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Are individual observers limited to how many of their observations are view-able in observation history map?
I have a contractor/volunteer (Joe Woods) performing an EDRR survey around Mono Lake. He can view observations 1 through 100 in his observation history map, but not the ones he made after that. He would like to see them - as he is re-surveying areas and wants to know what he's already mapped and what is new. Is that a known limitation? A software glitch? User error? Thank you for your help!

Hi Calflora folks! I am a CA State Parks biologist and a member of the Tahoe Weeds Management Area. Tahoe WMA is looking for a place where we can pool our spatial data (where each agency/land manager can upload their data, so that we can have a picture for the whole area), and Calflora would have been perfect, but almost half of Tahoe basin belongs to Nevada.

I just did a search of non-native plants and see that there are invasive plants records on the Nevada side of the lake. Is this a permanent addition? Could our fellow managers on the Nevada side of the basin submit data to Calflora and have it kept there?


I would like to share some Observations of an invasive exotic weed appearing at the borders of our Open Space with our city Open Space managers. How do I do that if they are not members of Calflora? I want to be sure that they see accurate location maps of the Observations.

When you are making an observation, the name of the plant is not required. If you leave the plant name blank, it will be filled in as 'unknown'  when the record is uploaded.

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Plant List:
If you are using Observer Pro as an Independent, and you want to be choosing plants from a certain plant list, go to My Calflora / Preferences,
and select a plant list.

The next time you REFRESH from Observer Pro, your selected plant list will be pulled in, and you can choose plants from it when you are making an observation.

Two off-line map questions: 1) how do I know which maps I should download from the list? Some map names are self-explanatory, others are not. Is there a map that places map names on the map? Can I ask you to add more maps? 2) I am using Observer Pro to map plants within state parks' boundaries. Is there any way I can view those boundaries on the map in Observer Pro? On What Grows Here page I can add "protected areas" layer. I would like to do the same in Observer Pro. How do I do that?

First time user trying out ObserverPro on an HP Slate7 Extreme.  Works fine when in wireless range but wouldn't provide me a location when out of range or with wireless disabled.  Does the app demand a certain accuracy level from the device that perhaps the internal GPS isnt providing without wireless assist?

Observer on iPhone worked as did ESRI Collector on iPad in the same location.  Any other ideas for me out there?  Thanks.

Hi everyone, I just joined this group to ask:
What is the location accuracy people are getting with a GPS puck?  Trying to figure out if the accuracy is within 1-2 meters or better?

I'm having trouble linking my plant lists to my phone app--I've done everything the Calflora instructions call for, but the plant list won't show up on the app even after refreshing. I'm wondering if it's an issue with my particular phone (Moto e; a couple other Motos have been tested and listed as functional by Calflora). Any thoughts? Same goes for my offline map, which shows up as (ready) on the offline map list but doesn't show up on the app even after I switch "offline" to "satellite" on the app's map view. Any thoughts? Thanks very much.

I have tried several times to DL the app, and been unsuccessful. My samsung phone has Android version 4.1.2. Thinking it might be the signal, i have tried from several different spots. Any ideas?

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