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To all our Samsung Nougat Rootless users. We thank you dearly for journeying with us into being the first modularized external-OEM-based theming system. You guys have been wonderful and although there have been many ups and downs, our team would like to thank each and every one of you!

Now come Android Oreo for Samsung users, we have to unfortunately state that we will no longer be supporting Nougat’s Sungstratum Addon as they are running on a completely different theming system. As we have BIG plans with Andromeda, we plan to keep it updated even when users upgrade to 9.0.

Instead of maintaining multiple complex projects just to end up abandoning support on an Oreo version of Sungstratum, would cause more code hiccups and potential bugs. So we decided that we would drop the price of Andromeda at a 50% discount for the next 4 days - STARTING ON FEBRUARY 15TH 00:00GMT, TO THE 19TH’s 23:59GMT!

Again, we know to those who are disappointed, we would definitely want to help but our redemption codes are limited to 500/quarter, which would be reserved for upcoming, more frequent giveaways! To our current dedicated substratum users on Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, Essential, Honor and the like, with Oreo, we would like to thank all of you!

We understand many people would not be content about this, but also if we made amazing changes for andromeda and people from samsung gets the crappier end of the deal, it would be even worse. The idea of andromeda - comes from the idea that everyone is part of the same galaxy now, and it is universalized.
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Substratum on my zenwatch 2 😂

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☣️ Biohazard Samsung Edition updated

*Download: *

• Fix G+ overlay
• Improve Youtube and Substratum overlay
• Add Colored StatusBar option on SystemUI overlay

• Google+
• Google PlayStore
Fixed language issue thanks to +Niklas Schnettler
(added round option thanks to @Venom0642)
• Device Manager
• Samsung Messaging (Select option)
• Samsung Clock (Select option)
• WhatsApp
• Youtube
• Substratum
• Framework
• SystemUI
• Image preview

Thanks for all your support, don't forget to rate and review if you like it.

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the highlight is support for sysserv patched 8.0+ devices.

Also please share sysserv patched ROM of your own device in the comments so that substratum users can flash and enjoy changing fonts on 8.0+ devices.
Fontio 4.0.5 Released - new way to install fonts on any device

- Add new Injection method to install fonts on 8.0+ devices (need to enable it from settings)
- Support for 8.0+ devices having SYSSERV patch only
- Changes to core algorithm, much smoother builds
- For premium users, you have new setting called "I know I'm awesome"

Update to be available on your device ASAP.

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Transparent theme for substratum got an huge update, introducing Oxygen OS support!
Now you can use the theme on your Oneplus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T!


Let me know what do you think, and report eventual bugs to me or in my community!

Enjoy transparency and Oxygen OS :D

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nineteen (seventytwo)

- Updated Google Contacts to 2.5.4
- Updated YouTube to 13.06.53
- Fixed WhatsApp fc on emoji picker
- Small bug fixes and UI improvements

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🌌 Gravija update is live.


Major Update
- Improved various overlays (Settings on Nougat and Oreo, G+, etc)
- Add new overlays and bunch of accents
- Various compile issue fix
- Reduced overall app size
- Initial support for OxygenOS (Credits to +DeadMan xXD)
- Simplify options

Thanks for all your support, don't forget to rate and review if you like it.

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#DESIRE #Update

Changelog v3.8

- Fixes for Google app 7.20.xx
- Fixes for Youtube 13.06.xx
- Fixes for Android System 8.1.0
- Fixes for Substratum app
- More improvements and bug fixes

Important !! for android 8.1.0 / 8.0r33 Choose settings from options

Join @fantasy_themes telegram group for support

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Sorry if this post is misplaced. Sir +De Jan , ever considering non rounded edges option in the future? Reason is even though it looks cool but a little bit weird on phones with big bezel like my Oneplus one.. No big deal though. Just my wondering. 😊
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