their loved one. Remember. Remember and pray for them.

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I'd really like to share this song with you guys. The first time I heard it was the same night that I found out that Carter had passed away. It still makes me cry every time I listen to it, it is so sad, but so hopeful at the same time.
Steven Curtis Chapman - Beauty Will Rise - Lyrics
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