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Curtis Tyler

Discussion  - 
Not sure if this is the help forum, but ... I am using Observer Pro in Mendocino County and need offline maps. Is there a grid or outline that shows the area covered by existing online maps?

Love the app and I am looking forward to using it this season.
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Cynthia Powell

Discussion  - 
Try our our new plant Observation Entry
to view and edit the records you make with Observer Pro.
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Roy West

Discussion  - 
Calflora is so cutting edge!
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Using the app for the first time this year.

Is there still an option to download a list of 'local plants' for my area? I can't seem to find this. There is only 'all plants.' Thanks -- Orrin in Lassen County
Orrin Winton's profile photo
ATT said this is happening a lot. People get a new phone, and, perhaps by operator error, end up having their data usage skyrocket due to G+ or other apps. 
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Tip: Using Refresh.

If your plant list has changed, or if the entry forms you are using have changed, or if you have joined a new Group, or if there are new map caches available which you want, or if you have selected a new plant list in My Calflora / Preferences,
you can get all of this material onto your phone by refreshing.
* Touch User
* Touch Refresh, and confirm

It does not take long, and after doing it, you will have the latest version of everything.
(Note: do this when WiFi is available.)
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John Malpas

Discussion  - 
Some records have been coming in from Observer Pro without a point location. This is likely the result of a user saving a new record before the phone has received a GPS point location.

To fix the problem going forward, we have just changed all of the entry forms so that a point location is 'required'. This means you won't be able to save a new record before the phone has received a GPS point location. To get the latest forms, from the main screen of Observer Pro, touch User, and then press the "Refresh" button.

If some of your records do not have a point location, you will see a warning in My Observations, and the un-georeferenced records will be shown on the map at 36.0, -122.0 (this is a point in the ocean off the coast of Monterey;  an imposible location for most plants). If this happens to you, please add correct locations for these records (editing each record with Plant Observation Entry) if possible.
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About this community

A place to discuss the Calflora Observer Pro Android app for recording observations of wild California plants and uploading them to
I would like to use Observer Pro with my Nexus 7 tablet, using an external bluetooth gps. Do you have instructions on pairing the tablet with a bluetooth gps?

Roy West's profile photo
Absolutely. It can be a little fiddly, but with patience most folks have been able to do this following these instructions:
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Tip: making sure that photos from the Android Camera app are georeferenced

Speaking to the Android 4.3 camera app that comes with Nexus devices, you can view and change the setting like this:
1.      Open the camera app.
2.      The white circle (rightmost of three icons at bottom of app screen) is used to bring up the main menu. If "store location" is turned off, that circular icon will be displayed with a small location icon with a line through it. If "store location" is turned on, there is no positive indication thereof. Tap it to continue if you want to change the setting.
3.      Tap the settings icon (middle icon of five) to bring up "More Options" menu.
4.      The "store location" icon is the leftmost of five. Tapping that icon toggles the setting (and dismisses the menu). If "store location" is off, that icon is displayed with a line through it, else without.

-- excerpt from:
John Malpas's profile photo
Some folks prefer to take photos with the standard Android camera app, and then upload them and turn them into obsevation records with this application:

If you want to go this route, it helps a lot if the Camera app photos are georeferenced.

Note that My Observations is difficult to use on a phone, so after you have uploaded photos and turned them into observations, use My Observations from a computer browser to edit them.
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John Malpas

Discussion  - 
Tip: Using preferences to control the Observer Pro phone application

If you use Observer Pro as an Independent, you can specify the plant list you want (as well as your center point) from My Calflora / Preferences.

The first preference is the center point. The second preference is the plant list.

After changing these preferences, to pick up the new values on the phone, touch User, and then touch Refresh.

(When making an observation, on the Plant page, you have a choice of three plant lists:
    All Plants,
    Recent Plants, and
    whichever plant list you specified in preferences.)
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John Malpas

Discussion  - 
Tip: How do you know when an offline map is ready to use?

To start downloading an offline map, from the first page of the app, touch Offline Maps. On the Offline Maps page, check the checkboxes next to the maps you want,  and press OK. If you have WiFi, the maps should start downloading onto the device right away.

You can check the progress of the download by touching the black Android bar above the app, and pulling it down. This will show what the the device is doing right now. You should see an
    Observer Pro
entry, with a moving blue bar, and a caption that says
    downloading [name of offline map]

When this entry disappears, the offline map has finished downloading. The Observer Pro app needs a few minutes to assimilate a newly downloaded offline map before it is ready to display it. When it is ready, it will say
underneath the name of the offline map.

(If you ever want to get rid of an offline map that is already loaded, go to Offline Maps, uncheck the map, and press OK.)
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